Picture of XBOX 360 Awesome Modded Paint
This controller broke a while ago, so, I decided to paint it. I took apart the case and spray painted it. Then I used a different color to make the dotted effect by quickly going over the front. Then I make stencils out of cardboard using an exacto knife, then spray painted them onto my controller.

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DJ Radio4 years ago
Why does this look like the original xbox controller?

I live in Australia and I use rock candy. they are strong reliable and cheap.

It's a gamestop wired controller
Sreyo (author)  the vengeful aug4 years ago
Yeah it is from gamestop. It's annoying how easily they brake though. I'm just going to stick with Microsoft controllers now.
Sreyo (author)  Sreyo3 years ago
"break" I mean and I know it's spelled "awesome" man I must have been tired...
Really i'v had mine for over a year
hmm overall looks ok but the mw2 and the cross looks like you drew it in marker and got smudged a lil bit...
Soksume4 years ago
for stencils try masking tape next time you will get nicer looking edges