Hello from the UK!
Today, I will show you how to make MY XBOX 360 Controller Holder out of K'Nex.
You will need:
2x Red
4x Blue
1x Green
2x Yellow
1x Bendy Grey

6x Orange
6x Red

4x Tan Clips
2x 'Y' Connecters
48x Blue Spacers

Step 1: Handle

1 Build this
2 Build this
3 Connect like this

Step 2: Base

1 Make this
2 Connect like this 

Step 3: Clamps

1 Make these
2+3 Connect like this

Hope you like this!
Flannel UK
You could modify it to hold a phone so when your gaming you can get notifications, etc....
i like it but i wont be able to do this to my controller
how come?
because i dont have and xbox XD
I'm using that for my X-box
Cool, <br>Thanks mom!
pretty useful!
no prob
Pardon me... <br>I mean Thansk

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