Step 9: Essential Info: The Pinout

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Here is the Pinout for the Female XBOX 360 Power Connector. I tracked down this information from: Llamma.com Specifically it is on Page 9 of the pdf, but be aware that this document contains an error. Under the Note: it states that "Pin 7 Turns Pins 4, 5, 6 on when it is tied to ground" but this is incorrect.

Power is enabled when 3.1V is fed to Pin 7 when measured directly from my 360 motherboard. I have done further testing and found that ~1.5V to 5V will enable the power (aka the green light activates and you get +12V).

As a result of my testing i found that one can easily enable the power supply on by wiring a switch between the +5VSB and the PWR ENABLE Pins.
pezbodut4 years ago
To enable the 12V supply using the ~1.5 to 5V, are there any consequences from using the extremes of those voltages (1.5 and 5V)? I'm guessing that using 3.1V would be the best idea. Also, how much current is used by this power enable pin?
Shorting PWR ENABLE directly to +5VSB with a meter reads 0.75 mA on my 203W power supply.
GreenD5 years ago
Nice job!! This is an awesome instructable!!!! WOOOOOOO I LOVE IT! Maybe it's just the sugar high