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In this Instructable I will show you how to make your own Xbox 360 rapid fire controller mod. Please be aware that tampering with the controller voids the warranty of the xbox. Before you start this project be sure that you are prepared to do this because once you open the controller there is no going back.

WARNING: your controller can break if you do this wrong ( WORKS ONLY WITH WIRELESS )

This is for informational purposes only. use this to have fun. Do not use this in an xbox live ranked game because you are liable to get reported and banned for it

********* Make sure you ar comfortable with using a Soldering Iron because if any solder gets on the circuit board it could creat a short circuit which would break your controller******************

** This controller is not a working mod. This is a old broken controller that I used to show what The wires and stuff should look like. For your controller mod you need to have the one with the silver resistor thing on the front right below where themain xbox controller button is.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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WARNING: Your controller can break if you do it wrong

These are the supplies that you will need to complete your project:
1. A soldering iron
2. 22 gauge hook-up wire (at least 2 ft)
3. Solder (I had a small roll of it)
4. 1 momentary pushbutton switch
5. Hot glue gun
6. Xbox 360 wireless controller
7. Torx 8 security screwdriver
8. A drill with a drill bit that fits the size of the button.

MAKE SURE THE SCREWDRIVER IS THE CORRECT TYPE!! I ordered online because it is very difficult to find in stores. also make sure it is the kind with a small hole on the tip.

Numbers 1-5 can all be found at Radio Shack

The cost of this project is about $25 not including the controller
zombielincoln9 months ago

I did this but it fires when im not pressing the button. stops firing when i press it.. ideas?

You probably bought a button thats always on ane turns off when you push it instead of one thats off and turns on when it is pushed
weavernater2 years ago
So is this for the 'new style' ones without the chip (or crystal, or whatever it is)
aedelman4 years ago
is tht a tp3 controller?
vandal11386 years ago
So once you remove the board and stuff everything gets really blurry?
yes, so make sure you put glasses on
Good deal.....
will 24 gauge speaker wire work?
billthegoat4 years ago
Laserman5954 years ago
is there any where else i can solder besides the led?
azurdet4 years ago
My son and I did this to our controller and all the new button does is single fire? Are there certain controllers that do not work? Any help is appreciated!
mrgrimme135 years ago
That means your controller is too new to do the rapid fire mod. Like tyeo098 said above, if it uses Matrix code, it won't work.
i tried it on a newer controller to get an extra trigger(i droped it and the regular trigger stoped working) and it resets the controller, alos i was messin with the contacts to see what else i could do if you short the top and bottem pins on the trigger it spins you in circles and trows ur grenades
i use halo reach to test
mrgrimme13. Your probably trying to use your controller on a new game like MODERN WARFARE 2 that has been patched to prevent rapid fire under this technique. If you follow these steps and put say HALO ODST or many other games you will notice that pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles are all now FULLY Auto.
A.C.E.6 years ago
on the right vibrating motor you can solder a wire for the button to the right connector. its closer and it works on the newer controllers where the led thing does not.
hey A.C.E. i did what you said about soldering to the right pin above the rumble but the button is just acting like a normal trigger how do i get it to rapid fire??
that was the same for me i have a newer wired controller
berky93 A.C.E.5 years ago
thanks a lot for this tip. the other way didn't work for me even with my older controller, but this one worked perfectly! Plus since I had been forced to remove the right vibrating motor to fit the button anyway, it was much easier to solder the connection because there was already a hole and a plate for the wire, as opposed to the side of a tiny LED
You should make a tutorial on that version.
CyborgGold4 years ago
I did this for my controller, but now I am curious about where to connect the wires for a left trigger rapid fire, for Halo dual weilding.
you cant, you'd need to have both LEDs be on, or have them both be on the P1 LED and not hit them at the same time
i was trying to do the same thing i think you can use diods to do it but i dont know how
i also figured i coul use diodes to make it work without being player 1
Solution: Connect the center trigger post to the switch, then from the switch to the ground on the vibration motor. I got both triggers working using this method.
bo-jangles6 years ago
okay I have a tp3 model. I soldered the middle trigger pin and then to the momentary switch. I then soldered the other wire to the other side and touched it to the bottom of the led to test it. I pressed the momentary switch and let go it shot once. I held it down and it did nothing. do I need a momentary switch that is normally open like vandal 1138 said, because mine is normally closed.
u need a norm open one
does norm open mean that when you don't push it does nothing
correct. The easiest way to remember which is which for NO and NC switches is think about the open and closed part of them... a closed circuit can pass electricity from the battery neg to pos. A circuit that is not closed, cant conduct electricity.
berky935 years ago
hmmmm. I got a normally open momentary switch, soldered all the connections as listed, but it doesnt seem to be working. I checked and I DO have the right type of controller. everythign works fine, but my extra button does nothing. if I cant get it to work I'm gonna desolder the wires and hook the button up to a variety of different important buttons that are generally inconvenient to press (rb and lb probably) with a selector switch to change the function. that may be useful. either way, I never soldered before this project (risky, huh?) but now I really have the hang of it. thanks!
hacker10015 years ago
do you solder it the push button and who now how to use a push button
That doesn't make any sense.
AJKargl255 years ago
I broke off the "D21" slot, so I have a normal controller with an extra trigger and 3 broken LED lights. :(
dazza_2115 years ago
Does this work for COD5?
abce136 years ago
where can i find that screwdriver in canada?
A car store, but when you get it make sure it is long enough to fit in the hole
make sure its long enough to fit in the hole

thats what she said
Kill_Roy (author)  abce136 years ago
I'm not sure where to get it in the case of stores but www.wihatools.com is a company that specializes in that kind of screwdriver, so you could order from them.
Does this work with the controllers that do not have the silver thing on the front, but on the back
No, if the crystal is on the back it means that its a newer one that uses Matrix code, not PWM to pulse the LED.
It will not work. Invest in a 555 timer.
max05065 years ago
in my wireless controller I dont have a silver risistor but a square light brown one. does this effect mod( does it even work ). does it have something to do with that it is a black elite controller? please help
EnigmaMax5 years ago
I used krazy glue, works fine. :D
krechlich5 years ago
Hey mate, i did exactly like you and everything was working with my controller, except the rapid fire button. The rapid fire button was acting like a normal trigger, so how can i get it working as a rapid fire button?"

Send me email at: juho.kurri@hotmail.com 
does this mod work on mw2
daiatlus795 years ago
jsut tried this... only one issue.. the button will only allow a single shot now matter how long i hold it down.. and by photo comparison it is the same board as the one in this instructable.  is there some adjustment to the potentiometer or the solder points (alternate location of second wire)?
joehax6205 years ago
can i use a diff gauge wire than .22

-nelson-5 years ago
Hey guys, I just modded my Controller up. like this one here :D its too funnny, was playin "Army of Two: The 40th Day" and my character was shooting up all the time :/ a bit strange
what could be the reason for? 
I'm not sure, but I'm guessing the game has realistic recoil, and there's really no fix to that.
what kind of solder should i use for this. i have electrical solder and it doesnt seem to work
use the thinnest you can, I use .022" diameter rosin core from radio shack and it works brilliantly
Kill_Roy (author)  shermantank926 years ago
I'm not exactly sure what kind of solder I had because I threw away the packaging. I got it in a soldering kit that included my soldering iron, a circuit board clamp, some sort of soldering tool, and the solder which was only about ten bucks at Radioshack
I use rosin core because it likes to stick to the circuit board so no sliding
Emarshall5 years ago
apparently you need a mod chip to  make one is that true?
 No you don't u only need a mod chip for different modes of fire. And the mod chip also hides your rapid fire from the game so they can't ban u for it
jakerz045 years ago
 does this work for mw2 
htlaets5 years ago
 what wire do you use i need to know the actual name .thanks
bighead54545 years ago
will someone post a pic of the crystal/resistor thing my controller only has a silver sticker thing in the front and nothing on the back do u hav to get in the controller to check?
Can't I just solder a toggle switch that connects one wire to the right trigger, and THEN to the circuit board?
So that If I switch the toggle switch then the right trigger turns into the momentary?
rbiernacki5 years ago
this mod will not work unless you have the newer 360 controller because they have the silver resistor on the front
It is not a resistor, it is a Quartz crystal. They are fundamentally different. Do _not_ confuse the two, as you'll soon mess something up.
Does this work with the controllers that do not have the silver thing on the front, but on the back
spartanb735 years ago
hey cant they can you for using this?
xbigxBEASTx6 years ago
well thanks for the help guys an also a quick Q has anyone had the right trigger servo go out meaningthey cant even use just the right trigger??
Kill_Roy (author)  xbigxBEASTx6 years ago
this may be because you soldered one of the other three spikes other than the middle one, or you accidently burned the circuit board somewhere along the way
so do you think there is a way to get the trigger to work any way at all? an also i had it working fine and then me and my cuzin went to the movies.... came back and went to play and neither the mod or the right trigger would work..
hey i had the same problem it would fire the at the same speed there was no difference between the button and the trigger...shoot me an email plz...zz13maguire@woodlynde.org
FFA SAVAGE5 years ago
yea the same thing happened to me... will you e-mail me and tell whats wrong?? cman5491@yahoo.com thanks
so what type of momentary push button is needed cuz i heard u need a n.o rated button but idk i have it all put together but when i push the button down it doesnt work and when i release the button i starts to shoot rapid fire so whats wrong?? does any one know?
you need to buy a A pushbutton swich that says Normally Open in the back.
I did the same thing so idk what is wrong with the botten can any one tell me what type of botten to get get!
u need a open circuited button (PTM switch) that when pressed allows the current to flow through, u currently have a break switch that stops the current when pressed (PTB switch)
read what I wrote above as a reply to mr.audiss
maybe try switching what wires go to each connector on the switch. just a guess though.
hey it would only fire single shot for me any ideas
is it possible to mod the led in the controller? if so please make an instructable :)
of course, and there are many
Dominonin6 years ago
Do you have to have that crystal resistor thing for the mod to work?
look at the other rapid fire tutorial, thats for the matrix, this one is for cg
dudeski3606 years ago
hey thanks i have been looking for the info on this type of controller for a wile and this is the firs one it confirmed were i need to place the second wire thanks
ryan16g6 years ago
where do you get the button
whitish ryan16g6 years ago
X-226 years ago
which points would i solder to if i wanted to create another NORMAL trigger
xqtftqx X-226 years ago
You could solder to the Middle Pin on the Right, and Also The Top Pin on the right and wire that to your switch.
mr.audiss6 years ago
mine works just like the right trigger, i dont really notice a difference in speed, accuarcy, or shots fired. i did everything said to do, so what shud i do to make it work
only certain controllers work. it has to be wireless... read this instructable (it's not mine but it tells you which controllers work at the begining

First, make sure there are no shorts. Then check the switch. If the wires are touching, spread the prongs out so they no longer touch each other. I find that it helps to cover all solder connections with hot glue to prevent shorts. Check your solder connections. One wire should be connected to the positive terminal of player 1 RoL LED and the switch. The other wire should be connected to the trigger pin of the right trigger, this is the middle one. The wire should be connected to the other contact on the switch as well. Make sure that the wire is only connected to the trigger point. If all else fails, check the controller's chipset. Not sure if it makes a difference in this mod, but I do know it does with other rapid fire methods. If it is a New CG, it will look exactly like the one in the pictures. If it is a MATRIX, it will have two chips instead of one, and they will be squares instead of the single diamond-shaped chip present in the New CG controllers. The chipset is important because the old controllers (MATRIX) had a common cathode, whereas the New Common Ground (NCG) controllers have a common anode (ground).
Ukiarue6 years ago
i happened to do this mod on a tp26 controller and it doesn't shoot rapid, its like another right trigger lol... any thing i could do to fix?
i had the same problem. i replaced my controller with two kinda dying (1.2v) batteries and i found out that whenever the player one led lights up (like when the led's are circling because your batteries are low) the gun will fire. this is not rapid fire though. i tried a 555 circuit and a few other things but can't get it to work either.
read what I wrote above as a reply to mr.audiss
Zanotti6 years ago
ok I already know how to make a nodded controller and have made a few but what I wanna know is how to make my modded controllers stealth so that they can't be detected by xbox live
crash2976 years ago
so i noticed you are using the cg controller witch is the newer version . have you tested this mod on this type of controller and does it work. if not do you know how to put this mod on this type of controller?
shinndigg6 years ago
i did everything, but now it wont shoot at all unless i hold the trigger and then press the switch to shoot (or vice versa) and even then it only shoots at normal rate. any ideas?
oh yea, my switch is normally closed. is that the problem?
Kill_Roy (author)  shinndigg6 years ago
no, it supposed to be close when not being pressed. When you press the switch it should complete activate the rapid fire
Umm. I think you got your open and closes mixed up. When A circuit is open it means its not complete, so yes, you need a normally open switch.
vandal11386 years ago
You have to have the TP3 model. You HAVE to have the crystal in the FRONT. You have to have and OPEN switch. If its closed you'll have to hold the button down to stop firing. If you don't know how to solder you WILL have to buy a new controller. If you melt off the led you're screwed.
invert0186 years ago
on my controller, there is no silver line below the LED
yeah same here.. I don't know what to do, I have the entire mod done except that part and I'm stuck
if you drill the right size hole you wont need to glue it...
Hey, has anyone done this and it work for them? i want to be sure it works before i try it
I know a friend from school that did the exact same thing and he said it worked just fine :)
mir man6 years ago
good insrtuctions
hey, does this work on tp3 controllers? Take Of Battery, And look on the Cricuitboard to the bottom left Also does the Wire size really matter?
Kill_Roy (author)  Frenchie41116 years ago
I'm not sure what controllers it works on and which it doesn't but If I where you I would use a thinner wire because it will be easier to be precise with your soldering
does the switch need to be normally opened or normally closed???
Normally open, red is normally closed.
habzbah6 years ago
what kind of switch do u use how many amps
ExO Booster6 years ago
Make sure when you watch these modding things that yuou pay close attention to them. most of them say to solder it to or beside the p1 led. if you look closely to the p1 led there is a thin silver line next to the led that is what you need to solder the wire to.
what does your number say under the battery pack in the bottom left corner, above the circle (or semi circle) with the cross through it? does it say P10, TP3 or does it have a little rectangle with a cross through it?
mine says tp3 and it works mine has d21 for the 1st player led but KILL_ROY's way works too
Kill_Roy (author)  Maximum Payn36 years ago
I couldnt find what you were talking about but to answer your previous comments, no this controller does not have the working rapid fire on it because It is an instructional model that I used so that I wouldnt accidently mess up on a $45 controller.
roastprof6 years ago
would this work with this type of controller by soldering directly to the output of the crystal?
how do you get the solder to stick to the socket? i can get it on the wire, but i cannot seem to heat up the board enough to make anything stay. just glad i have a practice controller i can use until i get it..
Kill_Roy (author)  rabidrabbit166 years ago
This project was the first time I had ever uses a soldering iron so I am no expert but, when I do it, I solder the wire to the circuit board and then wait a few seconds so that it can harden before removing my hand from the wire. make sure that the wire doesn't move before the solder on it hardens or else it probably won't stay.
can u show a demonstration video on the solddering to the LED light... this is the hardest part for me ASAP please
killjoy1116 years ago
did the mod work on your controller? i cant figure out were that darn crystal thing is... so i dont know if i have the new or old version of the controller. (need old to work..) my circuit board looks just like yours tho..(the metal box/thingy every 1 is saying is the crystal) is on the back just like yours.
Kill_Roy (author)  killjoy1116 years ago
Well this is not the right kind of controller so if yours looks like this it wont work, You need the one were on the front right under the Xbox menu button next to the right anolog is a resistor thing.
And does it work???
so that controller probably doesnt work.
You have the wrong controller who ever made this
Buzzsushi6 years ago
momentary pushbutton switches come in 2 differant types. Im assuming this one it the "normally off" (which means when you push it down it goes on) one
Kill_Roy (author)  Buzzsushi6 years ago
yes that is correct I will add that into the instructable
clhmi6 years ago
my son modded his remote as per instructions but it doesn't workit did one time then not again..does he need to do anything special to get it to work correctly?
Kill_Roy (author)  clhmi6 years ago
That happened to me one time and and all I had to do was open the controller again and check that all the components were still intact. Check to make sure that the wires of the momentary push button are still connected to it, and check that the the solder points have not broken.
aschwans6 years ago
I found the torx screw driver at Radio Shack. You can search their website. Just type T-8 and it will pop up with all of the sets.
AaronAkaAj6 years ago
excellent step by step instutions. Thanks a lot . (Y) Aaron
ExO Booster6 years ago
why do you guys mod...why dont you boost, because you cant get banned from xbox live for boosting but you can for modding...send me a message if anyone wants to boost
Torps136 years ago
Thats sweet building my own today
raiders136 years ago
could you do this for me ?
slimguy3796 years ago
since thisnod is for the right (in halo weapon) the left trigger is grenade. now would the same action apply if you have the mod in the middle solder point on the left? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQX_quTK3Z0 guys have done a rapid fire mod on the left but they use a a 555 timer. im jc to see if you could do the instant sticky mod with out the mod chi?
ASUROCKS8886 years ago
what is a good momentary pushbutton (make, model, etc.) to use
Kill_Roy (author)  ASUROCKS8886 years ago
I used N.O. contacts rated 0.5A at 125VAC, 0.3A at 50VDC usually any kind of momentary push button will work
Don't bother with it. instead, attach one lead of the wire to a toggle switch, then solder another wire from that, you should then have two seperate wires again, one witha toggle switch attached, and one just straight from the motherboard. Solder them both to the two connecters where the right trigger is. (Feel free to attach an LED on on of the leads, TEST the led first, it may be backwards) now when you flick the switch Rapid fire will be active, the led should light up indicating such, when you pull the trigger itll be rapid fire, flick the toggle again and its back to norms
personally i think you guy should check out a guy on ebay called wmca_soccer the kit comes with everthin you need and a stt8 screwdriver and istead of having a giant button you press the sync button once and it turns the regular trigger into a rapid fire mode p.s. it has 3 modes so you can play on cod5 live
I tried this, but for some reason, it just acted as another button to hit the trigger. it performed no rapidfire whatsoever. Any ideas why/ how to help?
The problem is there is two controllers, on one the led toggles so fast your eye can't see it. The other does not, your is the other unfortunately...
I also tried it with the one that came with my xbox (got it about 3 years ago) and still got no result other than an extra button to fire with.
its because your control is a matrix type, which means its a newer controller so it wont work.
Kill_Roy (author)  Porrazzo6 years ago
err that seems logical... I bought my xbox in the first few months it came out so that is probably true about the new ones.
jackw16 years ago
is the elite controller different ??
lemoder6 years ago
does this really work??
unpugar276 years ago
Hey, Correct me if i am wrong, but i believe from looking at this picture that the controller used is one of the newer types. I was under the impression that on the new types the chip on the back is on a 45 degree angle as opposed to the original design where there were two chips, niether on a 45.
buxb6 years ago
Yo this actually works on a wired controller (I did it) it hooks up the same as well JUST MAKE SURE NOT TO BURN OUT THE LED LIKE I DID AARRRHHHHH .....................lol........................
sinner69756 years ago
mine works great!!! the only problem is it wont work with my rechargable pack ...it only works with regular AA batterys.....any one else run into that??? or know how to fix it?
Kill_Roy (author)  sinner69756 years ago
I have not encountered that problem, but then again I also don't use a rechargable battery pack, sorry I could not help
the packs do go bad i had like 3 die on me
um for the whole solder point under the LED i couldnt see the pic.is it rlly close to the LED or flat on the green part?if you can please send a pic to me and jonnydrankmymilk@hotmail.com if not plz message me asap bc i plan on doing this tonight
Kill_Roy (author)  superlexmark6 years ago
look for " Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod " another Instructable very similar to this one. It may have a better picture
xbigxBEASTx6 years ago
so will this work if u accidentaly solder off the "led" ???
well it could possibly work if you put the wire in the hole??
Kill_Roy (author)  xbigxBEASTx6 years ago
well actually you have to be really careful not to do that because I actually broke the first controller I modified because I accidently burned part of the LED and the circuit board. I don't think that the rapid fire would work if you burned the LED but you can always forget about modifying it and then have a functioning controller that does not have a "player 1" LED
Thats what happened to mine and now my controller doesnt work thanks!
I'm not sure if you want something easier heck out mine:)
fireFEIND676 years ago
what kind of ROF does this have? i would like to know so i don't get auto-"blocked" in cod... would i b able to adjust how fast it shoots?
well, you cant use a modded controller in cod5 because they invented the "clamp" where u get stuck shooting like a bullet or 2 a second
slimguy3796 years ago
HELP,i have a WIRED xbox controller and the soldering points are the same etc. but when i plug it in on my PC (drivers already installed) and i go to control panel> game controllers > properties. i can not see any action when i push the new button. its supposed to be -Z, but i see no difference. my xbox is out of commission for right now so i can not try my controller on there. i guess i will have to wait till im at a friends house etc. but wondering in the mean time if anybody can help me. thanks
nice job
how about if u want to do dual rapid fire like on halo 3 or so?
I would think of soldering a wire to the left trigger button lead, and another to the 1st player led like before.
Kill_Roy (author)  Nameless376 years ago
Yeah, I'm no expert but that does seem logical... I learned this trick from one of my friends so I really am not sure why it worked but it does!
Derin Kill_Roy6 years ago
The Xbox uses PWM modulation.What that means is,it uses varying pulses of power to flash the leds and control their brightness using the duty cycle.This dumps those pulses into the trigger so it will think you are pressing the trigger super fast.
Kill_Roy (author)  Jr Hacking kid6 years ago
Well I don't play Halo 3 I mostly play Call of Duty so I'm really not sure how to do that but I am sure there are websites that can show you how