Step 9: Close it up

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Now close the controller. This should be easy and if not you may have to reposition the button or tuck in the wires. Now you are ready to play!
azurdet4 years ago
My son and I did this to our controller and all the new button does is single fire? Are there certain controllers that do not work? Any help is appreciated!
CyborgGold4 years ago
I did this for my controller, but now I am curious about where to connect the wires for a left trigger rapid fire, for Halo dual weilding.
bo-jangles6 years ago
okay I have a tp3 model. I soldered the middle trigger pin and then to the momentary switch. I then soldered the other wire to the other side and touched it to the bottom of the led to test it. I pressed the momentary switch and let go it shot once. I held it down and it did nothing. do I need a momentary switch that is normally open like vandal 1138 said, because mine is normally closed.
u need a norm open one
does norm open mean that when you don't push it does nothing
correct. The easiest way to remember which is which for NO and NC switches is think about the open and closed part of them... a closed circuit can pass electricity from the battery neg to pos. A circuit that is not closed, cant conduct electricity.
dazza_2115 years ago
Does this work for COD5?
vandal11386 years ago
You have to have the TP3 model. You HAVE to have the crystal in the FRONT. You have to have and OPEN switch. If its closed you'll have to hold the button down to stop firing. If you don't know how to solder you WILL have to buy a new controller. If you melt off the led you're screwed.
what does your number say under the battery pack in the bottom left corner, above the circle (or semi circle) with the cross through it? does it say P10, TP3 or does it have a little rectangle with a cross through it?
mine says tp3 and it works mine has d21 for the 1st player led but KILL_ROY's way works too
And does it work???
so that controller probably doesnt work.
You have the wrong controller who ever made this
AaronAkaAj6 years ago
excellent step by step instutions. Thanks a lot . (Y) Aaron
Torps136 years ago
Thats sweet building my own today
raiders136 years ago
could you do this for me ?
lemoder6 years ago
does this really work??
nice job