XBOX Controler Via Usb





Introduction: XBOX Controler Via Usb

It is a xbox controler for the pc for the gamers out there.

Step 1: Be Prepared

Befor you do this you need:

A 2.0 USB port
Xbox 1 contorler or 360
500mhz computer with 64mb of ram
Xbcd Software

Also If you are using the XBOX 1 controler you need to download XBCD from in the download section.

Step 2: Download the XBCD Software

If you are Using Xbox 1 controler you need to download the XBCD (custom) from in the download section.

If and only if you are using the XBOX 360 controler.

Step 3: Wireing It Up

Now you need to splice the adapter THE ADAPTER not the xbox cable. (some problems)

And it is the same wiring diagram as a normal usb cable.

You don't need to worry about the yellow cable just cut it off.

Step 4: Installing

Now its time to install the software FIRST.

This part is alittle rag-tag.(windows on diffrent os"XP,2000,95")

Once you have the software installed plug up the controler and when windows reconizes it chose manual install and then select choose myself(or something like that) and select the controler and it will say that its not digitaly signed but who cares.

Step 5: Checking Your Connections

In order to connections and if you installed it correct open up the XBCD Utility and select gamepad1 (or similar) then open up microsofts game controlers and check.

Then open up your fav game and map the controls.



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    Another video of mine this time an xbox console mod complete with usb ports emulators and roms...Modded Xbox with usb ports and Emulators...My Sprayed and Modded Original Xbox running Xbox media center with usb ports and Emulators.

    just completed my latest controller mod...i know it not an xbox controller...but just wanted to show it off lol!!...wanted to say thank you for the inspiration which has inspired me to do this heres my latest controller mod...16GB USB Joypad Mod with 4793 games on it...Old usb Joypad modded into a plug & play video gaming unit that allows you to play every one of the 4793 games that are already integrated into the joypad ...From Arcade Games to Atari2600 games to Sega Master System Games to Sega Mega Drive Games to Super Nintendo Games to Nintendo64 Games...For use with any desktop pc or laptop running windows

    Modded USB Joypad with a 16GB internal memory implant with 4793 games on it that Include (1619 Arcade Games)+(722 Atari2600 Games)+(370 Sega Master System Games)+(987 Sega Mega Drive Games)+(775 Super Nintendo Games)+(320 Nintendo64 Games)

    ..I would have listed all of the games for all the Consoles (1619 Arcade Games)+(722 Atari2600 Games)+(370 Sega Master System Games)+(987 Sega Mega Drive Games)+(775 Super Nintendo Games)+(320 Nintendo64 Games)...But there are far to many to list as it is very time consuming


    This mod is an upgrade to the Xbox To USB Controller Mod with 2GB internal removable USB Flash Drive with 153 games....Xbox USB Controller Mod (UPGRADE) with a 4GB internal USB Flash Drive with 355 games

    Nice Mod iv finished modding my xbox controller with an added upgrade Iv modded the end of this old Xbox controller to a male usb for use with any laptop or pc iv also gutted out a memory port down to the pins and soldered and hot glued in a female usb replacement into the empty port then i added a micro sd card reader with a 2gb sd card which iv added 153 arcade games onto into the usb port then i configured all the Xbox controller buttons and finally gave it a nice blue stray job.

    Xbox To USB Controller Mod with 2GB internal removable USB Flash Drive with 153 games Part 1

    hmmmm, my xbox cable has a white, yellow, red, blue, and orange cable. Anyone have an idea on which ones go where?

    I saw one of these where the author ripped out the internal chips and reconfigured the entire controller to be a standard HID. It was a ton more work.

    Without splicing any wires of the xbox adapter or cord, can't you just solder the usb connections into the part that connects to the xbox? i can see five connections inside there (i'm guessing that the larger one is yellow?)
    wouldnt that be better..?

    I tried doing this to an aftermarket wired 360 controller because i lost the breakaway cable, but it only powers on for a quick second then dies. do you think wire gauge would have anything to do with this?

    i tried wiring a USB end to my aftermarket 360 wired controller (because i lost the end) but the lights only flash for a second and then it wont power up, do you think the wires on the USB end could be to thin?

    I did this both with a mad catz wireless controller and a normal wired controller and they both don't work with vista. the madcats one work perfectly with XP no drivers had to be installed or any special software the normal corded on well you all know is there any way to move drivers from one OS to the other on a usb driver or some thing? very nice how to also.