Picture of XBOX case mod   **simple & colourful**
this is my first instructable hmmm . fairly simple LED case mod using easily found parts . this Instructable is completely reversible if it doesn't go to plan ...(thats practically a guarantee after some of the things ive seen )
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Step 1: Lets get atarted get yer tools out

Picture of lets get atarted get yer tools out
tools & items needed ;-)

torx 20
solder iron & solderer
wire ( i had some enammeled wire lying round ) **shrug** my place is good like that .
hot glue gun ( sticky pads are ok i suppose )
pliers,cutters,scissors,teeth what ever youve got
XBOX obviously
beer ,bifta = BONUS

** like my babyliss solder iron stand made from my missus hairstr8ners stand **
take lid off and rip out the metal lining

Step 2: Solder away ! leds & resistors

Picture of solder away ! leds & resistors
I used
5mm 4x blue
5mm 2x green

cause I'm such a nice guy ill save you the time working out values lol
xbox psu (powerpack) is the same as PC's so you have 2 options 12v or 5 v .
since the leds are 3.3v (20ma) i used 5v so the resistors we want to use are 100 ohm (brown black brown *gold tolerance*

the blue leds over powered the green so i used 400 ohm resistors for the blues but thats my personal prefrence

look closely at the led there is a large & small metal bit inside its the SMALL 1 that is positive (+)

go ahead and solder 1 end of the resistor to positive.

scruffy spider wiring was only to test as some leds out my box were dead
tssguy1235 years ago
I think it is pretty nice, but where did you get the crystal top?
ravingking2008 (author)  tssguy1235 years ago
i had 2 xboxes 1 black and the other crystal.
anthonywin5 years ago
What's with the wooden decks like lol lol
ravingking2008 (author)  anthonywin5 years ago
that wasnt meant to be uploaded . it was a pic i found on the net
smt zeon5 years ago
how come your xbox top is clear and not black
i had 2 xbox's 1 black & the other 1 was crystal so i put them together.
GERDUK5 years ago
how did you get the top off
fwjs285 years ago
WOOT, XBMC rules
benjgvps6 years ago
I may have to do this, picked up an Xbox off a friend for $30. I soft modded it, installed a 120 GB hard drive and love it. Beats the Wii any day.
ravingking2008 (author) 6 years ago
i forgot to mention its softmodded and paid a fiver for it . the lid & dvd drive were off my xbox. please comment