Picture of XBee adapter
Simple wireless communication: An XBee wireless modem adapter that doesn't suck!

XBee modems are one of the easiest ways to create a wireless point-to-point or mesh network. They have error correction, are configured with AT commands, come in multiple flavors and can create a wireless serial link out of the box! I wanted to make a wireless Arduino project but all the adapter boards on the market made me unhappy. So I designed what I think is an excellent low-cost adapter board.

  • Yes it can act as a breakout board, but it also has....
  • Onboard 3.3V regulator to cleanly power your XBee, up to 250mA
  • Level shifting circuitry means that its trivial to connect it to 5V circuitry such as an Arduino without risk of damage
  • Two LEDs, one for activity (RSSI), the other for power (Associate)
  • 10-pin 2mm sockets included to protect the modem and allow easy swapping, upgrading or recycling
  • All the commonly used pins are brought out along the edge, making it easy to breadboard or wire up
  • For use with any XBee/Pro pin-compatible module
  • Specifically created for use with an FTDI cable to connect to a computer via USB. This means that you can use, configure or upgrade the adapter painlessly simply by plugging in a cable:

Perfect for wirelessly communicating with a microcontroller project.

esanthana2 years ago
Hi..how to connect d xbee transmitter to webcam?
jweymarn3 years ago
Hi! Im playing around with Xbees and bought a couple of these. Some will be temperature sensors around the house.

I have a question about the input voltage into this adapter. It says "5V - power to regulator" but what is the exact range in this case?
nolte9195 years ago
This is a great instructable but you might improve the beginning a bit.  You explain what the XBee is but you don't mention what kit you're talking about.  In step 1 you go right in to how easy this kit is, but you never say what kit you're talking about in the first place.  So, and I could be blind about this, it happens to me all the time, but it sure seems like you've left out the single most important link in a great instructable that's filled with links.

Again, it looks like a really great instructable, if only I knew what kit you were talking about.
Raigmoul6 years ago
Best written, most comprehensive 'ible I have seen FULL STOP !!! Great work my friend, keep 'em coming please :-)
i0scan6 years ago
This is a fantastic instructable! Thank you for creating it. I have been itching to get an audurino and xbee for a specific project of mine. This will greatly speed up my learning curve. Thanks a million. what did you end up using yours in?