The XFN Snowflak3: 
The gun which has had the same general concept to for two years. 
A simple tube and stick rifle with a block trig system.

Very accurate
Powerful (can pierce 6-8 sheets of corrugated cardboard)
Fairly easy to make, simple in design
Comfy handle
Compact and lightweight

Block trigger
No clip
Trigger is far away from the handle
Uses a few cut pieces (but good if you have already cut pieces and want to use them)
Uses so many !@#$%^& snowflake and half-snowflake pieces...

So yeah... I've tried to make this as detailed as possible, the yellow boxes with notes help, I hope. Have fun with it (if you have enough snowflakes mwhahaha)
For increased stability, replace all long gray rods with the harder black ones.

Step 1: Barrel and Chamber Construction

 Just follow the pictures... Notes on pictures can be helpful in making the things pictured.
You are probably the first member in YEARS who has gotten away with good comments on a block trigger.<br />
Because lots of people rate 5* randomly based on looks alone. Recklessly. This knida looks like a true trigger at first glance too
HA ha HA haha
Think of it as a compliment: you have made a pretty gun
I dont think anybody rated this 5*, they just like the design.<br />
Meh, still higher than this deserves
Hahaha! I win.
It's a nice &quot;fashion statement&quot;.
How are you guys able to favorite it????<br />
I supposedly don't have to pay for extras because I've been a member since before the pro accounts.
No fair =(.&nbsp; I have 2 favorite buttons, one of them gives me the &quot;go pro&quot; message, the other one gives me an error with random gibberish in it.<br />
Really? I can favourite stuff! WATCH!
&nbsp;me too
&nbsp;This looks cool....
&nbsp;Thank you
&nbsp;your welcome!
Can you get a brighter pic for the intro I wanna see if it's build worthy..<br />
&nbsp;Roger that. It'll be up in a while.<br /> <br /> <br />
Cool<br />
4 stars for looks.
The design looks nice.<br />
However, it's a block trigger, so I'm afraid the max I can give you is 2.5*.<br />
very unique gun
&nbsp;That's one way to say it haha<br /> Thanks
yu deserve it
&nbsp;Thats like the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me :') lol
I like it.<br />
&nbsp;Thanks to you too
yup<br />
Looks nice and tidy for a tube and stick.&nbsp;
&nbsp;And thanks to you

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