Step 2: The Lower Part

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You are probably the first member in YEARS who has gotten away with good comments on a block trigger.<br />
Because lots of people rate 5* randomly based on looks alone. Recklessly. This knida looks like a true trigger at first glance too
HA ha HA haha
Think of it as a compliment: you have made a pretty gun
I dont think anybody rated this 5*, they just like the design.<br />
Meh, still higher than this deserves
Hahaha! I win.
It's a nice &quot;fashion statement&quot;.
How are you guys able to favorite it????<br />
I supposedly don't have to pay for extras because I've been a member since before the pro accounts.
No fair =(.&nbsp; I have 2 favorite buttons, one of them gives me the &quot;go pro&quot; message, the other one gives me an error with random gibberish in it.<br />
Really? I can favourite stuff! WATCH!
&nbsp;me too
&nbsp;This looks cool....
&nbsp;Thank you
&nbsp;your welcome!
Can you get a brighter pic for the intro I wanna see if it's build worthy..<br />
&nbsp;Roger that. It'll be up in a while.<br /> <br /> <br />
Cool<br />
4 stars for looks.
The design looks nice.<br />
However, it's a block trigger, so I'm afraid the max I can give you is 2.5*.<br />
very unique gun
&nbsp;That's one way to say it haha<br /> Thanks
yu deserve it
&nbsp;Thats like the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me :') lol
I like it.<br />
&nbsp;Thanks to you too
yup<br />
Looks nice and tidy for a tube and stick.&nbsp;
&nbsp;And thanks to you

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