Picture of XKCD Ornament
Christmas time is here, that means your favorite webcomic will most likely make an x-mas themed comic.

This happened with XKCD, and it made me laugh. I thought it was so clever i wanted to make an ornament so i can hang a little big of nerdyness on my tree this year. All this took was a laser cutter and acrylic!

You can use this to transfer any comic into a fun and festive ornament!

Step 1: Preparing your images

Picture of Preparing your images
The first step is to prepare you images for the laser cutter.

I had to first take out the color from the image using an image editing program. Next i used illustrator to put the image into curves.

Putting the image into curves allows the laser cutter to make the lines more clean and crisp.

Lastly i used corel draw to layout how it would be engraved and cut. I had a nice border and a hole for an ornament hook.
Dr.Bill4 years ago
I gonna use one of those car air fresheners ( Christmass Tree Kine ) and make it an orneryment .
craftyv4 years ago
I have used the original xkcd "tree" as my screen saver and it makes me smile every time I see it. It is , in my eyes, beautiful and very witty. Frenzy. I love your "etching" and am jealous of your skills. I will never own a laser cutter and most certainly don't have the skills to use one. Very good work all round.
scienceguy84 years ago
Considering this xkcd went up a mere 20 hours ago, that is pretty darn impressive.
I have an XKCD gadget on my desktop, I hadn't checked it all day. That is impressive!
What is a xkcd gadget please? I want one.
D00M994 years ago
I don't quite get the comic...
A "heap" is a computer term where B is a child of A. So referring to the comic, A is the large present and B is the smaller present, and if you can remember back to a kid, you always wanted to open the big present first, so take away A and B, C, and however far it goes, dies because B can not exist without A in computer terms. And about the tree, I don't know
The Christmas tree is a binary tree, a common data structure in programming. Each node on the tree can have 0, 1 or 2 "children" below it and one "parent" above it, with a special exception - the "root" node has no parent. The root is actually at the top, and there can only be one root.
its a logic tree joke or something.
here's where i found out: http://www.explainxkcd.com/
The "tree" is a bunch of lights hung on the wall with "presents" hung underneath them.
hintss4 years ago
what about last year's christmas xkcd?
Kiteman4 years ago
This is fine, but I'd prefer to see an actual version on somebody's wall (before you ask, I have already been banned...)

frenzy (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Yes, kiteman, we would LOVE to see this ;-)

actually if you do it, i'll send you a patch
hintss frenzy4 years ago
I might. probably not, but I might...
Kiteman frenzy4 years ago
As I said, I've already been banned - Kitewife said no.
bowmaster4 years ago
Someone's a speed-builder!!! Good job.