Picture of XKR Knex Assault Rifle - big mod of Jager's
This is my Assault rifle. It is a very extensive mod of Jager's assault rifle - all I kept was his very clever trigger system and the barrel shape. It has a better way of dropping the ammo in, and I think I have made the whole gun slightly stiffer. I have tried to make the pictures as meaningful as possible, please PM me if u can't understand them.
Credit to Gorkem for the butt shape, Jager for the trigger and the end of the barrel, and the inventor of the OSNJCKMA2 for the adapted magazine of his that I extensively adapted for my gun.
XKR stands for two things - Xtra-good Knex Rifle, or eX Kevin Rudd, our new jerk of a Prime Minister.
I am not going to state a range, because it is impossible to measure a range, because people have different elastics, and build it differently. What I will say it that it is quite powerful, and with one elastic on each side of the ram it fired as far the Gorkem's sniper I built. Maybe I did a crap job with Gorkem's, or maybe this is really good. I dunno.

Parts List (all counts are approximate, but they are pretty accurate)


9 Grey rods
1 black rod (or grey if you don't have)
6 purple/green bendy rods (just decorations)
6 red rods
1 tan rod (or red, if you don't have)
13 Yellow rods
39 Blue rods (or so - they're hard to count)
Lots and Lots of white and green rods


Lots of light and dark grey connectors, most of them are intercahngeable
30 reds (plus six on front handle, or something else)
42 yellow connectors
49 full circle connectors - all but 4 can be swapped for 7 slot ones.
36 straight connectors
42 green connectors

P.S whenever I say "magazine", what I mean is hopper, but my ego gets that much bigger when I say that I build a magazine, rather than I built a hopper.
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cool gun 5 star all the way ps can you check out my gun and tell me what you think its a assault rifle bolt action 25-30 round mag and a front grip with an attachable grenade launcher heres a link
deadaccount4 years ago
Halo: Reach sticky launcher...

XD. Halo reach concussion rifle.
ad a huge blade at the rear bottom and "poof" it becomes a halo 3 brute shot
sorry being a nit picker here plasma launcher
~Meme~3 years ago
Can you post a side view of step 1?
thehoyboy3 years ago
where is the trigger
Lol this is the 3rd highest rated knex gun?
yes, it is? I think someone has been hacking, Seleziona's striker is exactly 5*, with only 25 ratings, considering it takes an average, and some people have been rating it 4.5, that isn't possible
woops! new rating system!!
wham398374 years ago
could you post better picture of picture 4. i cant tell what parts there are and how to put them together. thanks. looks like a great gun
st j4 years ago
u should go akimbo with two!
jackdb19985 years ago
reminds me of a halo brute shot
personaly i think it looks more like a carbine
hey, wats my bro doin on!? ur underage
lol when my friend made it i thought it was a carbine but i was holding it backwards
Kemballsky4 years ago
AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna try to build that!!!!!
it looks like the ma5k not the ma5b
(ma5k)=smaller slimmer version(ma5b)=normal assault rifle
~Z~5 years ago
Me like
cool face.png
SonicX 225 years ago
 yay you used my favorite magazine!
ILIKEPIE3335 years ago
This weapon is extremely flimsy, there is no getting around that, but the range is average with a couple rbs on the ram, and the mech is actually stronger than it looks, so overall 3.75-4*s
ILIKEPIE3335 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
looks awesome, though!
knexjay5 years ago
does any1 know where i can find the REAL ible for this?
knexjay5 years ago
faved it
The Jamalam5 years ago
This could be an amazing gun if it just had a more filled in stock. I'd use it.
i found the pics to be a little confusing
bored19975 years ago
does this gun work really well
The Jamalam6 years ago
subscribed, 5d and faved
deviant6 years ago
nice work Gareth I c you have tried to make a better version of hummies gun. Although I still think the original is better. But try to make a gun that is your own because some of this is my design like the handle section but it is still a good improvement from your remake of the pump action shot gun rifle lol. Remember the one you brought to school that snapped in half. ummmm... no offence but by the way it looks and from the comments your gun doesn't seem very strong. hmmmmmmmm..... lets c try making gorkems again but don't stuff it up, or try to make killerks sniper (but is requires a heek load of pieces and is hard to build as it hurts your fingers a lot). I've also stopped making knex and I think I might sell mine since I have about 5 to 10k of it. maby you can buy or I might sell on ebay.... anyway keep up the good work see you soon man.................. lol long comment longest on your page I hope. And hows it gowing on runescape r u past level 50 yet, im level 90 now and i got 1.8 mill woot woot woot............. my names beau97 is anyone wants to add me.... cya guys and happy knexing :)
i think this is actually much better. it is way more reliable from what i can see.
maid63 deviant6 years ago
mines bxnywarrior lvl 109 add me
supernova12 (author)  deviant6 years ago
I'm lvl 54 now, and I have full rune, with rune gauntlets and about to get rune berserker. I have also just made a four foot five knex robot, that walks and swings its arms! And, this gun is very powerful, just by the way - you need to read the comments past the first 6.
supernova12 (author)  supernova126 years ago
And I just finished making a humungous broadsword with an absolutely awesome handle that actually cushions your hand, with a soft springing sort of thing, and a really long blade that doesn't bend AT ALL on the sharp direction, and not very much from side to side! It's awesome!
supernova12 (author)  deviant6 years ago
And by the way, mine is nothing like Humey's gun - though it shares some superficial aesthetic features, about all that it shares with Humey's gun is the front bit of the barrel and the trigger system, because they are so good that they cannot be improved. The whole magazine and internal barrel are different - the magazine is a zillion times easier to use, and it's more powerful too, because you can place the ammo exactly and there is very little friction. The superstructure on my gun is stronger than yours too - there is much more reinforcement, and it flexes at least 5 degrees less than yours.
lodefreak6 years ago
i remember i build jager's gun and it was very good this has better looks,but i think it's not very strong...
CraftySNAK36 years ago
it looks like the halo carbine
Bugman96 years ago
the second pic on the intro looks like the gorkems sniper rifle butt.
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