Picture of XM8 / FN SCAR Knex Gun
This is a gun that i have been recently been working on, I tryed making a XM8, and a FN SCAR crossbreed...It uses Mepains Riffle Butt and handle. It has a true trigger. The mag is removeable, and works by sliding the front part of the mag between the two bars, then the back of it just clips above the end of the bar.

I will not be making a instructable for this gun do to the camera i have to use, but if you can make it from the pictures and want to make a instructable of this, leave a Comment on my page, or just PM me to get permission.

If you have any improvment to this gun(it lacks a very strong frame)Then i will be glad to see/hear it

But remember this is has a mag, some shots will be short, some will be long, some might even jam. This gun is not done, and would help its finishing if everyone gave me their feedback.
Dumchicken4 years ago
plz make pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssse
krazyfool5 years ago
 Ive modified this gun which i recommend doing. It allows for more power and accuray from the gun. Ive also added shell's and ejection from the gun.

Ive modified the ram and its slide by adding a yellow connector instead of a red and attaching a yellow rod slotted through another yellow connector which is attached to the ram rails. THhis allows for A LOT for power into the gun.

I also brought the front reciever backward to allow the ram more length to hit the bullet with.

I fixed the need to hit the mag by  changing the design of the mag well and receiver.

Also extended the barrel and made smaller mags. (Yerjoking mentioned it after i made it but he will agree its a worth while change. It looks awesome.

Still thanks for designing it, it kicks ass. 

P.S. i recommend altering the trigger to be a true trigger. It faster, easier and GREATLY reduces the bulk taken up by the trigger housing giving the gun more of a m14/21 look.

1 word build yay
yerjoking7 years ago
just built it yesterday! LOVE IT! I've made a few minor changes, smaller magazine (holds 8 blues) and a small barrel exstension (added 2 more barrels and a half) a different bullet pusher, a different sight, a scope/carrying handle(not very accurate(my scope that is)) and an extra magazine in the stock, also holds 8 blues =]
will u be posting it (PLZ SAY YES LOL)
nise mag you should put a crank on it that will make it farst erfire
661rhys7 years ago
Hi i was wondering weather any one could help me. im looking at making a belt fed fully automatic machingun based on a GPMG or also known as gimpy. Im having some problems with the belt feed and firing mechanism and im needing some devine inspiration to try and solve this problem. Any ideas will help a huge amount!! Many thanks 661rhys
my only suggestions are these: use multiple gears to feed it or it will just let go of the belt make each bullet have its own firing pin in its own barrel
does this use mepain's trigger system?
guns4life7 years ago
u should make a instructable on this I would like to know how u made it.
Alingarhs (author)  guns4life7 years ago
Bruce made is an instructable Look at his page. He has commented a few people down
X_D_3_M_17 years ago
dont look very much like an xm8
smidge1477 years ago
this is a picture of the front part of the most important mechanisms i hope this help nd if you need more pics just ask
if u get the full gun made can u post plz m8
I posted it here The Scar
can u put a pic of the ram plz.
Alingarhs (author)  smidge1477 years ago
Did you build the who gun, or just the front?
just the front for now i like to get the mechanism right before adding more stuff.
could you put a picture(s) of the barrel? i can't really see it because of the other pieces in the way
Drewzer6677 years ago
I commented on this a little while ago, but ypu said more pics were coming!
i was pateint and if im not mistaken, thats like a month ago! please get on it asap, because it looks so cool and i want to see the range! its still pwnage though=)
Alingarhs (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
Someone is doing an instructable on this soon
Sweet! who?
Me here they are The Scar
Drewzer6677 years ago
post it it looks so awsome! just wondering- how many rounds does it hold in the mag? thx.
Alingarhs (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
I think the max it will hold is 9 rounds
sweet. so are you going to post? i hope so. btw, 9 is awsome good for a knex war.:-)
The Scar I made instructions
Alingarhs (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
not sure, been kinda busy i dont even have an hour of spare time
so if i build it can i post it please my in box is empty thank you halo3 :}
Oh ok. But could you put some more pics of different angles so i can try building?
Alingarhs (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
Sure, ill try getting them on tonight
K thx
Alingarhs (author)  Drewzer6677 years ago
Here is a picture of just the barrel alone
C:\Documents and Settings\Devin\My Documents\My Pictures\10-08-07_1913.jpg
this pic was verehj helpful thanx =]. any plans to finish it????????????
Yay ty
it'l hold more, all you have to do is make magazine bigger
i made the mag barrel now the middle and back .:}
ry guy7 years ago
can you please post the instructions for this gun.
bruce911 ry guy7 years ago
The Scar I made instructions
knex maddo7 years ago
please post instructions. please please please
The Scar I made instructions
ironman697 years ago
The mag thing is pretty innovative!
knex maddo7 years ago
looks cool
bruce9117 years ago
InstructableMine is done and the magazine holds 16 shots.
Hey I just noticed that you linked to step #11 on your instructable for this gun.
Ya, Just thought I'd let you know.
ShotPain7 years ago
YAY Finally a KNEX FN SCAR!! But teh only problem is i cant build it :( please hurry up...
phlorgan7 years ago
this is a cool gun. but i see what ppl mean when it jams Bcause it gets 2 in the chamber at a time. and btw i managed to get 14 in the mag! again nice gun u should make the instructable!
som1 plz post instructions
I am working on iy I am just waiting for him yo give me the thumbs up.
it wilol be fine m8, im sure he wont mind, just go 4 it
Ok I will start working on them today, although I still have to finish the instruction for deviants oh well I will do this one first. This one is so much fun to shhot though it is the most powerful gun with a mag I have ever built(I think) lol
well in m8 gud luk
yaY, I have all the pictures next is too......UPLOAD!
well played
Alingarhs (author)  bruce9117 years ago
Go ahead, you have permission
smidge1477 years ago
i trashed my version the mag was glitchey
Alingarhs (author)  smidge1477 years ago
I found out why the mag stick, those brown connecters where the mag is inserted pushes in, which causes the mag to stick, i dont think it is fixable
bruce9117 years ago
I finished building the gun with some modifications on the barrel, can I post it?
-Oh, wait sorry... I used too many snowflakes on some other guns and i don't want to take them apart, so... Sorry, forget about me posting this gun. Some other, better guy will have to do it for me.
Alingarhs (author)  PineapplebobTheGreat7 years ago
Np man, thanks for considering
Thanks for letting me post it. I'll give all the credit to you. I'll try to get it on before the week is over... It might be hard with all my homework and all...
I'm almost done with the gun. I'll need permission from the maker first if you guys want me to post instructions on how to make it. Well, if the maker can reply to this, I and many others will be happy.
Alingarhs (author)  PineapplebobTheGreat7 years ago
Go ahead
I have over 1500 pieces and i want to make a lot of these so i can have a knex fight. Well, yeah. So, please post instructions. At least post instructions for the magazine.
PLEASE post instructions someone... Actually, i might figure it out myself... But still... well, yeah.
EricGrace7 years ago
can you show us on how to build it i have 300 peaces it looks so cool i am proud of your work.
AHOWA17 years ago
This is really cool you should post it
smidge1477 years ago
i agree with drum her dude post instructions looks awesome!
im jayme with a new name
Pbyrd Vynash7 years ago
Why do you have a new name?
Vynash Pbyrd7 years ago
becaus i was getting sick of my real name
Whaleman Vynash7 years ago
I thought it was spelled "Jaime", but I am sick of my amerikan name as well, I am going to change it to oleksandr or sven when I move out : )
Vynash Whaleman7 years ago
it is spelled jaime but my mom calls it jayme
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how can you pronounce "jayme" as opposed to "jamie"? Or did you mean spells it jayme?
Vynash Whaleman7 years ago
its the same sound but different spelling were on at the same time
Whaleman Vynash7 years ago
oh, and COOL!
Vynash Whaleman7 years ago
oh ok kewl!
yeah i like it better
theKNEXfolo7 years ago
omg stupid guy post the instrutable!!!!
crestind7 years ago
The point of Instructables is that you post INSTRUCTIONS with how to build it. Since you don't have any, this isn't an Instructable, so I will now flag this.
Mike Cortes7 years ago
where you get the 4 way BLUE connector
mamoo7 years ago
how do you post???
smidge1477 years ago
ok so i built the basis of this gun and the magazine doesnt work because you have to oush the pusher in instead of elastics but when you put the mag in its very firm so it wont come out will shooting ill probs just put more elastics on the pusher in the mag.this gun rarely jamsand feels great when putting the mag in.
Alingarhs (author)  smidge1477 years ago
Yeah, that happened to me to, dont know why the elastics dont push it, but the more you add the slow and more likey it will jam...if you could figure a way to fix that, you should post, This gun could use some changes, like stronger frame and the pusher on the mag, but other than that i think its fine.
gunmanx7 years ago
ok this is dumb if u werent ganna post it why not put it in the fourms...... u autta post instructions man
Alingarhs (author)  gunmanx7 years ago
the only reason why i dont post instructables is because i have to use a phone camera, which if i used it, no one would be able to see the pictures clearly, i posted it here to give someone a chance to make it from here and post an instructable for it.
That makes no sense... You want somebody to make it from 4 blurry pictures of the completed gun rather than many, while blurry, detailed pictures of the gun? This would be better off as a forum topic.
thars a pic
Alingarhs (author)  smidge1477 years ago
NICE! All you need now is the front and top support, im sure you can figure out how the trigger works, the last part of it that is, if not i can take another picture.
Whaleman Mepain7 years ago
yes, and I have run into many people who are not logical in any way, often times they are teachers, sad.....
gunmanx Mepain7 years ago
yea i agrreee just delete this dude (alingahs)
Ruben2mei137 years ago
this is no F*ing Scar This is a Scar
C:\Documents and Settings\ruben\Mijn documenten\Mijn afbeeldingen\CA020P.jpg
smidge1477 years ago
im building this gun and its easy!
Alingarhs (author)  smidge1477 years ago
You should post a picture of it when your done, I agree that this should not be too hard to build from that picture
thebboy7 years ago
not to brag but its true
what i dont get it
You triple posted on something that was totally off subject
oh my bad
Whaleman7 years ago
I believe that this does not meet the requirements for an instructable, perhaps you should post it as a forum topic? BTW, looks AWESOME!!!!!
Alingarhs (author)  Whaleman7 years ago
OK, fine i will post instructables for it within a week...but i will have to remake
Mad Cat7 years ago
:( This should be in the forums.
oodalumps7 years ago
Looks cool.
thebboy7 years ago
me! im a AWESOME dancer
thebboy7 years ago
hey theres a kid in my class and he goes to instructables. if your reading this, then whats ur instructables screen name? by the way, this is the guy who dances
Kaiven7 years ago
wow, looks cool!
Vynash7 years ago
awsome but i wish there was instructions