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Introduction: XM8 / FN SCAR Knex Gun

This is a gun that i have been recently been working on, I tryed making a XM8, and a FN SCAR crossbreed...It uses Mepains Riffle Butt and handle. It has a true trigger. The mag is removeable, and works by sliding the front part of the mag between the two bars, then the back of it just clips above the end of the bar.

I will not be making a instructable for this gun do to the camera i have to use, but if you can make it from the pictures and want to make a instructable of this, leave a Comment on my page, or just PM me to get permission.

If you have any improvment to this gun(it lacks a very strong frame)Then i will be glad to see/hear it

But remember this is has a mag, some shots will be short, some will be long, some might even jam. This gun is not done, and would help its finishing if everyone gave me their feedback.



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plz make pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssse

 Ive modified this gun which i recommend doing. It allows for more power and accuray from the gun. Ive also added shell's and ejection from the gun.

Ive modified the ram and its slide by adding a yellow connector instead of a red and attaching a yellow rod slotted through another yellow connector which is attached to the ram rails. THhis allows for A LOT for power into the gun.

I also brought the front reciever backward to allow the ram more length to hit the bullet with.

I fixed the need to hit the mag by  changing the design of the mag well and receiver.

Also extended the barrel and made smaller mags. (Yerjoking mentioned it after i made it but he will agree its a worth while change. It looks awesome.

Still thanks for designing it, it kicks ass. 

P.S. i recommend altering the trigger to be a true trigger. It faster, easier and GREATLY reduces the bulk taken up by the trigger housing giving the gun more of a m14/21 look.

just built it yesterday! LOVE IT! I've made a few minor changes, smaller magazine (holds 8 blues) and a small barrel exstension (added 2 more barrels and a half) a different bullet pusher, a different sight, a scope/carrying handle(not very accurate(my scope that is)) and an extra magazine in the stock, also holds 8 blues =]

will u be posting it (PLZ SAY YES LOL)


nise mag you should put a crank on it that will make it farst erfire

Hi i was wondering weather any one could help me. im looking at making a belt fed fully automatic machingun based on a GPMG or also known as gimpy. Im having some problems with the belt feed and firing mechanism and im needing some devine inspiration to try and solve this problem. Any ideas will help a huge amount!! Many thanks 661rhys

my only suggestions are these: use multiple gears to feed it or it will just let go of the belt make each bullet have its own firing pin in its own barrel