This is instructions for Alingarhs knex weapon. I did get permission from him to make and may I say this is the most powerful magazine fed gun with only 2 elastics that I ever made. Without further ado here are the instructions.

If you need more instructions on a step or you are having problems with the gun post a comment or message me.

The pics are great by the way.

I am making a video today with my friend showing its aim and power.
If you see any mistakes tell me too and also spelling errors.

Step 1: Front of Barrel

This step is self explanatory

Step 2: Top Rail/support

Follow the notes on the pictures.

Step 3: Build the Firing Pin

Watch the hopefully detailed video to build the firing pin.

Step 4: Build the Butt of the Gun

Follow the notes on the photos.

I think there are enough notes for everyone to understand

Step 5: Bottom Rail/support

Follow the notes on the pictures

Step 6: Build the Barrel

Follow the notes on the pictures.

Step 7: Barrel Connector

Easiest step of the gun

Step 8: Walls,trigger and Handle

Once again follow the notes on the photos.

Step 9: Put the Gun Together

Notes once again

Step 10: Build the Magazine and Pusher


Step 11: Adding Rubberbands and Loading


Step 12: A Peice I Forgot

pic 1 the peice
pic 2 where to put the peice
pic 3 peice added
pic 4 put back one side of wall
omg this was the first rifle i ever made !!! memories... oh how i thought this was cool back at the time... '09... lol
I remember the first shooting gun..how horrid it was. I think it was Mr. Silly Guns' USP...*Face palm.*
do you have a parts list?
Can we substitute cut greys?
I think those are cut greys. I&nbsp;was wondering if we could substitute ball joints.<br />
You can't because they will clip on to the bullets
omg on pic one u wrote 5 FULL MOONS dat sounds so wrong!<br>
Nice gun stock! It takes a lot of time to build though
how do you put the mag in?
the front is a bit short
Those are some really good quality pics, beastly gun, too.
this gun barley works i had to modify it loads to get it to work properly
That's to bad. You did something wrong then. Because. It works...
<p> This gun is sick im gonna build it and i subbed</p>
this gun is prety sick
True Dat!
&nbsp;Awesome gun! i subscribed!
I said that out loud and it was hilarious. XD<br />
LOL!XD<br />
HAHAHAH! Check out my new forum. A little update after my long departure.<br /> https://www.instructables.com/community/What-I-Have-Built/<br />
meh another day wasted building this and it doesn't even work
how exactly does it not is the ramrod to or does the whole thing keep breaking? Or does the mag even work at all?
My ramrod is kinda stiff when you pull it forward at first but its still a little stiff can you help and no i dont have grease or anything like that<br />
Will another tan clip work?
so awsomemly awsome thanx : D<br />
nvr mind<br />
do u need the walls<br />
lol french homework
Hey..... This handle looks VERY familiar... like Banana Inventor's One Shot True Trigger Gun... hmmmm.
it actually looks like mepains trigger on his sniper just modded and so does the handle
You are a bit late.... about a year late.... 0.o
well i didnt look at the ible til' the other day<br />
and soopah that handle gets used a lot so thats actually prwetty basic (not dissing the gun though) but i use that a lot too :)
This gun was posted a LONG time before his gun, check the date.
ok my bad sorries
the video has been removed by user
Also what does it fire?? (It may say somewhere I just probably haven't read it 'cos I'm lazy!)
blue rods.
wow, jusst wow, blue rods, hmm maybe i can mod his to fit red rods...
yeah, these kinds usually fire blue rods to have the highest caliber ammo but still look realistic.
im going to invent a true AR which actually shoots more than once per time you pulll trigger, to do that you connect the trigger to the motor, so it flips it when you pull and release the trigger
that will be very difficult unless you modify the actual circuitry.
Um Late reply....but look down. I quote: "IGNORE BOTH OF THOSE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
to make it look more finished, replace the last blue connector with a yellow/grey connector and clip 2 more brown connectors on the end of the brown connectors sticking out (in the manner of the okp handle.)
the more i look at this, the simpler it gets.
u can call them whatever u want it doesnt matter
plz cn u post sum clearer pictures or the rubberband placment perticually the trigger band cos im really confused about this mechinism

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