XM8 / FN SCAR Knex Gun





Introduction: XM8 / FN SCAR Knex Gun

This is instructions for Alingarhs knex weapon. I did get permission from him to make and may I say this is the most powerful magazine fed gun with only 2 elastics that I ever made. Without further ado here are the instructions.

If you need more instructions on a step or you are having problems with the gun post a comment or message me.

The pics are great by the way.

I am making a video today with my friend showing its aim and power.
If you see any mistakes tell me too and also spelling errors.

Step 1: Front of Barrel

This step is self explanatory

Step 2: Top Rail/support

Follow the notes on the pictures.

Step 3: Build the Firing Pin

Watch the hopefully detailed video to build the firing pin.

Step 4: Build the Butt of the Gun

Follow the notes on the photos.

I think there are enough notes for everyone to understand

Step 5: Bottom Rail/support

Follow the notes on the pictures

Step 6: Build the Barrel

Follow the notes on the pictures.

Step 7: Barrel Connector

Easiest step of the gun

Step 8: Walls,trigger and Handle

Once again follow the notes on the photos.

Step 9: Put the Gun Together

Notes once again

Step 10: Build the Magazine and Pusher


Step 11: Adding Rubberbands and Loading


Step 12: A Peice I Forgot

pic 1 the peice
pic 2 where to put the peice
pic 3 peice added
pic 4 put back one side of wall



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    omg this was the first rifle i ever made !!! memories... oh how i thought this was cool back at the time... '09... lol

    3 replies

    I remember the first shooting gun..how horrid it was. I think it was Mr. Silly Guns' USP...*Face palm.*

    I think those are cut greys. I was wondering if we could substitute ball joints.

    omg on pic one u wrote 5 FULL MOONS dat sounds so wrong!

    Nice gun stock! It takes a lot of time to build though

    the front is a bit short

    Those are some really good quality pics, beastly gun, too.

    this gun barley works i had to modify it loads to get it to work properly

    1 reply

    That's to bad. You did something wrong then. Because. It works...

    This gun is sick im gonna build it and i subbed

    True Dat!

     Awesome gun! i subscribed!