XOXO 3D Printed Ornament


Introduction: XOXO 3D Printed Ornament

This XOXOXO repeating ornament was created using solidworks CAD software. It displays the loving feel the holidays should have. The intricate design looks good placed around the branch of a tree or hung with string. It looks like it will also make a good napkin ring.

The model pictured, was printed on a Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D printer with PLA filament at 75% infill and a two wall thickness. The high infill helps keep the structural integrity of the part when you are removing it from the raft or build platform. The ornament was finished with 150 and 220 grit sandpaper to remove stringing. An exact-o knife is useful for getting into harder to reach areas.

On a dual extruder printer, the ornament might look good with the individual letters different colors.

If you like this ornament, please vote for it in the 3D printed Ornament design challenge!

(download: 19.02MB)

Step 1: Ornament Design

The text, wrap and circular pattern features of solidworks allow for the seamless connection of letters in the ornament. When choosing what letters to use, it is important to try and use letters that do not have overhangs. You can use support material for these letters, however it makes the cleanup process quite difficult.

This model would look good printed from an online service like Shapeways or Ponoko.



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    That branch is so full of symbolic love. Nailed it.