XP Security





Introduction: XP Security

This is a basic way to get into windows XP without a password (normally) incase your sister changes your password etc. It is also a good idea to secure this account in an office, etc.
Also this is not generally a good idea if the PC is not yours. Probably Illegal.

Step 1: Start Your PC in Safe Mode

When you turn on your PC tap F8 as it is starting, and before it gets to the XP loading screen it should bring up a list of start options (normal, safe mode, safe mode with networking, last known good configuration etc). Pick Safe mode.

Step 2: When You're in Safe Mode.

In safemode there is normally an account called administrator. This is on XP when there is the welcome screen. Click it. It will normally enter with no password.

Step 3: Secure Your PC

When you're in go to "control panel" then "user accounts" and add a password. Also tick the documents private button if you want to be extra safe. It pops up when making a password. This is only to be used for securtiy purposes and it is not my intention for you to do anything irresponsible with this info. I do not like hackers I don't, I do not like them Sam, I note.
So this is a good thing for offices. P.S. sorry for the lack of graphics.

Step 4: Done

You are now done!



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    SWEET - CHEERS BROTHER, so easy yet so effective. I bet this helps a lot of people. Thank you very much for taking the time. Peace brother.

    Did you know that you can get to the old style login without rebooting? (Watch out for the CMOS password when you do that!) To get to the old style login from the standard login: press ctrl-alt-del. You may have to hit it more than once.


    On XP-Home one can't put a password for admin. Logging in as admin always takes you inside without asking for pwd. ( I was shocked when I came to know) In XP-pro you can put password for admin

    There's a way to do this for any account (with only the username and an account on the computer / network) search kerpaul.

    Boot the computer with any Linux live-CD, after boot mount the hard drive if your Linux did not do so automatically. Change anything you want in the pass word files. If you want real security load Linux on a USB flash drive and take it with you when you leave the computer. After a few weeks with Linux you can take the Windows hard drive out of the computer because you'll discover how poor an OS it "was" and you never need listen to a hard drive thrashing around like an out of balance washing machine as Windoze scatters data randomly to all parts of the plater.

    "Click it. It will normally enter with no password." Problem with this is that most administrators with some brains will have put a password on that account. My dad did when he found out I was changing settings on our family computer.

    well actually i know a teacher who owns a 'school owned laptop' and there was no admin password set by the administrator!

    Your technique is OK! but how to bypass the password if the administrator user already have their password, what i mean here is if someone already put the password before U.