Introduction: XW30K 8-1/2 Cm Shot Shifle

Picture of XW30K 8-1/2 Cm Shot Shifle

this is the one, the only, the shifle. in case you dont already know, the shifle is a pump- action shotgun/ rifle, with the ability to shoot 50 rounds in under a minute. this gun shoots about 30 feet, but shotguns arent usually used for long-range combat, but rather for close-range combat.

If you need help building some of the parts, you will find Ipod Killer's sniper here.


barrel style: ipod killer's drop-in type

magazine style: ipod killer's 5,11, or 50 (recomended) shot magazines

trigger system: backwards pull-release system (by ipod killer, but mine is backwards)

pump system: sliding wheel and pully system

ammunition type: yellow rods

handle type: ipod killer's sniper handle- shortened

slider type: one slot gray connector to gray rod slide

firing pin style: large rod -strengthened black- and blue extender connected withstring spindle.

Step 1: The Sliding Handle

Picture of The Sliding Handle

1. make 24 of these
2. now put all 24 onto the gray rod like so
3. attach the string like this, leaving about 2 inches out

Step 2: Secure the String

Picture of Secure the String

1. pull the string to the other side and wrap tightly around the rest of the gray rod a few times
2. place the string like this
3. this is the other side of the string placement in step 3
4. put the string trough this part of the connector
5. push a gray rod into it like this to hold the string in place
6. another pic of this
7. to finish, put another gray rod through the other side

Step 3: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

this is exactly the same barrel as ipod killer's sniper rifle with one exeption-two pieces are taken away. refer to the pictures.

Step 4: Barrel Continued

Picture of Barrel Continued

this is a pretty easy step to follow

Step 5: Add Extras to the Sliding Handle

Picture of Add Extras to the Sliding Handle


Step 6: Making and Adding the Slide

Picture of Making and Adding the Slide

hi, me again

Step 7: Connections

Picture of Connections

does this make enough sense?

Step 8: The Firing Pin Slider

Picture of The Firing Pin Slider

this is the firing pin slider

Step 9: The Trigger Thing

Picture of The Trigger Thing

simply make the trigger, by the way, there are 10 light blue washers

Step 10: Make Connections

Picture of Make Connections

Step 11: Firing Pin

Picture of Firing Pin

Step 12: Handle

Picture of Handle

1. the back end of the gun that you will make next
2-6. steps progressing through the handle construction

Step 13: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

construct the trigger

Step 14: Rear Body

Picture of Rear Body

start the rear body

Step 15: Top and Pully Housing

Picture of Top and Pully Housing

Step 16: Adding the End of the String to the Equasion

Picture of Adding the End of the String to the Equasion

1. push the string through the front and under the wheels
2. when you push it through the front be sure top push it through the orange connecter
3. out the other side
4. over the top and through the orange connector again

Step 17: Just More Pieces

Picture of Just More Pieces

self explanetory

Step 18: Connect the Handle

Picture of Connect the Handle

pay attention to the gray connector in pic 3

Step 19: Connect the Handle to the Slide

Picture of Connect the Handle to the Slide

connect like shown

Step 20: The Final String Wrapping

Picture of The Final String Wrapping

1. the firing pin pushed all the way in
2. pull the firing pin out about this far before starting to wrap the string
3. wrap the string tightlyaround like shown
4. take the top part off and put the remaining part of the string into here
5. replace the rod back on like this

Step 21: Rubber Bands

Picture of Rubber Bands

1. put on 2-4 thick rubber bands on
2. there should be about this much space in between the spacers and the end of the pin

Step 22: Build the Backbone

Picture of Build the Backbone

i find that this is very easy to build according to the pictures

Step 23: Attaching the Backbone

Picture of Attaching the Backbone

Step 24: An Extra Rubber Band That I Just Remembered

Picture of An Extra Rubber Band That I Just Remembered

Step 25: Side Panels

Picture of Side Panels

enter longer description for this step

Step 26: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

1. this is ipod killer's 50 rod magazine, you can go to his sniper instructable to find out how to build the 5, 11, or 50 rod magazines, although i prefer the 50 rod magazine
2. the gun completed
3. the ammo

Step 27: Extras

Picture of Extras

the safety mechanism
1. safety off
2. safety on

Step 28: String Placement

Picture of String Placement

this step is just in case youre having trouble with the sring. the string should run down the middle of the gun, never on the outside. the purple is the string.

The string should be about 4 feet long.


crestind (author)2010-04-04

I remember when this thing first came out. It was the coolest K'nex creation ever because of the pump and top loader.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)2010-03-08

wow i remember this thing lol

mr. cool 384 (author)2009-12-24

 cool but that is a ungodly ammount of steps andpieces

firedog (author)2009-12-21

I like cheezits there are alot of steps nice gun though cheezits cheezits cheezits.

Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-23

This gun is a TASK for me to complete. I MUST build a SUPERGUN, with PUMP ACTION, TRUE TRIGGER, AND A MAGAZINE AND POWERFUL. So I am building it now. Great, and thanks for the gun now I have something to build.

Make K'nexsayer instead. "Best K'nex gun ever" as said by many in that thread.

DJ Radio (author)Mepain2009-11-22

You have bandwidth crap again. 

Nah... I like this one better.

you built it?

Furloy (author)2009-09-24

how long is the string?

Captain Dyson (author)2009-08-20

what cind of range does it have

Miles Tails Prower (author)2009-01-27

HOLY ****!!! THIS GUN WAS MADE IN 2006!!!!

2007, and it is pretty awesome for that date, nothing can quite match it yet

TwistedParadox (author)2009-04-10

Just ran into a problem, if I put on 2 rubber bands the pump can't pull the firing pin back further enough and there is some loose string when there wasn't before. Why won't it function normally?

TwistedParadox (author)2009-04-09

Just finished building, Great fxcking job! It's awesome.

Miles Tails Prower (author)2009-03-08

Allmost EVERYTHING was made by ipod killer... And it does not work that great. I can put only 1 loose rubberband on, otherwise it is just IMPOSSIBLE to pull it back.

happybirthday (author)2009-01-12

whah? (supposed to be with a British accent) in 2006 it twas december 31st. next day january 2007. 12 months later it was decenber 23 2007 the end

DrWeird117 (author)happybirthday2009-01-12

My mistake.

happybirthday (author)DrWeird1172009-01-13

oh and you like my new image

DrWeird117 (author)happybirthday2009-01-13

LOL Austrian Death Machine.

happybirthday (author)DrWeird1172009-01-13

whyd you remove it?

frodo7 (author)2009-01-02

fudge sounds good about now...

DrWeird117 (author)frodo72009-01-02


Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-24

Please post instructions for the magazine here. The pictures on the sniper are so blurry I can't even see it is knex. So.

Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-24

It is already cool now!

Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-23

Okay. So this part is REALLY SCREWED UP. I don't get ANYTHING what is here. I think you made some faults.

Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-23

Are the stronger black rods required or not?

Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-23


Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-23

Do you need all those Y connectors? I have some, but not enough I think.

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-06-14

Hmm.... Do you think its worth building?

Mepain (author)I_am_Canadian2008-06-14

Yeah, I loved this thing when it was together. Probably one of my favorites.

I_am_Canadian (author)Mepain2008-06-14

Ok, Ill give it a try later (that means about 3 months)

I forced myself to build it. I MUST have a professional Knex gun.

Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-23

WOW the handle is heavyweight!

Knex Lego Maniac (author)2008-12-17

i think this is my favorite gun that u made

Mepain (author)Knex Lego Maniac2008-12-18

Prepare to change your mind come Christmas.

Der Bradly (author)Mepain2008-12-20

So You're Realesing it on Christmas?

Mepain (author)Der Bradly2008-12-20

Hope so.

Der Bradly (author)Mepain2008-12-20

Ahh man! I won't be in town!

Miles Tails Prower (author)2008-12-09

It is simple, and it looks cool, it has a magazine, true trigger, and pumpaction. You know I'm gonna make this right?

Knex Lego Maniac (author)2008-12-07

how well does this gun feed with the 50 rod hopper?

Mepain (author)Knex Lego Maniac2008-12-08

Not bad.

291jd87 (author)2008-10-28

wats up with your name

mrbox (author)2008-06-27

If you check my other Instructables you can see I have a house... Do remember... We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site. Or your just one of those people who make accounts just so you can be a nuisance!

291jd87 (author)mrbox2008-10-28

well i guess mr dickfudge has a be rude policy oh yea wtf dickfudge

Trogador (author)mrbox2008-08-07

With a name like that, I'm sure he is >_>

DJ Radio (author)2008-10-19

so, basically, this is the shotgun version of ipod Killer's sniper..............

beameron (author)2008-10-09

i got like 200 of these panels xD

muyo19 (author)2008-10-06

Mine jams up a lot. Do you know how to fix it?

hippos are dangerous (author)2008-07-24

where do you get those panels?

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