XYZ Da Vinci Junior (jr) NFC Tag Filament Reset Hack


Introduction: XYZ Da Vinci Junior (jr) NFC Tag Filament Reset Hack

This process will allow you to reset your filament nfc tag to a full configuration using an Android Device with NFC. If you don't have an NFC enabled Android Device or what something different I have an Instructable using an Arduino and NFC Attachment that can be found at this link:

Arduino NFC Reset

YouTube Video of NFC Reset Proof of Concept

Step 1: Read Your Card

Download Android App

Then select the NTAG option from the main screen as shown in the image.

Screen recording of NFC Tag reset on Android App

Step 2: Read Your Data.

Once this screen is opened place your tag on the reader. You should get the highlighted red text. Please forward this information to me and purchase my eBay item at eBay Listing. I will provide the key to you through eBay, then you can follow the rest of the directions.

eBay Listing

The alternative to the eBay listing is to use a process where a logic analyzer is physically attached to a chip inside of your disassembled printer and listening for the key. The basics of the procedure can be found by googling Da Vinci jr NFC Reset.

The eBay listing is a way for me to get your password, so that you don't have to purchase various electronic, learn to use them and take apart your printer and make connections to your printer chips. By all means if you have the desire and or the equipment get your own password go for it. I'm just providing an alternative.

Step 3: Known Issues

Firmware 2.2.7:

At this time the procedure below shown in the instructable linked below for 2.2.6 does not work for firmware version 2.2.7. At this time no one has reported getting anything to work to roll back from 2.2.7. on there is a thread where someone shares a theory on rolling back using the 2.2.7 firmware that you can try. Other then that please just experiment and if you are successful post a comment or let us know on the forum.

Firmware 2.2.6:

Fix Found -------- Firmware can now be rolled back

See Link Below for Rolling Back Firmware to something newer:

At this time we are having issues with getting the correct reset values for firmware version 2.2.6. Just be warned that this firmware may be recording something on the tag and length and giving errors when the number ends up higher. We are working on figuring out what it is recording and if there is data set that will reset it, but at this time we have not figured it out. It seems to happen to chips that have been run all the way to empty, do not run any chip you want to reset to empty, reset before you hit zero. Also, if you have the choice don't upgrade to firmware version 2.2.6 if you want to reset chips.

Now Change Firmware to Older Version for Reset Tags to work and reset over and over again.

Tag Reading:

It is known that on at least one Android device the phone identified the tag as a MiFare Ultralight instead of what it actually is (an NTAG213) as can be seen in the picture above. While the information included in the picture can be forward and the key can be found from this info, the app was not able to use the password due to the device identifying the tag as the wrong type. In this case the tag was taken to a different device where the key was then used successfully. If your device identifies the tag incorrectly be warned it may not be able to use the key to read and rewrite the tag. You may need another Android device or something else like an Arduino and NFC shield to read and rewrite.

Locked Pages:

When the last 4 digits of Page 2 reads as follows:

[02] : XXXXF8FF

This means that pages 3 to 15 of the tag are irreversably locked and can't be rewritten. So, Page 8 which has the color/temperature setting can't be reset. And pages 10 (0A in hex) and 11 (0B in hex) which has the original reel length can't be increased. Page 20 (14 in hex) has the length left on the reel, so that can be reset if your tag has been locked. At this time we have been unable to successfully rewrite pages 20 to 23 (14 to 17 in hex) in a way that the printer does not get an unrecognized spool error. I would recommend trying a different tag and seeing if it has all pages unlocked and sending the info for that tag to get that tag key.

This situation has only been encountered one time. All other known tag reads have shown values of 0000 for the last 4 digits of Page 2 meaning none of the pages 3 through 15 are locked.

Step 4: Enter the Key

One the main screen in the top right corner select the key icon.

Step 5: Select NTAG21X

Select the NTAG21X from the list.

Step 6: Add a Key

In the top right corner click on the key with plus sign.

Step 7: Enter the Key

You can enter anything for the name for the key. Enter the key in the password area just 8 digits no spaces.

Step 8: Turn on the Key

Make sure after entering the key that in the main key screen the key you are using is the only one active.

Step 9: Reading the Card With Key

Once back at the main menu again select the NTAG Option.

Step 10: Reading the Authenticated Card

Once in the read screen ensure that the box next to Authenticate is checked and then place your tag where it can be read and it will read the entire content of the tag and output it as shown in the picture. At this point you should be able to write using the boxes at the top of the screen to change the information on the tag.

The second line has the PACK it is a 4 digit number. This is the number I request when giving you the key. In order to continue with the effort, in the hopes of one day creating usable tags from blanks we need to figure out how the PACK is calculated, so the bigger the data set the better chance we have or figuring it out. That is why I ask for the PACK to get a significant sample size to look for the pattern.

Step 11: Values to Reset

Page 8 has the color and extrusion temp in it. It is the 5th and 6th digit of number. Right now only 2 temperatures are known 191 and 210, so in the pic are the codes for each. Temp appears to be set by color, so changing the color is the only way to change the temp.

Page 08: 5A505000 For Green and 210 Degrees

Page 08: 5A504500 For Olivine and 190 Degrees

Page 0A and 0B set the original spool length reset these values to the default 200 m value.

Page 0A and 0B: 400D0300

Page 14 has the Remaining Length on the Reel and this should be reset to the default 200 m value.

Page 14: 400D0300

Pages 15, 16 and 17 change as the reel is used and are most likely just countdowns that are used as a checksum of the length. These should be reset to the default values.

Page 15: 081F3154
Page 16: 50B1E0CE

Page 17: 52E74F76

If you run into trouble start by trying a different color setting in Page 8. If that doesn't work change all pages 8 to 17 hex to the values that match the picture.

Leave a comment if you have questions or send me a message.

Step 12: Known Temp Color Pairs

Page 8 - Byte 3 is the color/temp

5A 50 4B 00


Step 13:

In page 8, all possible color settings found while plugging and chucking, on firmware 2.2.0. Again Page 8 3rd byte

5A 50 42 00

























52 RED









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3 Questions


Did anywone solve the problem with a davici jr 1.0 3in1?

I have followed all of the instructions for resetting the Page values on my NFC Chip (da vinci mini w) - and every time i try and print using other filament with this it comes up and gives me an error message "Cartridge cannot be recognized, replace with Genuine xyzprinting cartridge". however it lets me load the 3rd party filament on that chip no problem. AND i've successfully printed with this filament with the normal Black xyz PLA spool no problem.....don't know what i'm missing here. any thoughts would be appreciated. thank you!!!

I am facing the same problem, did you find a solution??

are you still providing passd for nfc chips


For the key, I found an app (nfcxyz) on play store. I will look forward to make an app that this will all change with one click.

i have followed all the steps but when i change page 14 from 00000000 to 400D0300 it says unidentified spool and when i change it back to 00000000 it is normal i dont know what i have done wrong the system version is 1.0.3 and the printer is a davici jr 1.0 3in1

1 reply

Same problem, looks that there is another type.

I checked, that possible value is: 0xFF010300 for page 0x14 (~197m). Not possible to set more - i don't find out why.

For the key, I found an app (nfcxyz) on play store. I will look forward to make an app that this will all change with one click.

1.buenas hise todo me cambio a 200 mtrs pero ahora me pone no identifica carrete que puede estar pasando

buenos dias exelente los aporte hise todo muy lindo lei mucho algo se aprende lo unico que me pasa es que me le el chip pero me dice que no tiene configuracion el carretel como que no me lee los metros 1.

asked me o buy something from google play what now?

would this device work?

I can report that a Samsung galaxy trend 2 does not recognize the NTAG as a NTAG but instead a Mifare Ultralight C and therefore the key didn't work. It can however read the first 8 lines unauthorised which can be used to generate a password but you will need another phone to authorise it and write on the tag.

With my friends newer phone it did work! Got my password from:

an ebay web site shows "sold out".

i can't get a key no longer?

i have one more question.

can i use this key to da vinci mini w with firmware 1.1.7?

Does anyone have a list of which colour codes are which temperature?

My printer seems to be the picky one that will not let you re-use a colour code, not recognising the card if you try it. I have a filament spool that seems to want a higher temperature but the code I'm on in the list (37-Sun Orange) is 191C. So the other question would be that if I were to go and try different colour codes without doing a print from them (just loading the spool and see what temp the head hits) would this "use up" that colour code and mean I couldn't use it again in the future?

The photo is this


Can i have the code for reset the nfc tag
I leave you a photo

1. How do I check firmware? I "think" mine is 2.3.1?

2. I have downloaded the app and. An read the tags, can I write/reset them?

3. I am not at all clear from the instructable how I put in the password and write to the tag. Can you elaborate?

4. There are a LOT of comments of things working and not, quirks, limits on reset, etc. can you summarize the current status?

5. How do I buy? The link to the eBay item shows as sold.

Ok I got my key and every time I try to write to the card it gives me a action failed message. What do I do to fix this?

1 reply

Same here, never got a good solution. :-(

Does not work with My Samsung S7Edge
Poor support.
Money lost in my case.

#the ebay auction has ended, is there any other way to buy ?

1 reply

helpful folks on soliforum are giving away key for free now.

Does this also work with the new da Vinci Mini w? I think they use the same spools but the Firmware might be different. Does anyone know?