Xbee Quick Setup Guide (Arduino)





Introduction: Xbee Quick Setup Guide (Arduino)

This instructable will help you be able to make your xbee work with your arduino. An Xbee is a small transceiver that sends our serial data that is fed into it. It is very helpful in wireless matters, like data from surveillance, RC toys and more. But if you need to set up an Xbee model, after you know how to do it, its is as easy as 1,2,3. 

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Step 1: You Will Need

Xbee Shield
Xbee to computer serial

Step 2: Hardware

Get your Xbee and put it in your shield and put your shield on the Arduino. Plug the Arduino into your computer, and  plug the computer to Xbee adapter into the computer as well.

Step 3: Send Serial From Arduino

Get one of the sample programs that sends serial data to the computer and upload it to the arduino board.

Step 4: Digi Program

Install X-CTU from Digi and open it up. Select the com port the xbee to computer adapter is on then press test/query. If it says that you are connected to it in any way then go to the "terminal" tab. See if you see the Arduino's serial. If you do not, switch the modules and see if it works. (X-CTU can be downloaded from this link: http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=3352&osvid=57&type=utilities)

Step 5: Done

This was a simple quickstart guide of how to use an xbee with arduino. Thanks If you have any questions ask in the comments section.



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it would be better if you upload the code,that you have used.

my project is wireless electronic notice board using arduino and zigbee.I have 2 arduino uno boards,2 xbee s2,lcd,10k potentiometer.Transmitter-laptop,arduino,xbees2.Receiver-Xbees2,arduino and lcd. I have to transmit a message from transmitter to receiver. please send the transmitter and receiver code.

thank you

I'm unable to understand properly the screenshot including the code, it would have been awesome if zoomed screenshot was captured or if code was copy pasted over here.

how to communicate two ardiuno using zigbee?????????????

thank you for your effort ... but i'm not understant all of information about the x-ctu .... i'am interested fot this becaus my graduation project .. thank you

i have two xbees ( S2B) and arduino uno , one xbee connected to arduino and another xbee connected to computer by xbee explorer and usb cable ...i want send data from arduino xbee to computer xbee , can i appear data on serial monitor of arduino ? if no , where data appear


Thanks for the gude, I have a question, how can I send 5 different analog signals from an Arduino UNO to another one?

You first use the ADC on the Arduino (p = analogRead(A0);) Then you serialize the data. (Serial.print(p, ",");) With that the data is sent to the other arduino and that data can be used for any data processing that you need to do.