Xbox 360 to Xbox One Headset DIY Conversion (Turtle Beach)

Picture of Xbox 360 to Xbox One Headset DIY Conversion (Turtle Beach)
This is a quick and simple way to use your old headset for Xbox 360 on Xbox One
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Step 1:

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Collect all the tools you will need for this project. You will also need the 2.5mm controller patch cable from your old headset, and the new headset from your Xbox One.

Step 2:

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Disassemble your new Xbox One headset, or simply cut the cable near the mic/speaker.

Step 3:

Cut one end off of the the small headphone cord from your Xbox 360 Headset.

Step 4:

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Strip the wires so you can clearly separate and identify each one for both cables. There will be 3 wires from the 360 cable (Red, White and Gold [or Green, Red and Gold]) and 4 wires from the Xbox One Cable (Blue, White, Black and Gold).

Step 5:

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XB1 color connections.jpg
Splice the wires in the following Xbox360 - XboxOne pairs:
White - White
Red - Blue
Gold - Black & Gold

Or (with newer Xbox360 Cables)

Gold-Black & Gold

Step 6:

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Keep the wires separated and gently wrap them with electrical/duct tape. Then enjoy your new adapter cable!
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it worked flawlessly the modification was easy didnt cost anything to do and the first wireing job had no echo and mt friends heard me and i heard them as clear as a bell, i would upload pictures but for somereason the uploader isnt working

it worked flawlessly the modification was easy didnt cost anything to do and the first wireing job had no echo and mt friends heard me and i heard them as clear as a bell, i would upload pictures but for somereason the uploader isnt working

koranny.T1 month ago

Im trying to save $30 with doing this but i got the wires shown on both male cord and xbox one head set wire my turtle beach talk back wire is the Green, Red and Gold, i followed the instructions and i get nothing my friends do not hear nor do i here them with it plugged in some help would be nice !

Still get echo when swapping black and blue wires same thing plz help
Casitie2878 months ago

it work if u need help just ask me

Casitie2878 months ago

it work very good with the black part it is so but fun and better

Has anyone figured out how to fix the echo problem? If so, could you please let me know.

Swap blue for black (or vise versa). And read through as I've posted this loads now! The blue cable works for some, the black cable for others. Don't connect the other to gold just tape it up.
gharig9 months ago
i got it hooked all up an works good but theres a echo my friend say when they talk to me any toughts why
Kemaleon gharig9 months ago
Swap black wire for blue wire. (I feel like I'm repeating myself?) Give it a go and let me know if it works, worked for me.
To be clear, did you do blue and gold to gold, or just gold to gold with blue disconnected?
Blue disconnected. The blue and black are both technically outputs NOT one ground. But only one carries the correct 'Mono' signal. Thats how I understand it but can't give a full explaination. My theory on Black/Blue working for different people is the Yamaha sound processor programming. These headsets were made in many different places so they arent all the same. Good luck.
blackghost made it!9 months ago

I also used the black wire instead of blue and mine works perfectly. I also preformed a controller update in the settings ( which u need to do if u buy the actual adapter ) Not sure if that allows the two wires to be grounded together or not because I left the blue wire unconnected

To be clear, you still did gold to gold, yes?
mwilliams1049 months ago
I have X11s and can barely hear anyone. Got chat volume turned all the way up.
xxurdonexx1 year ago
I need some help. I followed your steps above and chose to simply cut the cable as opposed to opening up the Xbox One chat headset. I followed the instructions perfectly and the Xbox One is not picking up my voice. I have the Astro A50 headset. On the Xbox 360, it connected from the headset to the 360 controller with a male to male 2.5mm cable. I wired it using your "newer Xbox 360 cables" list of "Red-White
Gold-Black & Gold"
Help me please
now i get chat audio by disconnecting the black cable from the "gold". they can hear me and i can hear them. except now i'm getting a pulsating noise in my hear and the people in the party can hear it too. not sure how to correct it.
DragonballZ Deep (author)  xxurdonexx1 year ago
solder the wires
would u have any ideas on why it workss fine but when friends chat they echo
Kemaleon gharig9 months ago
I had this, used the black wire instead of the blue and it works beautifully.

i also used the black wire and it works perfect

but i did do a xb1 controller update, which ur supposed to do if u get the xb adapter. i think it might internally disconnect the blue wire , just an idea tho

i soldered them today. i can hear people and they can hear me except the there is a pulsating noise (like a heartbeat) that i can hear as well as the people in my party. so, still not working.
DragonballZ Deep (author)  xxurdonexx1 year ago
you didnt solder the wires while they were still connected to the controller/headset... did you? because that would be bad. if not, that sounds like shorting between dirty contacts, clean off the wires better, fan them apart, intertwine then strands, then twist them all together, that should help you get a better connection on your splice. i may have to make a video on how to splice headphone wire.
i did not solder the wires while it was connected to either the controller or headset.i cleaned them as much as possible according to your directions. i even cut off the connections and starting with new ones. i have enough experience to know that i twisted them well and soldered them properly. not sure what to do from here. i have read that other Astro A50 owners have gotten it to work, but i have been unable to at this point without that pulsating sound.
DragonballZ Deep (author)  xxurdonexx1 year ago
maybe it has nothing to do with the wire, maybe you are getting interference from your XB1, try moving the headphone base around to a different place
moved it just now. didn't make a difference. the pulsating noise starts as soon as i try to say something into the mic. are there any astro a50 owners that have gotten this to work with the chat cable that comes with the a50?
Baxbag xxurdonexx11 months ago
I think the pulsating sound is due to your Xbox kinect picking up the sound of your voice. Try to unplug your Xbox kinect or turn it off.
Try swapping the blue cable out, and the black cable in. Worked for me.
DragonballZ Deep (author)  xxurdonexx1 year ago
did you have the red, green, black and gold braided wires? did you burn off the color coating and wipe/scratch the wires clean? if not, you didnt make a good enough contact. this will also cause echo. its is best to solder the wires.
i had those color wires. i wiped the wires with tissue and rubbing alcohol before twisting them however, they did not seem to clean very well. And now my mic isn't picking up anything when i talk... Worked on it for two hours.
DragonballZ Deep (author)  xxurdonexx1 year ago
burn all 7 wires, not just the colored ones, until they glow red for a split second. do not burn them all the way down to the heavy black insulation. then after it cools down, pinch the wires between your finger nails, and pull the cable out of your pinch, that is the most effective way to remove the carbon particles.
just tried your suggestion. didn't work. the cable that goes from my headset to the controller has a reg, green, and gold wire. i connected the red to the xbox ones white. the green to the xbox ones blue. and the gold to the xbox ones gold and black. as of now, my voice is not being picked up at all and i can't hear chat either.
gharig9 months ago
maybe if i solder them to idk i just want to fix this echo if i can
gamerhg10 months ago

Has anyone tried this for the DXL1s and could you tell me which to connect because i think they are different

dmurray1310 months ago
TBPX 21 OWNER ...hi have you used an old xbox 360 elite headset as this has the exact matching wires as the new xbox one headset. I had a local electronic repair shop desolder the original wires and reattach the 360 wires everything worked ok I could hear people though slightly quieter than usual. Unfortunately though my mic wasnt lighting up in party chat. I took the xbox one volume/mute control apart to have a look and the guy has soldered the white mic cable and the black ground cable the wrong way round. has anyone else done this mod wiring it the correct way to the board so i can tell the dude yo swap the wires round or would I be better taking it back along with the px21 original xbox 360 chat lead. any would be appreciated.Thanks
Proper soldering worked perfectly
trueblue0510 months ago

can anyone help

one wire has five wires which are green, blue , looks like red/green, red, copper, thats my 360 x12 wire

the other is copper, copper in white, blue, black xbox one wire

which wires go to what on each cable

any help would be great


Hi, did you find your answer because I have the same x12 with 5 wires? Thanks

k-e-n-o10 months ago

can anybody help me:( i took apart the xbox one mic and was soldering my astro a40 wires there is only 3 wires white , red and copper .by a mistake i burnt away the solder on the ground connection and was wondering is there any of ground i can solder to ?thanks

jmartin9611 months ago
Hey man, awesome guide, thanks! I'm a tech guy, but haven't done a lot of mic/audio cable work in the past, so I have one question before I start snipping - I have a Tritton headset with an in-line audio control which has a 3.5 mm jack. This jack takes a male cable at one end and goes to the old 360 connector at the other. I'm guessing this will work exactly the same as your guide (just with possible color differences) but let me be sure - is there something special about a 2.5mm plug, or should this guide also work with a 3.5mm cable?
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