Picture of Xbox 360 Controller and console organizer
(v. 1.0) please dont be harsh, this is my first instructable

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base
Just look at the pictures
Vynash5 years ago
Dude! this is awesome!!!

I want a x-box so bad!
DJ Radio Vynash5 years ago
Don't bother, all the good games on it are rated M and I don't think you can get those games if your mom won't let you on youtube.
There a games like Lost planet 2 and ghost recon advanced warfighter,etc. that are good and rated T
also skate 2 and 3 those are awesome
Vynash DJ Radio5 years ago
I've beaten halo 3 (when my brother was living here) but i wouldnt buy all m games id get dragon ball z etc
You really need one
Yes, yes I do =P
i need to make this for my 360 lol. 5*
sanchit1235 years ago
This is really good!!! But I modded it a bit for two controllers only and a wired headset.
arb1ter5 years ago
Nice normally knex racks look stupid and childish but this isn't to bad
spricer9885 years ago
 i like it ... but dont the rods and connecters scratch the console 
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
this is nice!
 not to be mean but this is kinda really bad. its extremely weak. i have my own that i made and its shell is super thin and solid. if you push the xbox over in urs it will fall and the pieces will snap apart like crumbs. and i made a controller holder that fits the grooves of the handles 100% perfectly. ill post an instructable i guess...
oh and can you give me some pics of that holder so that i may incorporate it in things to come (with your name in the instructable of course)
Thank you for being honest, i knew that it was unstable and flimsy but that is because some people want some knex left over after a project and that was one of my main driving forces.  i will make it stronger and more durable so dont worry this was my first and it definitely wont be my last.

DJ Radio5 years ago
Wouldn't this overheat the plastic and make it melt?
I doubt it'd get hot enough to melt plastic.
Then why do they make a "360 cooler" accessory that is supposed to cool the 360 down?
The case of the xBox is made from plastic, so is Knex.

Its like a laptop, it needs a fan so the internals dont get too hot to work, but it doesnt get hot enough to melt plastic:

"Plastic melts at around approximatley 250-300 degrees, pretty hot if you ask me"

An xBox reaches no such temperature, therefore, will not melt the plastic.
I doubt that they're made from the same plastic.
~KGB~5 years ago
 and i also have a game rack