Step 6: Deleting the Scratches (Optional)

In case you want to keep that center bar with out a decal I can make all of those scratches disappear!

First is (if you haven't already) to select just the middle bar and deselect the HDD characters.

Grab the stamp tool (Its difficult to find on the tool bar) alt and click a place that doesn't contain a scratch on the center bar. Then like airbrushing, spray on the stamp. if you start seeing edges or lines while pasting, alt + click again on a different spot (away from edges and lines) and paste from where you stopped.
very nice, but could you upload the template directly to this site, because im on a ''monitored' pc, and sites are blocked and stuff like that,<br /> i'd be greatful, im sure others would too
&nbsp;i am going to make it for my entire xbox 360. it is going to red tiger from modern warfare 2!
&nbsp;That sounds awesome! Good luck!
Awsome, just which size do we print it?
The template is the size of the HDD so as long as you didn't resize it in Photoshop, it should print out as the right size.
That's so cool!<br/><br/>Agreeing with joejoerowley, they <em>would</em> make great gifts.<br/><br/>Maybe you can make an Instructables Robot one...<br/><br/>Nice job, +1 rating.<br/>
thanks! I'll make one up right now!
The Instructable HDD is up on the last page
That one looks a bit funky.<br/><br/>Maybe try this one out!<br/><br/><sub>(Resize the image if needed.)</sub><br/>
Cool! Great Instructable! I bet they would make good gifts. Thanks Joe

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