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Introduction: Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack Tear Down

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Do you own a Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack that was went dead? And you want to replace the rechargable batteries or try to shock them back to life ?
-- OR --
Do you just wanna see what's inside one?

Well I'm gunna show you how to tear one of these battery packs apart.

PS: This is my first Instructable so bare with me!

Step 1: Step 1. Tools and Materials Required!

Here is the very small list of tools required!
1. Utility Knife
2. Small straight screw driver
1. Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack

Step 2: Step 2. Cutting It Open.

Now I know this seems like a brutal way to get one of these open.
But I tried heating it with a blow drier for about 10 min and a Heat gun at work (SMT rework tool). And I either ended up melting the case or getting no where. Since Microsoft decided to glue / cement the battery pack case shut.

Anyways there is a seem on the center of the sides you just cut down the sides

Step 3: Final Step. Here Are the Insides.

Well After cutting all the way around the seem this is what you get!



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    It's funny I decided to take one of these apart earlier. I was using an Exacto knife, and a small flat head screw driver. After cutting the glue lines I began gently prying. It wasn't popping open, and not wanting to break it I decided to drop it a few times, and it really helped break it loose. My whole point being that there is some truth to Addmix's statements.

    It is much easier to throw at a wall to open simple

    Now I feed bad that I threw away the bad battery that came with mine. It was supposed to stack with the one from my play and charge kit.

    Next time one dies...I will know what to do!

    You can actually reuse these batteries... My Battery Pack stopped recharging so i tore it down and relized these are just regular rechargeable AA batteries... and i have an old charger for rechargeable AA or AAA batteries so i popped them inside it and plugged it in and sure enough it charges them and they still hold a charge for quite a long time

    so I can just order batteries with the 1.2VDC 2100mah specs and replace the ones in the pack now? Any tips on soldering the batteries so I don't ruin them (rookie solderer here).

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    Well, actually you can use any rechargeable AA's! the Mah number just stands for how long it will last on one charge, the larger the number, the better, of course, it would take longer to charge, but who doesnt want a longer battery life?! also, when soldering a battery, i usually take some sand paper, and get a good rough surface on them, for the solder to stick to! dont worry too much, it wont ruin them! it would burn your hands before it got too hot for itself!

    Uhhh, nah. Check if the batteries you want to put in the pack are NiMH or NiCd. If you put the wrong type in they will melt. Make sure the type matches the original. The ones in these pictures are NiMH.

    how are the batteries attached? is that what the little green thing is part of?

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    I went to a local battery shop they swapped cells to NIMH 1800 Mah, yes its less but it should get more life cycles. Cost less then 6$

    I was going to do an instructable on this but I see you have it covered.

    I'd just add that you can purchase the exact batteries that you are taking out; for those who are nervous. Google: GP nimh aa rechargable battery, and you'll come up with GP's Recyko Line. Same battery just marketed to the public.

    Also this might not be terribly cost effective since you can pick up a new pack at gamestop for about 12 dollars US and the cheapest I could find the batteries to replace it was about 7 dollars US

    for those who are interested in more info on the batteries:

    GP Recyko NiMH Pre-Charged Rechargable 1.2V, 2100mAh, AA Batteries (4-Pack)
    Part Numbers BYGPRAA4, GP2100AAHCB2EW4, GP210AAHCB-E4
    UPC 4891199089190


    So do the two halves stick together again? Or do you have to reglue the sides?

    i think there is a difference between the play and charge battery and the normal charge on a stand one is there not?  which one is this? and if i wanted to connect it to somthing else like a broken 2nd xbox controller connector... what pins are being used for the + and the - so i can complete a curcit for an LED? 

    I took mine apart, and realized a couple things. 1) My batteries look dark green, and dont have any numbers/writing on them. 2) There are two wires going from the charging contacts to the batteries sealed with something white. It broke off. Could that be the reason that my charging no longer receives a charge?

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    I believe that will be the temperature sensor, on the pictures it appears to be on the main board, but in my battery unit (uk) it is on long black wires and placed between the battery's and the outer case. Did you ever solve the non charging issue?

    I would actually buy 2 NiMH Sanyo Eneloops (almost double the capacity), they wouldn't discharge as fast.

    can you help? i need to know what pin is the ground on the battery pack shown in the picture.. my AA battery pack leaked acid and melted the ground connection on the PCB, now it wont turn on as i dont have a completed circut. i was hoping to connect the AA pack to the ground pin that your image shows and hope that works. i might not be able to check this site again for a while so could you email me ur answer to thank you

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that say 2100mah, not 1200mah?

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    Well thanks for the information I just took apart a dead battery pack and in the process of replace the dead cells with new ones.