Xbox 360 Ring of Death Fix





Introduction: Xbox 360 Ring of Death Fix

This is a fix if your getting the 3 red lights on your xbox 360 this is a hardware failure and overheating fix...



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    Success at last!!! Do not be scared to dig into your machine! (If the warranty has run out) Mine looks like a beaver chewed on the back for awhile its been opened and closed so many times! (the hardest part is openng and closing the cabinet!) The bolt fix never worked for me but I just bent the x-cross's that hold the GPU and heat sink abit more. Did everything according to the video but after heat up I left it in the steel cabinet and then tightened down the 8 screws that hold the cross's into the steel cabinet. When you get it apart you'll see what I mean. Let it cool down for an hour, put it back together, and game on!! YAH!! I did use a good helping of nexxtech heat sink compound when I put the heatsink and GPU back on though. Xbox 360 is tough! The mother board has seen printer head cleaner, a couple of blasts of ether (starting fluid) Damp paper towel and not very kind handling! Don't get too carried away though! lol Long live xbox 360!!!

    yes, they are durable aren't they? mine was set fire to and the only thing that messed up was the cd tray, and the eject button is useless now, doesn't work. it had to have been on fire for a while too, almost burned down a camper (drunk guy lit a candle and then went to slepp)

    well it worked but, I didn't apply do thermal compound and left on do x-clamp it showed 2 red lights after a while .then i cooled it 4 an hr.wen i put it on 2 red keeps appering, wats ur advise on dis?

    if you get an answer besides send it in i'd really like to know one of my three xbox's (one rrod, one that overheats instantly-two red lights- and a working one) has that issue, probably cause it was literally on fire, had to replace the disc drive, swapped PCB out for my old one since they were the same model drive, and turn it on and less than thirty seconds it flashes two red lights, gonna try this on it, since i cant mess it up anymore than it is now

    okay so i have a question. i did everything in the tutorial and i got 4 flashing lights and it shut off. any help?

    4 red rings indicates that you AV cable is disconnected if that is not it then you have a super rrod

    or the graphics card is not working correctly

    My xbox had the 3 red lights and I decided to fix it by removing the x-clamps and replacing them with screws, long story short I scratched the motherboard just slightly, twice. The console still gives me 3 red lights, does this mean that I didn't mess up the motherboard (I assumed I'd get 4 red lights then)?

    four lights is most likely the AV cables aren't plugged in, or the graphics card is shot, two is overheating, one is E74, or E73 idr what one, three is of course the infamous RROD

    BTW can I still send it to microsoft without having to pay for a whole new console?