Introduction: Xbox 360 Slim & Regular Liquid Cooling

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Liquid Cooling is a type of cooling for a cpu. CPUs are the brain of any device or electronic but can get hot and require cooling. Liquid cooling is very good for hot cpus, but hotter requires Liquid Nitrogen but is a time consuming task. Today were gonna be doing Liquid cooling . This works on Slim and Regular but the pictures shown are from a 360 Slims board. Once your ready to get started go to the next step!


Step 1: Getting Prepared and Started

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Before we begin...


Okay now that thats out of the way lets get started :). So your gonna need a set a tools for this(links below). Most kits are cheap anyway. Choose your own liquid cooler(recommend brands below).And by doing this you should be familiar with taking apart a Xbox or have some experience doing this kind of stuff, if not go check out some videos on how to take apart one. Make sure your careful when doing this, you can easily break a circuit if your not carefull or rip a cable.

One your console is apart and the motherboard can be scene , we can go to the next step!

Thermal Paste(choose whatever):;_type=title&placement;_id=irs_top&strategy;=PWVAV&visitor;_id=64030125271&category;=0%3A3944%3A3951%3A1073804%3A1023543&client;_guid=c58aab56-4e29-4e24-afd1-4cc447a447fe&config;_id=2&parent;_item_id=20449153&guid;=4fb79497-0623-4b21-a1e0-92374c540627&bucket;_id=irsbucketdefault&findingMethod;=p13n

Brands for cooler(Pricey)(recommend to measure the width to see which cooler fits! Check voltage aswell):
Cooler Master

Step 2: Finding the CPU

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Now again if you have experience you obviously know that the fan is what were going to be taking off. Now be careful. Once its off , if any thermal paste is left REMOVE IT, you can do this with a credit card or something that wont scratch the surface. This is just like putting on a heat sink for a computer(if you have done it).

Step 3: Putting the Liquid Cooler On

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Now the last step is putting the cooler on.
PLAN AHEAD: Now putting it on isnt tricky, but plan where you want to put it. Obviously its gonna need some space(unless you can find a good one inside the case). I recommend putting the fans on the side(the vents) or somewhere. It is good to make a vent for the fan so the whole system is cooled. Also make sure theres no leaks!.

Put it on: Now putting it on, take your thermal paste and put a dot on the heatsink (copper part as seen in the picture). Make sure you spread it well or you will experience heating errors, same for too much thermal paste. You can spread it with a credit card but nothing that can scratch it! Once on make sure you secure it, dont make holes where ever just so its secure , check for wiring or anything and use the screws that came with it and make sure it doesnt fry the motherboard! One done you basicly good , you can put the fans where ever and put water in(CHECK FOR LEAKS BEFORE!) .


LownIgnitus (author)2014-01-23

please please use isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth to clean the cpu... a credit card is not a good choice....

imodfrenzy (author)LownIgnitus2014-01-24

Yes , but credit cards are non conductive nor will scratch it.

imodfrenzy (author)2014-01-22

Depending in what cooler you have means it might have a different power source so I do not list this

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