Xbox 360 Slim WiFi Antenna Modification





Introduction: Xbox 360 Slim WiFi Antenna Modification

Need to get a better signal from your Xbox 360 Slims Wifi Antenna? Adding another antenna will dramatically improve your Antenna signal receiving strength.

Please comment on this tutorial or leave a video of the results you get.

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Step 1: Remove Xbox 360 Slim Wlan Adapter

Remove you Xbox 360 Slim Wlan adapter. If you need help with this use a crowbar, sledge hammer, or whatever (google ) to find and remove your wlan adapter. If you can't do this, then you can;t do the rest.

Step 2: Remove Xbox 360 Slim Factory Antennas

After removing your WiFi adapter. Remove the factory installed antennas (2)

Step 3: Install NEW Antenna on Xbox 360 Slim Wlan Adapter

Solder the new antenna socket. I used the Capacitor Side of the trace. Be sure to remove both antennas. 

Step 4: Mount External Antenna on Xbox 360 Slim Case

Mount External Antenna on Xbox 360 Slim Case

Step 5:

Enjoy Neighbors Wifi



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    My WI-Fi tower antenna arrived without the cd disc for using it. Is it possible to find this through your contacts? Will appreciate any help,

    Does it have to be an antenna from a wireless router to work or is there room for innovation something like an old satellite antenna.

    I am trying to find an email link for you, but can't. I do not have model #1399. Mine is model #1400. Do you know how to mod this one?

    If you need help with the mod email me or leave a comment and i will answer it here.

    Okay so I readjusted the not be offensive

    I don't think five year olds are looking up how to do stuff on this website.

    Thank you for the support. I chose to take it off though. "Please one gain one., Offend one lose many."

    This is a family site. I would think that image text in Step 5 is offensive and adds no value to your instructable.

    Thank you for the reply. I will take the image off.