Picture of Xbox 360 Wireless Controller carrier
In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a 'LEGO Mindstorms' carrier to hold your wireless xbox 360 controller for you while you walk around, (or if you're just waiting for a game to start and you can't be bothered holding it!)
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Step 1: Photos

Picture of Photos
Here are some Images of me wearing the carrier with an xbox 360 controller in it.

Step 2: 1

Picture of 1
You will need to make the 2 items in the first picture.

The second picture shows the pieces in more detail, before they are put together.

Step 3: 2

Picture of 2
The first picture shows the relevant pieces, the second picture shows how to assemble them.

Step 4: 3

Picture of 3
Add the 2 pieces together that you made in the previous 2 steps, it should look like the image shown here.

Step 5: 4

Picture of 4
Collect the pieces shown in the first image and assemble them as shown in the second image.

Step 6: 5

Picture of 5
Now put the pieces that you have created together in the places shown in the first image, When stood up, it should look like the piece shown in the second image.

Step 7: 6

Picture of 6
Assemble the 4 pieces shown in the first image and assemble them with the other longer piece shown in the second image.

Step 8: 7

Picture of 7
attach these pieces together plus the piece right at the bottom of the image in the centre.

Step 9: 8

Picture of 8
Add the pieces in picture one together to create the item in picture two.

Step 10: 9

Picture of 9
Attach all the pieces together to look like the image shown here

Step 11: 10

Picture of 10
Attach the pieces in image 1 to make the pieces in image 2. then attach these to the pieces in image 3 so that they look like imgage 4. Finaly, add them to the larger piece as shown in image 5.

Step 12: 11

Picture of 11
Cut a small piece of plastic tubing, (this does come with some LEGO Technic and LEGO Mindstorms sets). This piece must fit snuggly between the yellow pices as shown in the second image.

Step 13: 12

Picture of 12
Collect the pieces in image 1 and push them through the carrier in order so that it loks like image 2.

Step 14: Instructable Completed

Picture of Instructable Completed
You have how completed this Instructable! If you don't have all the pieces, just try to improvise. If you have all the pieces and you have made this, good on you. Now you can try it out, go ahead, put your controller in it and walk around your house. as long as the controller isn't wired, you should be able to walk all around your house with the headset plugged in and talk to your friends.

The carrier can be placed over your belt or hang over your pocket if it is big enough. The two rounded pieces should easily fit over the edge of belts etc.

Don't forget, you must insert the controller into the carrier upside down, as I am wearing it in the picture.

IF the carrier keeps breaking (mine doesn't but I'm sure it could with constant use), I would recommend super glueing the pieces together. (That is, of course, if you don't mind not being able to use them again).
kinda cool! did u get REALLY REALLY bored???
BklynDJ5 years ago
I think this instructable is useful for those who have hooks for hands.
wilsonater (author) 7 years ago
so, what do people think about this Instructable, it's my first one and I would like some feedback on the instructions and photos etc.
I like it!
oh, and great pictures!
why cant you just carry it in your hand?
nice photographer!
wilsonater (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
Do i detect a hint of sarcasm there?
no, bright shots! good job, really!
wilsonater (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
oh, well, thank you. i took them in my window with a plain background to get better results.
ah. sweet job. wudja use?
wilsonater (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
its an old fujifilm s304, not a particularly good cameera now but it serves its purpose :)
wilsonater (author)  baneat6 years ago
you never know when your going to have to pull out that xbox 360 controller! nice job!
wilsonater (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic7 years ago
lol, too right
volund7 years ago
I'm going to make one of these to go on my new computer (which will have a 360 controller). I may also make 2 more for my headsets. nice job, very easy and useful.
wilsonater (author)  volund7 years ago
great! and thanks! by the way, if you have a laptop, the carrier will slot over the back of the screen when it's open, if not, you could add some more pieces to make it deeper, then hook it onto your screen. (just an idea for you to toy with).
I'm probably going to extend the top portion of the unit to slot over the top of my thermaltake armor cas :D
Hellchild7 years ago
please tell me the point of this
wilsonater (author)  Hellchild7 years ago
the point, my friend, is that you can carry your beloved xbox 360 controller around the house with you while talking to your friends using the headset. You can quickly go to grab a bite to eat or a drink while continuing to talk to your friends.
ok, now I get it, and now I think that this is pretty cool
wilsonater (author)  Hellchild7 years ago
Now from what I cant see in the pictures It looks like the analog pads may be pushed off of center which can be a bad thing if they are pegged at the extreme edge of there range of movement. If they are pegged you should redesign the holder being as this will destroy the analog pads. other wise cool.
wilsonater (author)  cokebottle tuque7 years ago
the analog aticks are strraight, centred. in fat, they are what make the controller fit snugly into the carrier.
wilsonater (author)  wilsonater7 years ago
*in fact