I'm sure you guys have seen numerous amounts of modded xbox 360 controllers but here is my interpretation of some. Hopefully with this instructable you will be able to mod your own controller to how you like. Unfortunately at the time of typing this I actually have a broken wrist so I have tried to use pictures from the past I have took when modding. I would've liked to do a full step by step guide and enter the gamer comp but by the time I heal the deadline will have probably passed. Oh well here it goes. If you like this please vote for me. Thanks and enjoy!

Step 1: Tools for the Job

So you may have already realised if you have ever been inside an xbox controller that it's pretty fiddly in there, especially for me as I have giant hands. So when selecting the tools for the job I wanted them as small as possible. Luckily there are plenty to choose from! I would say that if you are buying tools from fresh I would personally buy the best I could afford.

So you will need..... A good quality soldering iron and solder. Small pliers and wire snips. Small Philips and flat screwdrivers. A craft knife. A T9 torq driver (you can use T8 also). A hot glue gun. A drill/dremel with 3mm drill bit and maybe a towel to wipe the sweat from your brow when you get stressed!

Oh also a good light source, a magnifier and one of those helping hand rigs (very useful).
<p>I like how you made it its very very very bright!</p>
<p>how did u wire the abxy and the bowtie as well as the thumbsticks. Where did you get the power from?</p>
<p>hey I'm having a bit of trouble so where do we wire up the power from do we take it from the rumble packs? </p>
<p>Hey there. Its been a long time since I've done a 360 controller so I opened one up for you to help. Depending on what type of board you have depends on where to wire up. 'CG' boards are the easiest and you should wire your positive wire to the contact called 'TP3' which is near the battery terminal springs. The negative will go on the spare contact on the transistor assembly. If its a 'MATRIX' board then I think I connected up to a positive point in a similar area. You can wire the positive up to the rumble packs also but the lights will only come one when the rumble motors are running.</p><p>Quick tip for you. Wire up everything apart from the positive wire. Then switch the controller on and just touch the positive wire onto points around the circuit board. You will soon find out which points will work when the lights come on.</p><p>Hope this helps. good luck!</p>
I was selling loads of these in the run up to Christmas last year. People were going crazy for them with some going for &pound;100 each. Then the xbox one came out and it killed the 360 market lol
<p>You should sell these for those who don't quite understand taking apart and putting back together an xbox controller. lol</p>
i definitely will. i don't want to tear up my star wars edition controller but i'll definitely give this a whirl in the near future.
Thanks man you should give it a try
dude, this is the most epic gaming mod i've ever seen! awesome job man!
Yeah go for it. I've found that the controllers are usually not bad to fix when it's the top triggers. You'll have to let me know how you get on. Good luck!
wicked gonna try this on my old pad as the trigger is broke so if I bust it more it's not that much of a loss lol, might try fixing it at the same time, probably wishful thinking

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