Xbox 360 Controller Holder





Introduction: Xbox 360 Controller Holder

About: I like legos alot and im very creative.

A simple created xbox 360 controller holder doesn't exactly hold it perfectly but it holds it.

Step 1: Building the Frame

First you need:

5 red rods
1 gray rod
2 yellow half connecters

put the red rods int the yellow connnectors dianagnal wize
then snap in the gray rod to the front of the to yellow pieces
then put the last red rod into the back of the yellow pieces.

Step 2: Building Supports

The supports are made of:

2 yellow connectors
2 orange connectors
2 white rods
4 red rods

put the red rods on the yellow connecoers then snap the white rods into place in the middle of the yellow connectors the n be carful and put the orange contors on they are reversed be carful

Step 3: Building the Front Holder

to make the front holder you need:

1 gray rod
1 red rod
2 red connectors

snap the gray rod on to both of the red connectors the n do the ame with the red rod

Step 4: Building the Back Holder

to make the back holder you need:

2 green connectors
2 orange connectors
1 red rod

snap the orange connnectors on the ends pointing up the snap the greens on to the red rod

Step 5: Putting It All Together

first snap on the supports then add the front holdder then the back holder

Step 6: Good Your Done

your done now so be happy now your controlers will be sitting high now



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    Yeahh, this is pretty cool =D

    Umm... why do you need a holder for your controllers? A coffe table works just fine...

    ... It only holds one controller? I guess I am out of luck, I have 4 white controllers, the new Halo 3 ODST controller, 2 Modded controllers, and one Green controller that I bought from mexico.. So your saying I need to make 8 of these tiny hunks of plastic?

    to hold the controllers incase you dont already have a holder

    but why do you need a holder, when im playing, I hold my controller, when im not playing, i set the controller down next to the console.

    You asking why is a the waste of time. Ive been looking for a 360 controller holder. Some of us like to keep our entertainment center nice and neat.


    wouldn't it be neater if you didn't have a pile of knex in it?

    its just something to put your controllers on if ever you just want too like the wii remote controller holders etc.

    I made one that holds all four wii controllers of each

    this is good if u dont have alot of money but if u do i seen this stand thing at wall mart for i think $50 -$80 but it holds the 360 like 20 games 4 controllers but it looks like it could tip over easy

    Dang it, I was going to make one of these if there wasn't one already up here. :[ Oh well, yours is nice. Old tutorial is very old, I know and don't care.


    ass, a baby can make this


    nice, I'm going to make this one