Picture of Xbox Classic Essentials!
The purpose of this instructable is to serve as a suppliment to anyone out there that has either soft or hard modded their Original Xbox (read: not the 360). Some parts also apply to Stock (non-modded) Xbox as well (in the case of XBConnect). This will allow you to enjoy your Xbox more fully, and as well you can learn a few tricks and maybe even make some new friends.

Step 1: FTP and what it's all about and how it can help you!

Picture of FTP and what it's all about and how it can help you!
The short, sweet, and simple definition for FTP is File Transfer Protocol, which allows you to have a simple way of transferring files between computers (or in this case, an XBox to your PC and back). With this being said you should get yourself a few essential materials for this.
A Crossover Cable (cheap and can be found at most electronics stores or made if you have the gear)
An FTP Program (i use Flash FXP but whatever flavor you like works)
A modded XBox (mine is softmodded with the tutorial that i published)

If you have XBMC installed as your Dashboard, you can find out your XBox IP address in the settings section (once you have connected your XBox to a PC via Ethernet with a Crossover cable). After you set it to be online (not hard trust me.. if you soft modded your XBox you can do this part yourself). Then simply open your FTP program, then in the section that allows you to set a connection, simply enter the IP address from the XBox (write it down and stick it on a post it on your computer), then enter in 'xbox' for username and password (that is the default UN and Pass for the Xbox). then its a simple matter of transferring the files from the directory on your computer they are saved on to the are on your PC to your XBox they go to usually on the E Drive (under the Dashboard folder for softmods). Then you can load the files in the corresponding subfolders (usually under Plugins, there are ones like Video, Audio, Programs, Emulators etc). You can usually find some of these folders in forums and with simple Google Searches.
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hi i was wondering if you could help,
a while back my little brother got the brilliant idea of hard-restarting my xbox by pressing the power serge button on the power cord, this seems to have damaged the software for reading xbox games. it can read dvds and cds perfectly but if i put in an xbox game it plays the same sequence you get if you put an xbox game in a dvd player.
you wouldn't happen to have any tips on fixing this or maybe a place to find software reset disks? (i've read that you can make reset disks on forum sites but no one seems to want to share how and i cant find the info online) any help would be greatly appreciated.

this is something that i i have never encountered before. it sounds like things either need to be reflashed or the disc may be faulty. it may need to be mod chipped. is your xbox softmodded already? why did he do a hard reset in this manner?
i have softmodded my xbox but it hasn't fixed the problem and i have also checked this against refurbished games(i tried them on mine and then my friends and it worked on his but not mine) he got the idea when the cord got knocked loose while he was trying to load a game and it started first try after he plugged it in, i think coincidence had alot to do with the idea.
i also can not currently mod chip it because i don't have the money to order a chip, and my intentions are to mod my xbox with as little money spent as possible for an amateur like myself. if all goes well i'll have an 'able on soon.

i do have a second question if its not to much of a bother, i'm trying to change to a bigger hard drive and what i've found says that i need a y splitter for the red/black/black/yellow cable attached to the hard drive, is there any major harm in making that cable instead buying it?
ChezPizmo4 years ago
How do I get Windows 7 to recognize my Xbox with crossover cable? I'm having some confusion with the IP addresses.
daiatlus79 (author)  ChezPizmo4 years ago
ok i found this out when i upgraded my pc to win7. you have to go into your network cards properties and set the IP on it manually to something in the same range as your computer's internet connection, and general network and the xbox has to be in the same neighbourhood. so: if your pc has an ip address for its wireless card of, then set the network card to THEN, set the xbox to or the sort (last set of numbers is key). as well remember that in the xbox (XBMC) that you have to set the gateway ip to the same as the network card. then you have to set your homegroup to be non password protected to make it easier. then after that, when you share directories, it is much better to share individual folders, and not whole drives , as it seems even with password protection off, it will prompt for a UN and password with a drive. sharing is as simple as right clicking, going to the properties, then going to the sharing tab. make sure you select sharing with "Everybody". any other questions, simply inbox me!
maxpower496 years ago
do you have to constantly keep your xbox plugged into your computer or can you plug them both into a router
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower494 years ago
i totally missed your comment.. you can use a router.. just make sure you have file sharing activated on your network... makes things easier
it's alright man i already got it figured out
daiatlus79 (author)  maxpower496 years ago
i think you can use a router as long as your sharing is set up correctly... but when you have it hooked into the router after it was direct wired to your computer have it look for the xbox again.. and as well redo your network... just to save on headaches and start off fresh
Great tutorial, I'll be sure to use this in a week or so when I crossover adapter arrives; Thanks in advance.
neivadan5 years ago
man can u just put all that info in just simple terms.
I'd say they're already in pretty simple terms... you just gotta read and keep up.
Using a connection between your xbox and pc, you're allowed to use a pc to transfer files and such onto an xbox with special software installed.
its so hard writing at 6:00 am cause my brain doesnt work well.
Crakur5 years ago

Sharing Media with your PC

that doesn't look like a PC to me my good man
daiatlus79 (author)  Crakur5 years ago
its Windows XP by Johnny.. a remaster.. has a skinning plugin that lets the PC look like most any OS.. XP/Vista/7, Ubuntu/KDE, OSX Leopard/Tiger, and some other custom skins.. and has RT Launcher that mimics the Dock in OSX.. also has Deskspace whick is like Compiz Fusion...
but it is XP (but can run Vista Executables too ;) )
that is beautiful
daiatlus79 (author)  Crakur5 years ago
yeah and it comes with some good programs too... like nero smartsuite, TugZip, an animated wallpaper loader (in HD), and some other goodies.. and AVG preinstalled..
neivadan5 years ago
is ti possible that you can connet your xbox to laptop if possile because one of my pc's are exusted form memory outage?
daiatlus79 (author)  neivadan5 years ago
care to say that again?
neivadan5 years ago
is it possible to mod our xbox's software from a computer or even down load a new one from the internet?
daiatlus79 (author)  neivadan5 years ago
care to elaborate? do you mean do this mod without using the game exploit?  or do you mean the Xbox's original operating system being used on a PC?
Audi0slave5 years ago
again, to play online, do you have to have your comp on?
daiatlus79 (author)  Audi0slave5 years ago
yes, absolutely!  if you are wishing to play system link games via XBConnect, you have to have the host computer on.  without it you will not be able to connect to the internet to 'tunnel' the network game, and you will not be able to connect.  you do NOT have to have a headset or such, but it does help with some games, such as halo 2, or 187 or die.  if you are tryin to play halo 3 on xbconnect and notice that it cannot connect, you arent doing anything wrong.  microsoft has caught on, and has made it so Halo 3 System Link games will not connect if there is any sign of high ping (a sure sign of tunnelling).
Well, what if youre NOT the host?

aslo, just a question, you knew that theyre closing down online halo 2 sometime around april, right? Will that interfere with XBConnect?
daiatlus79 (author)  Audi0slave5 years ago
you do not need to host to be on XBConnect.. as well, as XBConnect uses systemlink, it is not affected by Xbox Live.  Live has nothing to do with XBConnect.  i would suggest you try some of these things, as it would answer your questions a lot faster than i would (i am not near a computer a lot as i am travelling at the moment due to medical reasons)
K then thanx, hope you get better!
daiatlus79 (author)  Audi0slave5 years ago
thank you as well!! and you are welcome.  i will be posting more tutorials soon
Audi0slave5 years ago
wait wait wait....do you have to have your comp on if you wanna play anything on your xbox?
daiatlus79 (author)  Audi0slave5 years ago
no.  only if you are loading disc images over a network, or playing system link games via XBConnect, or sharing media to the xbox.  game play is as it normally would be with an unmodded xbox.
oh, srry, i meant to play media :P
daiatlus79 (author)  Audi0slave5 years ago
you can play media from DVDs on your xbox without needing to have it connected with a pc
neivadan5 years ago
say i wonder if u like mod ur xbox or somthin won't u be banned form xbox live or somthin?
daiatlus79 (author)  neivadan5 years ago
yes... i refer to that in step 3! Microsoft is cracking down on mods in Xbox Live.  it was even announced over CBC Radio's national morning news.. so thats why i show XBConnect... i have never had a Live membership
so there tryin like gettin rid of all the moded xbox's off xbox live?
daiatlus79 (author)  neivadan5 years ago
cpk865 years ago
Is a "crossover cable" just a regular ethernet cable that connects two computers or do you have to buy a certain kind of cable?
Agroking5 years ago
 Hmm, I can't see. Is that just an RJ-45 Lead?
daiatlus79 (author)  Agroking5 years ago
pretty sure it is yeah... also known as a Category 5 cable (in crossover configuration)
 By crossover, you mean an Ad-Hoc connection, right?
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