Picture of Xbox Controller Case Mod
I was watching David Cronenberg's movie eXistenZ the other day and got the itch to make an xbox controller inspired by the game pod in the movie. If you haven't seen it, it's a late '90's film about immersive video games with lots of fab fleshy technology. It's all sticky, bio grossness in that delicious way.

My first attempt was an utter failure in mold making which I documented here. I ended up taking the original polymer clay that I was going to cast and just baked it in order to attach it to the controller. It is heavier, clunkier, and not nearly as refined as I'd hoped, but at least I have a finished product and it actually works. The spine on the D-pad is a bit awkward when playing, but it's really more of a conversation piece than an everyday controller. 

Materials list:
Xbox controller
Polymer Clay
Filler and clear coat
Screw driver

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Step 1: Take Apart the Controller

Picture of Take Apart the Controller
First things first. I took apart the controller removing the screws on the back. If you're using a regulation Xbox controller, one of the screws will be under a sticker behind the battery pack. The ABXY buttons will come out along with the dpad, bumpers, etc. Get a cup and make sure to keep all the bits and pieces, especially the screws.

I left in the circuit board on the back half and did most of the work solely on the cover. I was trying to minimize the chance of breaking the thing before I even got my sculpt on.

Step 2: Sculpt

Picture of Sculpt
First, put some sort of mold release on the surface of the controller. I just used dish soap which worked ok, but I read that baby powder is better. Sculpt directly onto the face plate of the controller understanding that you'll need to remove it from the controller in pieces before baking. The clay is much to thin in hold it's shape as one piece.

Once you have your sculpt, remove it from the controller face and bake it so it hardens. With sculpey, it's about 10 minutes at 275F.

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REllis452 months ago
Did you have trouble doing this? I mean with the controllers being so expensive?
nlenhardt13 months ago
Awesome Where can you get the clay at?
kenyer6 months ago

I wish I could sculpt like that...

Garra231 year ago
freakin amazing....making one as soon as possible....absolutely love it
pjordan1 year ago
That is epic it really reminds me of the game from the movie Existenz
well... yeah, it's mean to. nifty aint' it?
polerix1 year ago
that's just amazing. i am so doing that.... first thing next weekend.
I totally agree with jace1127! This looks so real thatl it's creepy. :-P Love it!!!
jace11271 year ago
omfg as soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew where it was from! One of my favorite movies for sure. I want to mod my ps3 controller now. :)
What about the start and select buttons?
It's an off brand controller (I wasn't gutsy enough to try it on my regular controller) and the start and select buttons are the two white bone strips at the top.
Ha, I had totally forgotten about this movie. It was really good and this is a hilariously perfect reference to it.
Axtklinge1 year ago
Absolutely brilliant.
Awesome. Truly nauseating.
pabsenger1 year ago
looks sooo great!
Advar1 year ago
Sweet! :))
Is a bio-port necessary for use with this controller?
leftmusing (author)  eXtremeSomething1 year ago
Absolutely. I know a guy at a gas station who can install one for you.
Or he could just visit the fish farm and swing by the mall after words. I hear it's no worse than getting your ears pierced.
Don't forget to keep it in a ski boot.
ffcabral1 year ago
I love how you pushed the movie's idea one step forward with making the buttons as teeth, mimicking the popular controller mod of bullet-shaped buttons.
gunguru1 year ago
next, you should build a Glock 17 mod that shoots human teeth!?!?!?!?
Disgustingly awsome dude!
HJosh1 year ago
cool monster:) Yeah! amazingly fine creature, good work
HJosh1 year ago
cool monster:) Yeah! amazingly fine creature, good work
Mcyd_2131 year ago
Very cool! Loved this film, so bizarre ^_^ the fleshy grossness makes this controller awesome ;)
MrE1 year ago
First thing I thought of when I saw this was wow that looks like the gun from existenze.
Creepy!!! Really see the HR Giger inspiration in it.
Delirieuse1 year ago
Well done. It really does remind me of eXistenZ, as well as HR Giger's body horror work. You did a great job, particularly with that cable.
rverdi1 year ago
rofl... me too! Second I saw this in the newsletter, I thought 'existenZ'! Guess you hit your target pretty dead on, there! Very snazzy! Gross! But snazzy! lol
nerdtoob1 year ago
I honestly thoughbof existenZ before I even rwad the description! greatvwork!
This is so amazing!
The umbilical cord is a particularly gross touch, well done... I think?
That thing is so gross looking. I think that was what you were going for. Really keeps the kids from saying "can I play?" Well done leftmusing.
FightCube1 year ago

As a person who has seen that movie so many times, this makes me smile :) I instantly associated it with the movie. Great job!!
JonnyBGood1 year ago
So this is what happens to a controller when you leave it in the sun..... Great job making your bio controller!
poofrabbit1 year ago
This looks so bad donkey! How do you like using it to play games?
(I should add I read about the spine, just wondering about everything else)
leftmusing (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
Thanks! It's not too bad. I had to adjust some of the buttons so they didn't stick, but now they are as responsive as before the build out. It's wired and a bit clunky, so I use it more as a novelty and keep a wireless controller for everyday use.
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