Step 4: Find the LEDs

Now you should be looking at something like this.
See the tiny LED's? They are marked D20, D21, D22, and D23.
HINT: I would take off the joystick nobs otherwise you might accidentally melt them. I am speaking from experience.

Now comes the tricky part. Put your magnifying glasses on and get your soldering iron ready.
Now what you need to do here is quickly touch the soldering iron to one end of the LED. Only hold it there for about a second or two then quickly touch the other end of the LED. Keep alternating like this till it comes off. Repeat with the other LED's you want to remove.
You want to be careful taking the LED's off because you can ruin the board if you leave the soldering iron on the board
A better method is to get a big blob of solder on your iron and wipe it across the LED, the LED should leave the board easily. Try not to apply too much pressure to the pad as they can come off and although not impossible to fix they can be a bit of a swine!

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