Xbox Live on Campus Bypassing Cisco Clean Access Agent

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Introduction: Xbox Live on Campus Bypassing Cisco Clean Access Agent

 Basically some universities have this god awful program called Cisco Clean Access Agent. It forces users to login to a 3rd party client which checks to make sure users are 1) registered to the university servers and 2) checks to make sure users have an up-to-date antivirus. This makes using Xbox 360's Live difficult because one cannot verify that they are a Student. According o some forums, Cisco has the Xbox MAC address already blocked since all Xboxes have similar ID's.

But now there is hope, here is one of a couple ways I got through my universities firewall, muahaha.

First off, log into clean access agent as you would normally. 

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

Now, after logging into the network and having access to the internet, open of the command prompt. Easiest way is to Click Start --> Run --> in the text box type CMD then click OK.

At the command prompt, type: ipconfig /all
This will list all your network identities and settings, hurray.
This picture below only shows a fraction of the networks, don't worry.

Step 2: Copy Necessary Info Into XBox's Network Setting

 Now that the command prompt have you necessary info goto the Xbox's Network setting. 
Xbox Dashboard --> My Xbox --> System Settings --> Network Settings --> Configure Network

Okay, Two Tabs: BASIC and ADDITIONAL Setting ........

Step 3: Basic Settings

Under the basic settings tab, click IP settings --> Manual
First, lets change the IP Address. Looks through the Ipconfig breakdown until you see the line that reads (or something very similar to): 
TPv4 Address . . . . . . . . . .
Click the IP address button on the xbox and type in numbers and dots exactly ( was mine)

Next, goto the Subnet Mask button. On the ipconfig command prompt, find "Subnet Mask":
mine was: 
Subnet Mask . . . . . . .
Enter the number like you did the IP address

Finally, click the Gateway button. Find the default gateway on the ipconfig listing. Ignore the first few lines of gibberish, what you want is the ip-like addres, mine was:
Default Gateway . . . . . . .

Once all three items have been fulfilled, click Done. and move onto the DNS Settings button.
Click DNS Settings ---> Manual--> Primary DNS
Find Primary WINS Server . . . . . . ..
Enter the numbers and dots then click Done, then back.
Now Click Secondary DNS
Find Secondary WINS Server . . . . .
enter the numbers and dots then click Done, then back. Then done to return to then Basin/Additional settings tabs.

Step 4: Additional Settings....

 Ok, now goto the additional settings tab.
Ignore the PPPoE settings and move down to the Advanced Settings and Host Name and click it.
Click: Alternate MAC Address. You can find your alternate MAC address on the ipconfig info, it should be near the top listed under "Physical Address"
Physical Address . . . . . . .: 00-1D-72-4A-D5-9D
Enter the numbers and letters WITHOUT dashes. 

Next, go down to Host Name and enter the name of your computer, which can be found in the ipconfig listing:
Host Name . . . . . . . : Stephen-PC
enter the host name exactly how the prompt shows, i.e. "Stephen-PC" for me.

Almost there.....

Step 5: Test It.....

Now you should be ready to test the network. Click back until you get to the Network Setting view on the Xbox.

Listen carefully, this may be different depending on your school. I am given my own Ethernet outlet for my laptop. So once you have completed the previous steps, unplug your laptop, computer, etc and plug in your Xbox to the Ethernet outlet. Then click "Test Xbox Live Connection."

Remember before using Live, login on your computer/laptop through Cisco, then just switch Ethernet cables.
The unplugging and plugging in is annoying, but hey, Xbox live is worth it. I have a simple Switch (router) so I can run both Xbox and laptop at same time. Every so often, my school gives me a new Ip Address, so if one day Xbox doesn't sign into live, go through the steps and update the info. 



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    You should try this same process with a cheap router such as a linksys befsr41 or similar... You can often find these at second hand stores for about 5 dollars used. Just copy your MAC address onto the router.

    The possible upside to this is the the network may not every ask you to "re-authenticate" your computer since the router will always be on and connected.

    Another upside is that you can have the xbox and computer connected at the same time, both will always look like one computer is connected. As well, if the authentication does time out, you simply re-authenticate with your laptop and continue on as normal. No more unpluging things.

    Good luck, but certainly worth a shot and much simpler. :)

    I was wondering if you or anyone else would now how to do this same process on a Mac? Or if this would work the same way if I was to run it through Windows on Bootcamp?

    Although my uni does not use this, I have read that you can ask your IT department to add the MAC address of your Mac(intosh) to a white list. They should do this for Linux users too (even if you happen to secretly dual-boot Windows). If not then you must defend your right of choice and complain to everyone and everything.

    To answer your actual question: All the CCAA does is tell the server that the computer who uses this MAC address is clean and allowed to use the network so dual-booting Windows to run it will validate your machine and you can run OSX with network access. Depending on the server's retention period you may only have to boot Windows once a week or less.