Xbox One 2.5mm Headset Adapter

As everyone knows the Xbox one does not currently have an adapter for using older headsets.  So what can we do.  We can make one out of the existing headset supplied with the system.

I tested it with Astro A40's and it works great

A bit of extra info

How hard is this to do?
If you can solder this is pretty simple.  If you can't, well it's still simple.

**********For those who originally tied the black and bare wire, please desolder the black wire and tape it up.  It should not be used in this configuration.  It's providing 1V and I was essentially shorting it to ground, which caused my battery to drain rather fast.

thanks to turbotboz for this info.

Schritt 1: Items Needed

Here's what you need

- Official Xbox One Headset
- 2.5mm Stereo Inline Jack (Mode Electronics 24-271-1 or similar) It cost about $2 from my local electronics parts store
- Soldering Iron
- Solder
- Torx T5 or T6 screwdriver depending on headset. Some were installed with T5 and others T6
- Hot Glue Gun (optional)

Schritt 2: Headset Teardown

Technically you can just cut the wire and solder it to the connector but I wanted to keep the strain relief that was part of the wire
You can follow the pictures, they should be in order
1) Remove the foam from the earpiece (it's like a sock that slips over the earpiece)
2) Remove the 3 T6 screws from the earpiece and pull off the black plastic piece that the screws were holding
3) Remove the heat shrink that is on the exposed bare wire, and the heat shrink in the white wire
4) Carefully desolder the blue, black, white and bare wire.
5) Remove the 4 T6 screws holding the green plastic piece, and remove the green plastic piece.
6) Gently Pull/Pry the strain relief/wire out of the headset (this may take a bit of pressure, also if you are prying it be careful not to cut through the strain relief).
7) Done go take a break 

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sbland3 sagt: Feb 27, 2014. 1:21 vorm.
I am having a problem where the Mic only works when half way plugged into the 2.5m jack. Any ideas?
Kemaleon sagt: Feb 24, 2014. 2:23 nachm.
Figured out the echo issue! I connected the Black cable and cast off the Blue cable, a switch to what all the guides are saying, and it works perfectly! My friends don't hear their own voices anymore and sound is clear both ways. Thanks for the guides!
Anonmis sagt: Feb 22, 2014. 3:21 nachm.

Hey Skegatron, follow up and let us know if you managed to get them to work on the Siberian V2's. I have the Siberian V2's that are Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 compatible. I did a quick first run and didn't get them to work. I plan to spend some time on them to figure it out.

One thing to note, I have been able to get game audio through my headset just working on the mic. I connected some RCA cables (red and white) to the audio output of my t.v. and thats how I got game audio. If anyone has any other methods please share.

Kemaleon sagt: Feb 22, 2014. 5:59 vorm.
I've just about given up on this. I've tried with three different cables, splice and solder, black to ground and not. Chat works both ways but my friends STILL have their own voices echo back at them and can hear the volume control beeps. This suggests to me that the sound-in signal is some how making its way to the mic-out signal. How is this possible?
youmadbro sagt: Feb 21, 2014. 2:20 nachm.

For those of you who are too squeamish to do this, Microsoft is releasing an adapter in March:


Skegatron sagt: Feb 10, 2014. 5:25 vorm.

I assume that this process will work with the Siberian V2's. Considering they use a 2.5mm jack. Theoretically it is the same, will let you know how it goes.

itusan sagt: Feb 5, 2014. 10:22 vorm.

Anyone know how to do this with Astro A50 Chat Cord? I was gonna follow this tutorial but the Astro A50 cord only has a Thick Copper Wire, and a Thin Blue Wire

gonads81 sagt: Jan 18, 2014. 1:42 vorm.

i did this mod and found you for my turtle beach headsets x41s the mic (white) goes on the left and speaker (blue) goes on the right side. After doing it your way and not working I tested with a multimeter and found it goes the the opposite way.

hulksmash865 sagt: Jan 13, 2014. 7:11 vorm.

There are two bare wires (ground) at the beginning when the headset is disassembled. Are those connected together or what happened to one of the grounding wires when soldering took place?

Theclem sagt: Jan 6, 2014. 11:32 nachm.
Hey guys, I did this, soldered the wires into a 2.5mm male that I can plug into my turtle beach headset. Now the xbox one registers that I am talking (mic icon shows up while I talk) on screen, but I can't hear the other people talking. If I unplug the mic from the controller I can hear them again. Anybody have an idea what's wrong with my setup?

Thanks for the great guide, BTW.
warlord sagt: Jan 8, 2014. 9:20 vorm.
Your chat speaker ground is open. You'll need to ground it in order to hear chat.
Theclem sagt: Jan 11, 2014. 4:48 vorm.

OK well I know how to ground it, but I don't get which wire that is. Is it the black one?


cdarnell1 sagt: Jan 11, 2014. 4:23 nachm.

You either didn't solder the bare wire (ground) correctly or the blue wire isn't soldered correctly to the plug.

Theclem sagt: Jan 11, 2014. 9:07 nachm.

I am now using a male 3.5mm plug, which goes into a stereo adapter, which goes into the plug from my turtle beach headset. I am 100% certain the ground is soldered properly, and the blue and white wires seem totally fine, but now the problem is reversed. I can hear the other people, but the xbox doesn't hear me talking at all now. I assume this should mean there's a problem with the white wire, so I touched it up a few times, but each time I still got no response from the xbox. I am usually good with this kind of thing but right now, I am simply stumped...

cdarnell1 sagt: Jan 12, 2014. 8:16 vorm.

Something has to be wrong with the connection or maybe even a bad connector. Do you have a multimeter to test out the continuity of the plug?

maui22 sagt: Jan 6, 2014. 12:41 nachm.
I went to Radioshack and bough a 2.5mm male to 3.5mm female and stripped it and had the following wires: Red, Black, Brown. I took apart the adapter and kept the female part and soldered like this: Gnd=Black Mic=Red HPR=Nothing HPL=Brown...I plugged it into my controller and the volume indicator sounded also the mute button worked but didn't hear anyone chat nor did my mic work...I then did it all over again with the following Gnd=Black Mic=Brown HPR=Nothing HPL=Red and still nothing worked...can someone help me out please!!!!
warlord sagt: Jan 8, 2014. 9:17 vorm.
You cut an audio wire adapter in half. Black isn't always ground in audio cable, but red is usually right.. If you have a voltmeter test the continuity between the wire ends and the jack end. Ground is the wire with continuity to the jack end.

The red is ring and right, screen to ground, and the tip is what's left.
gbevan sagt: Jan 5, 2014. 11:06 vorm.
Sorted it, to seems mic must be on tip not ring. And I'm not using the a40 chat cable with op amp. Nice guide.
gbevan sagt: Jan 5, 2014. 9:28 vorm.
Hi guys, I have a question or two about this. I have just soldered a 2.5mm male plug with a length of cable to the x1 puck. Should the 2.5mm connections be as follows: tip=blue(audio), ring=white(mic), ground=bare. Also do I need to use my chat cable that came with my astro A40 amp (I think it has an op amp of some kind in line).

Originally I wired a 2.5 socket which did not work using the original a40 chat cable. I can provide pics if needed. Thanks.
CrazyIvan606 sagt: Dez 30, 2014. 5:11 nachm.
So, I've been trying this for the past day, with absolutely no avail. I realized I'm using a 3.5mm female plug instead of a 2.5mm plug because my local store only had 3.5s in stock, but would that make a difference?

Also, I've taken to burning the coating off the wires as they're too small for any wirestripper I have, but the only way I can get it to seemingly work is to plug it in almost all the way. If I push it until it "clicks" the microphone won't pick up. But if I pull it out just a bit, both Mic and Speakers work, but the headset also outputs what I'm hearing through my microphone as well. I'm not sure why I'm having so much trouble as everyone else seems to say "It's just 3 quick solders," so maybe it is the fact that I'm using a 3.5 instead of a 2.5. If I can find one, I suppose I'll try that, but as of right now, I'm slowly running out of cable.
maui22 sagt: Jan 6, 2014. 1 nachm.
I am also using a 3.5 female...what color were your wires and which did you connect to what...thanks
warlord sagt: Jan 6, 2014. 2:14 nachm.
3.5mm is fine instead of 2.5, it should be more durable to boot, see my post above. As for stripping the enamel coating what I do is melt some solder on the tip of the iron, put a heatsink clip one the enamel wire (to prevent damage to the rest of the wire insulator), and work the end back and forth through the molten solder. You'll be able to see the enamel bubble off. Then you can just clean the dirty solder off the iron, tin the wire and solder it onto the pad. use a voltmeter to test continuity to ensure solid connections.
CrazyIvan606 sagt: Jan 7, 2014. 11:30 vorm.
Thanks for the post. I've managed to get things sorted out for the most part, except I'm experiencing that echo you mentioned that results from not "grounding the speaker to the common."

My apologies, as most things electrical are not my forte, but could you explain what you mean by this? Should I connect the two wires at some point?
warlord sagt: Jan 8, 2014. 8:36 vorm.
Yes. I figured this out with a lot of troubleshooting. The stock XBONE chat speaker isn't grounded, it's connected to HPL. In order to use an aftermarket speaker the speaker wire needs to be grounded. This means at some point the speaker ground and mic ground from the headset need to be combined and grounded to the first pad on the headset circuit board. For my aftermarket headset I didn't have to do this, but in order to reuse the stock XBONE chat headset, I had to ground the speaker and the mic. Your headset might need to have the same done.
CrazyIvan606 sagt: Jan 8, 2014. 9:40 vorm.
Awesome. Thanks for your help and the reply. I'll try this out later today and see if I can finally get it to work.
warlord sagt: Jan 8, 2014. 4:23 nachm.
I added an instructable for the 3.5mm jack in case you or anyone else need more pictures or details.

Thanks again to octanechicken (and many, many others) who contributed their know how.
moonpiggy sagt: Dez 30, 2014. 11 vorm.
Also which is better - the method in the guide or cdarnell1 method.

cdarnell1 sagt: Jan 3, 2014. 6:39 nachm.
As for the method to use.. It is your call. If you are good at soldering I would say use my method. But soldering directly to the PCB is risky if you don't have the experience needed and can ruin your board easily if you do it wrong. I did it this way because it was a more reliable connection and it was one less connector to go bad and cause static.
moonpiggy sagt: Dez 30, 2014. 10:54 vorm.
Hi, im going to try this tonight with my astro a40's but one thing is confusing me. THE BLACK WIRE I dont understand why you would tape this if it is the right channel sound, surely it would be better to not tape this and have two channel sound. Is this right? I dont get why you wouldn't. Thanks to the dude that made this. Great work
cdarnell1 sagt: Jan 3, 2014. 6:37 nachm.
The chip in the black puck was made for stereo sound and the stock headset has a special speaker that makes use of both channels but all of the astros, turtle beach, and trittons only make use of one channel so there is no way to connect the black wire to make the headsets make use of it.
walfers180 sagt: Dez 29, 2013. 12:47 vorm.
what cable do I run into th controller? just the 2.5mm cable from the a40 mixamp? other then that is it just a normal setup? audio runs to the dc/ac powered transmitter then optical into xbox?
wkhaynie sagt: Dez 28, 2013. 1:31 nachm.
I picked up a 2.5mm male plug at Radio Shack and would like to connect the wires from my Xbox One Chat Headset to the prongs on 2.5mm jack. I plan on plugging this into my Turtle Beach Delta wireless Headphones. My headphones have a 2.5mm input on the bottom cup of my Headset. I believe this will allow me to use my Turtle Beach Headset with my Xbox one. Only problem is I don't know which wires to attach where on the plug posts. Could anyone help?
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 28, 2013. 2:44 nachm.
You need to get a multimeter or continuity tester to test what lead does what.
jafo666 sagt: Dez 28, 2013. 10:53 vorm.
I have done this mod for my XP500's yet have an issue, game sound is fine and works via the wireless unit connected through optical to the xbox one.

The issue is with CHAT;

I have tested and cannot hear other people talking yet they can hear me perfectly fine.
I have put the XP500's into "wired chat mode" and the MUTE button works fine on the proprietary connector. (When illuminated it does mute my voice)

Ive checked with a multi meter and the connections seem fine to me, another thing I've noticed is that when trying to increase the chat volume its not making the noise to say its at its MAX.

Any ideas? And has anyone successfully done this with a pair of XP500's

Thanks in advance
bilipino76 sagt: Dez 27, 2013. 9:48 nachm.
Thanks. Great instructions.
Socalgamr sagt: Dez 23, 2013. 9:07 nachm.
Hi everyone. I'm having issues where my party members say they hear an echo of themselves whenever I join chat. Any suggestions.
ShazbotRX8 sagt: Dez 23, 2013. 11:19 vorm.
Has anyone had any luck getting this to work with TB XP500? There is a 2.5mm on the XP500 to make it a wired connection. I soldered the correct wires to a 2.5mm male end and left the black one from the XBO disconnected. People can hear me talk, but I can't hear them in the headset. If I disconnect the puck, the chat comes over the headset fine, but of course that removes the mic.

I used a multimeter to check the continuity on the connections to the 2.5mm male end. The blue and white work perfectly. The bare wire shows zero continuity. Almost as if I was testing a piece of nylon thread. I literally touch the bare wire with the multimeter probes 1cm apart and still get no reading.
knucklehead035 sagt: Dez 22, 2013. 2:56 nachm.
Does anyone know if I can use this method to hook up my SteelSeries Siberia V2?
Twister167 sagt: Dez 21, 2013. 12 nachm.
I've been looking into this xbox one headset mod and believe I can shed some light onto the wiring, especially the black wire.

I've taken apart my xbox one headset dongle, traced the audio circuit through and identified the chip. The dongle uses a TLV320AIC3204 audio codec from Texas Instruments to convert digital audio from the controller into analogue signals, control volume, convert the mic signal to digital, etc.

The 'HPL' and 'HPR' lettering on the PCB where the Blue and Black wires connect are the names of the pins these connect to on the chip. This chip is usually used to produce a stereo output, hence L and R for left and right. In this instance though these to signals are connected either side of one mono speaker in a differential configuration. I.e. when L signal goes high, the R signal goes low and vice versa.

For this reason connecting the black wire to the silver braid (ground) shorted half the signal to ground, which is why some people noted quicker than normal battery drain.

This also explains why some users have commented that the sound is too low. In the normal differential configuration the speaker may see +100mV on the blue wire and -100mV on the black wire = 200mV total signal. As this mod only uses the blue wire the speaker only gets half the signal, or 100mV in this scenario.

Some users have experienced noise after doing this mod when they connect the USB lead into the controller. This is because the USB ground is typically electrically noisy. The normal xbox one earpiece is driven differentially, no ground signal is involved, hence no audio noise on the headset. After the mod legacy headsets will receive the blue signal and ground reference from the silver braid which is being 'noised up' by the noisy USB connection.

To show the differential audio I have connected a 2 channel oscilloscope to the Blue and Black wires to measure the signal. (The oscilloscope is from Pico, who make some awesome USB scopes).

Hope this helps,

cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 28, 2013. 1:27 nachm.
I found the same data in my engineering class lately because I was tired of the noise and wanted to try to fix it but now I realize I just can't right now. It will be fine until the official adapter comes out.
dabadabadu sagt: Dez 19, 2013. 11:53 vorm.
I assembled a PDF with all the information I found in the web about the XBOX ONE leagcy headset topic.
It is here:
bgarceau sagt: Dez 15, 2013. 2:35 nachm.
I've very much enjoyed reading all of these comments. I have a TB XP500. When I reviewed what TB has planned for new headsets for the XBO possibly coming in Feb 2014, even the top of the line is a step back from the XP500 in that it reintroduces the wire from the headset to the controller!

So, I attempted to convert the connector portion of the XBO headset to use the XP500 Bluetooth 'puck' (Ear Force XBA) that connects to the XB360 controller. I wired everything up today however the XBO controller does not like something in the wiring and would not remain on. Also, so far I have not been successful at getting the chat to actually work.

I can see that the Bluetooth puck is connecting to the headset, but still no voice (the XBO setting for chat is on). I may have injured the Bluetooth puck when working on it however so I've ordered another for another try.

Essentially, if this all works out as expected then the tiny circuit board inside the puck will end up inside the connector portion of the XBO headset, or even inside the controller itself (if I can determine the correct solder points on one of the inner controller boards), and provide truly wireless controller.
jfarner sagt: Dez 13, 2013. 11:44 nachm.
Do the mute and volume buttons on the xbox one part work?
jfarner sagt: Dez 13, 2013. 10:48 nachm.
You can get a mod if you don't want to do this yourself:
hossmanTK sagt: Dez 12, 2013. 3:42 nachm.
Alright so I believe I did everything right. I can talk to my buddy in party chat and he can hear me and I can hear him. The only problem is that he says my voice echo's. He said he did not hear static, the echo is clear but it's still an echo. My connections are all soldered good. Any explanations? I am using a Turtle Beach DXL1 wired headset. His voice is also coming in quite. But that's not a major problem for me.
THR33IN0N3 sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 5:06 nachm.
Ok guys, i have a tritton 720+, and all i could find at my radio shack was a 3.5mm male plug. I've seen it with the blue on the center and the white on the center. Which is it? Thanks
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 12, 2013. 7:38 vorm.
The white wire is the mic wire and needs attached to the lead for the tip of the connector. The blue is the speaker wire and is for the center connection of the plug.
rsalas4 sagt: Dez 10, 2013. 7:27 nachm.
i have a problem using a male connector, chat volume is too low, i find that if i unplug a bit the conector from the headset sound fine but mic doesnt work, just wanted to post for those using a male connector maybe you have the same problem, im gonna buy a female conector tomorrow. will let you know if the problem is solved
rshelton5 sagt: Dez 10, 2013. 5:51 nachm.
So, I went blue(left) white(right) bare(center) and the first time i tried i got not voice pickup from the green light in a party, but there was intermitten static and voice pickup by the green light when i would move the male end of the headset jack around, resoldered the connections on a new female inline jack and had the same exact issues. the male end im using is turtle beaches chat adapter from my x42's.

any ideas?
hde+geus sagt: Dez 10, 2013. 2:14 nachm.
Hi, hope someone can help.

I've followed the instructions but cannot hear anyone in chat.

I've got a Turtle Beach Ear Force X3.
I've had to block the infrared on the Kinect with a magazine as x3 uses Infrared to wirelessly send audio to the headset.

Should I be hearing the full volume tone when pressing the + symbol?

I've connected:

(Tip) Red (360) to White (One)
(Ring) Green (360) to Blue (One)

Bare wire to bare wire

Any advice would be appreciated.
I've used a multimeter to check the soldering etc and all seems fine.

Also took Xbox one adapter apart and checked cable with multimeter and all fine there as well.

Completely stumped and would appreciate advice as wasted a long time trying to get this working.

Many thanks,

octanechicken sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 5:12 vorm.
Yes you should hear the full volume tone if you constantly press the +.
hde+geus sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 7:42 vorm.
Thanks octanechicken. Not sure why it isn't working then. Maybe the puck is different for the wireless headphones.

Have tried searching for a wiring diagram but haven't found anything yet. Will take my spare puck apart tonight and see if I can figure it out with a multimeter.

Does anyone know the config for the jack that goes into the controller? Tip, Ring, sleeve? If I know which part of the jack relates to Mic, Audio and ground I may be able to figure out what the output config should be.

Many thanks
octanechicken sagt: Dez 13, 2013. 5:02 vorm.
Tip - Mic
Ring - speaker
Sleeve - ground
Yaniktheyak sagt: Dez 28, 2013. 5:21 nachm.
Hi I have the x3 and believe I've just got it working. I say believe because no one talks much anymore.
The beep works on the volume. If I talk I can see the speech indicator activating in battlefield 4. I also heard a brief conversation from another player, and a few coughs. So I'm fairly convinced.

The problem was the wiring is different for the x3. The 2.5mm jack which goes into the headset has the following wiring.
Tip = ground (so use the bare wire out of your xbox one puck)
Ring = speaker (so use the blue wire out of the xbox one puck)
Sleeve = mic (so use the white wire out of the puck)
Do not use the black wire.

If I actually get a game where people are talking I can fully confirm this.

Note if you wire it wrong and switch the mic and speaker, you may also think it works (I did this initially), in so much as the beep for max volume still comes through. This is because the beep comes from the puck on the speaker wire and then goes to the mic. You would not normally hear this, except for the fact that the x3 pipes your mic sound back into the cans. So you can think its working.

But anyway, as I say, the wiring above seems good.

One other tip: ensure the plug is pushed in and give it a wobble. I found the jack I had didnt always home right.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 10, 2013. 12:39 nachm.
I decided to redo what i did before and instead of adding a connector to the stock wires I just soldered an existing 3.5mm plug wire from my Trittons to the board. It looks much cleaner and no more static because of a bad connection at the cable. I was able to keep the cable strain relief on the end.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 10, 2013. 12:51 nachm.
This didn't solve the problem of bad feedback whenever the controller is wired with a USB cable. Doesn't anybody else have this problem? If not then I need to replace the controller ASAP
octanechicken sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 5:06 vorm.
I don't have this problem when my controller is connected. I'm going to put a stab at this but I'm guessing the ground connection may not be a solid connection.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 8:32 vorm.
It's a solid connection. It's not touching anything else and I used heat shrink on the ground so it wouldn't touch anything else. The bare wire is soldered on the pad and seems pretty solid. I'm starting to think it might either be the controller, cable, or the usb port on the xbox. Never got a chance to test the stock headset while plugging it in to see if it is the mod of not.
pjn931 sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 9:50 vorm.
I followed this tutorial and added a male 2.5mm jack. When I went to test it, I am hearing chat and am able to communicate through my Astro A40s. I am experiencing a problem when I hook up to my USB charger though. For now, I just plan to charge my controller when I do not have the puck plugged in. Can I bring any harm to my equipment by doing that?
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 10:23 vorm.
Do you get loud feedback when you connect the controller to the USB cable when the puck is attached?
pjn931 sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 10:55 vorm.
With the USB cable plugged into my controller, and my modded puck plugged into my Astro mixamp I see my mic icon constantly lit. I do not hear feedback in my headset, but I am sure I am emmitting some sort of awful sound to other people. None of my friends were online last night to tell me what sound was coming from my mic, but I wouldn;t doubt it being my mediocre solder job lol. My soldering iron was a little big for this job, but somehow I managed to pull it off.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 11:25 vorm.
mine does the same thing but I hear feedback as well. Mhmm... Not sure what is going on.
pjn931 sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 11:56 vorm.
My setup differs from yours a little, I followed this tutorial and used the chat headset my XB1 came with. I wouldn't relate this issue to the controller, I would follow the advice I've seen octanechicken give many others and re-solder everything :) good luck!
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 11, 2013. 12:40 nachm.
I have had two different setups. The first one was just like this tutorial until I started getting static from the connector I had due to resoldering a couple times and it was just wearing out from the heat. The new one I just soldered a different wire from my Trittons to the puck PCB itself eliminating weak points. Both setups have the same problem of only hearing feedback when it is connected via USB. It sounds crystal clear otherwise.

This is my old setup. Not sure how I can make the soldering job better. I used the same flux I use to clean up iPhone PCBs when I do water damage repairs and is high quality.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 13, 2013. 5:01 vorm.
I've noticed that all the wires are enamel coated so if you cut the wires to solder them you would need to prep the wires first by burning and/or scraping off the enamel.
pjn931 sagt: Dez 13, 2013. 6:31 vorm.
Just to update on having my controller plugged into the USB. I tested it in a party chat with some friends and there was no feedback. Just to be on the safe side, I plan to charge my controller when I am not using chat. So, with the USB unplugged, I played COD for about 2 hours with some friends and at one point the mic icon dissapeared and it was acting as if I did not have a mic plugged in. The next day (yesterday) I got home from work and tested my mic out, and it was working fine. Any thoughts? Maybe re-solder the white wire? Thanks.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 13, 2013. 7:29 vorm.
I had problems with the radioshack connectors. As for the party thing I will have to check that out. I never usually stay in party chat because we like to call out locations in COD for the rest of the team as well but will have to try that out. As for the connection, I would check for a loose wire or solder joint. When I resoldered connector to remove the black wire it heated it up too much and was wiggling around in there which caused static due to a loose connector.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 13, 2013. 7:25 vorm.
I did burn them as that is how I got the insulation off.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 18, 2013. 10:55 vorm.
I've had a few messages between a few other people from youtube about the buzzing and it seems a lot of people are having this issue. Not sure why. When I talk to somebody with it plugged in I just get a little feedback and he says it sounds like I'm in a pipe talking with a tunnel effect. Not sure why but my mic symbol isn't always on anymore either.
tete96 sagt: Dez 18, 2013. 9:47 vorm.
I was curious if there was the same color wires in the wire you used from your headset?
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 18, 2013. 10:48 vorm.
No. I used a continuity tester on my multimeter to determine what wires did what. I had a white, green, and bare wire in my tritton wire that I used. I know that the tip of the connector is for the mic, the middle is for the speaker, and the last is for the ground.
tete96 sagt: Dez 18, 2013. 11:20 vorm.
thanks. needa sorta figure how to do that then.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 18, 2013. 12:07 nachm.
Well if you have any questions just ask. If you have soldered before, it is pretty easy to solder the wires directly on the PCB. It makes it a more reliable connection but I will warn you that it is very easy to miss something and melt a component that will make your whole board inoperable.
tete96 sagt: Dez 18, 2013. 1:14 nachm.
Thanks. Soldering shouldn't be a problem. Done a lot of small circuit board jobs before. The only thing I'm not sure about is just figure out which wire goes to which what part. I did find a youtube vid about which wires goes to what part, though I was thinking about grabbing a random headset wire to try out.
tete96 sagt: Dez 19, 2013. 9:09 vorm.
Thanks for all the help. Got it working on my TurtleBeach XP400 wireless :D
tete96 sagt: Dez 18, 2013. 1:21 nachm.
I'm actually gonna try to do this for my xp400
atawoda sagt: Dez 29, 2013. 7:41 vorm.
I followed the process with a 3.5 mm male stereo jack for my trittons headsets and it didn't quite work. My solder points are really good. However when I push the jack all the way in I cannot hear or speak. But when I ease jack out a little I can hear but still cannot speak. I got bare to ground, blue to ring and white to tip. I don't know what I did wrong. I could use some help
mechrobot sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 3:54 nachm.
Please help! I followed the steps, making sure I didn't use the black wire. I connected one end of the Astro XBOX LIVE chat cable to the adapter and the other end to the mixamp. Headphones and mic are connected to the y-adapter that goes into the mixamp.

While in a game I created a party (no one else in it but me) and enabled party chat. When I did this using the Kinect the game sound would get really low. The game sound stayed the same so I thought I was good.

Next step was joining a party and trying to play a game. And here is the problem. I can not hear anyone and they can not hear me. I can hear the game, however. When I blow into the mic I can hear it picking up sound, which is normal. I don't know what to do.

mechrobot sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 10 nachm.
So a little more tinkering and I discovered that I can get voice chat to work only if the Astro LIVE chat cable is barely plugged into the 2.5 mm adapter. Unfortunately this is not a secure connection. Once I plug it in firmly I lose voice chat. Something to do with the alignment of the black lines in the adapter I think.
mechrobot sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 10:01 nachm.
Here are a couple of photos.
XXMACGUYVERXX sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 10:05 vorm.
I was able to pull apart the Volume/mute puck instead and gotta good look at the board for the headset.

Just a heads up the Black wire is actually the Right channel of the audio. I added a pic of the board so you can see

the connection are on the bottom left

from left to right they are labeled
GND(Ground), Mic, HPR(Black wire),HPL (Blue wire)

The R & L imply left & right ...Just thought I would share
pr3d1ction sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 5:13 vorm.
What is this silver wire? Gold one is bare wire - but this silver one? I just cut this one and isolated it like i did it for the black one. Thanks again guys!
pr3d1ction sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 5:10 vorm.
Volume is set to MAX. The Max-Volume-Sound is loud enough. But Party chat too low, when headset ingame Volume ist set to normal or high. It is very bad to play like this. Ive bought a headset for playing with loud ingame volume :) .
pr3d1ction sagt: Dez 8, 2013. 11:59 nachm.
Hi All!
I tried this hack and everything is working with my new Tritton Pro+ 5.1 Headset.
But the Voice Chat Volume in a party is very low. I already tried to fix this issue and put the Tritton Chat Volume on MAX. But Friends in Party are still hard to hear if I'm playing with normal to loud ingame sound?
1. Is there any Solution?
2. Is there an Headset available which can handle this Problem?

I triple checked my Connection, so that should be fine.

Thank you very much.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 4:56 vorm.
Try to turn up the volume on the adapter puck.
Smiling+Cat sagt: Dez 8, 2013. 8:59 nachm.
After I finally got a controller that wouldn't disconnect I thought I would do my own mod for my A50s and AXPros. Only thing was all I could find at the local radio shack was some through hole or PCB mounting jacks. Had to file away a bit of the plastic and make a hole in the bottom, but overall it came out nicely for an hours effort.

Would have liked to have bought a low profile TRRS Jack Along with a male TRRS adapter so I could put that on my original Xbone One headset cord and be able to plug it in as well, but the selection was limited. I might order some and redo it that way though.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 4:58 vorm.
Very nice. I ordered some low profile jacks a week ago. Just waiting to get them in. I wonder if they will fit. They're 4mm thick
cvelazquez3 sagt: Dez 8, 2013. 6:28 nachm.
I get an echo
octanechicken sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 4:59 vorm.
If the speaker is working and the mic, then the echo is usually cause by a bad ground connection (bare wire)
cvelazquez3 sagt: Dez 8, 2013. 6:28 nachm.
I get an echo
mrmuddkill sagt: Dez 8, 2013. 1:11 nachm.
Hi and thanks for this mod. But I need some further help. I soldered as in the instructions leaving black taped.. but when I plug in friends can hear me, I can hear them but my voice is uncontrollably loud in my headset to the point it feeds back. Any ideas?
octanechicken sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 5 vorm.
Can you try adjusting on the adapter puck
DE1ZEL sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 9:53 nachm.
Anyone tried this mod with a turtle beach x32 wireless headset yet?
Can you get game sound and chat through the headset?
hlord3 sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 6:44 nachm.
I just made with a 2.5mm male jack and everything is perfect! Working perfect on my Astro A40 with wireless mixamp. Thanks for this perfect tutorial. 

hlord3 sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 6:51 nachm.
Here's the solder points for male(jack) p1(2.5mm) stereo.
hlord3 sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 9:05 nachm.
and yes it's a bit more low to listen friends.
PlasteredMark sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 7:18 vorm.
Heres simple solution to most of peoples problems. If your headset requires a 2.5mm jack, get a 360 headset and use the jack off it. U will find u have a white for white, blue for blue, black for black and yes bare for bare. It works a treat, high volume and no echo.
joebrug sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 10:41 nachm.
Epic fail. Hooked it up and no activity on the green circle party chat. No idea which wire goes where.. so i flipped the blue and white and then I was able to hear my friend talk (though it sounded soft) and when I pushed volume up/down on the controller I could hear the beep.. but still no activity when I would speak. Any hints on which cable(s) that would be? Black is not being used.
joebrug sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 10:51 nachm.
Btw, my "bare wire" is just a bunch of little tiny wires, the pictures make it look like one solid wire.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 6:02 vorm.
I would double check that the bare wire is indeed the sleeve connection. You may need to swap the blue and bare wire if it's not.
joebrug sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 10:48 nachm.
I got this working.. Had to swap the blue/white wires. I recut and resoldered them as well. Only issue I'm currently having is if the wire moves a bit, theres static, and also when a play & charge kit is plugged in while playing.. my headset has a "buzz" and my friends can also hear it. If i mute mic, they no longer hear it, but I still do. What would that be?
jwilson100 sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 9:07 nachm.
I have a 2.5mm male cable. I am splicing into the headset adapter. I connected the white to white, red to blue, and bare to bare. I left the black not connected. I am getting volume and on/off controls, the sound comes through on their end but I cannot communicate on my end. Any suggestions?
octanechicken sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 6:04 vorm.
If you have a multimeter check the continuity of the sleeve and make sure it's the bare wire.
joebrug sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 7 nachm.
Have read this guide a bunch of times. Finally got my 2.5 inline jacks in house and going to try this. I didn't see this in reading through the comments.. I have TurtleBeach x12's (wired). Plugged into the audio out (headphone jack) of my tv, so I get game sound no matter what. When I disassemble the Xb1 headset and solder inline jack on..
1. Does the Xb1 adapter still mute/volup/voldown ?
2. Does the TB x12 volume control still adjust chat volume and mute?
3. Black wire never used, right?

Any other "cons" to this? Currently wearing the TB's for gamesound, and using xb1 headset for chat.. sucks :)

Thanks Octane for your info
octanechicken sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 5:59 vorm.
1) Yes the Mute Vol Up/Down still work
2) Yes that should still work
3) Please don't hook up the black.

Cons game chat sounds are a little low, but your headset may be able to adjust it. For my astro mixamp I had to set the mix to about 75% talk and 25% game sounds.
alcitraz sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 12:15 nachm.
Hey I've connected every thing on my end it works but chat if I have vol max I can hear them faint and I heard a guy saying he can hear me but why would it be so low I'm using a50's any help I'd love thx
Cha0tikz sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 12:23 nachm.
I haven't soldered my connections, secured them and this was an issue as well. Wanted to make sure this worked properly before soldering them on.

My setup was Blue left, bare middle, white right.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 5:55 vorm.
Tip should be white, ring should be blue, and sleeve should be bare.
so if you're using a female inline adapter the furthest connection inside is the tip(white), the middle is the ring(blue) and the closest conductor to the opening is the sleeve(bare).

Cha0tikz sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 7:42 vorm.
According to this image I had it set up


Is this wrong? I couldn't get my mic working, I just assumed this was because I screwed up the wires.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 5:06 vorm.
3 is definitely the bare wire. Are you getting sound and no mic? If so then your mic wire is probably bad.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 6, 2013. 5:52 vorm.
The speaker is low because of the type of speaker used in the provided headset. For my a40 I had to move the mix to about 75% mic to hear voices clearly.
Cha0tikz sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 11:49 vorm.
I have the A40s, I'm using the exact steps that you've provided (and items). I don't currently own a soldering gun, although I expect to pick one up. Last night I got the cable hooked up to the 2.5mm jack and I was getting audio through my Astros, and the mic was working.. although I had to jiggle the wires a bit to have the audio/voice chat detectable. Will soldering the wires ensure proper audio through my headset and reception through my microphone?
wiz8rd sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 8:19 vorm.
Beacon... Sorry for the obvious question, but did you turn on voice within party chat?
beacon101 sagt: Dez 4, 2013. 2:30 nachm.
Hi there. I have got turtlebeach x41s, and have followed the instructions, but its just not picking up my voice. The talk back feature is working but my.voice just isnt going through. The wiring is done correctly as I have plugged in and old xbox360 head set in and that picks up voice, but when my turtle beach wire is plugged in the little green circle doesnt light up, meaning my voice isnt being picked up. Any ideas why this would be? And how to fix? Thanks for any help
octanechicken sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 10:24 vorm.
Is there another cable going from the headset to the adapter? if there is double check that it's a 3 conductor wire You can look at the male end and see if there's 3 silver sections on both ends of the cable.
beacon101 sagt: Dez 7, 2013. 2:30 nachm.
Thanks for the reply. I have sorted it now, my xbox one head set wire was knackered don't no if i had stretched it or what, but i think it was getting shorted out. So i have removed the wire from the xbox ones volume up/down and mute block. Chopped the 2.5mm jack off my turtle beach wire and solder the three wires directly on the boards block. It now work like a treat. If anyone wants to do this then your wires go (as you are looking at the 4 metal connectors in the block) ground on left, then red next, then leave the next blank as this is the new black and finally the blue on the right. it looks quite good to be honest as the wire is held in place where the original wire came through. I am going to glue gun it as well for that extra durability. Also for the wire to get out the original hole, solder the wire upside down as tho you are holding the wire from the top the curl into a "C" shape to the bottom making sure the connectors don't touch (use electric tape). Then glue and your good to go. Thanks again Octanechicken for a great tutorial and replying back.
mechrobot sagt: Dez 4, 2013. 9:41 vorm.
So I opened up both my Xbox 360 MS headset and the XOne MS headset. The 360 headset has 4 wires in a gray casing (blue, green, white, and bare). The opposite end has the 2.5mm male plug. Then there is a separate black wire that comes out of the mic. The XOne headset has 4 wires in the black casing (blue, black, white, and bare).

If I were to connect these set of wires together would I connect blue to blue, white to white, bare to bare, and GREEN (360) to BLACK (XONE)? Then would I plug the 2.5mm connector into the controller input on my mixamp forgoing using the black Astro LIVE chat cable? I'm using headphones with a separate mic.
JamieLee2k sagt: Dez 3, 2013. 8:31 vorm.
So I have completely messed up the wires and I really can't be bothered to use the same wire as they are so small and soldering them is a nightmare so I have decided to buy some new wire, can I just buy any wire that has 3 colours or does it have to be a certain wiring?
octanechicken sagt: Dez 3, 2013. 10:41 vorm.
Pretty much any would work. The only thing I would recommend is that the wire be stranded and not solid. They can be all the same colour if you want, as long as you know which is which.
cabman2323 sagt: Dez 3, 2013. 6:58 vorm.
Okay more information to ease your installation.

1. Make sure you use flux on the connectors to get a better solder connection.
2. To get the sleeve off the blue and white wire, use a lighter to burn the sleeve off. Be careful and slowly put the flame over the sleeve. If it catches on fire, blow it out and use your fingers to remove the residue.

Hopefully this will help.....
cabman2323 sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 7:26 nachm.
Anyone having problems with getting solder to stick?
octanechicken sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 7:53 nachm.
Put a very small amount of solder to the tip of your iron. Then using the tip heat up the contact point(If it's the ground point you may need to heat it a bit longer because the heat will dissipate faster on the larger surface area). Apply solder to the contact point and not the tip. If the solder doesn't melt then continue heating. The heat on the contact should pull the solder. Then dip your wire in and remove the iron. Carefully hold the wire until the solder hardens (a few seconds after you remove the iron).
cabman2323 sagt: Dez 3, 2013. 7:01 vorm.
Thanks! Will try it tonight!!!!
wiz8rd sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 5:25 nachm.
Top man octane! Worked a treat for me on my turtle beach x41's. I would say to anyone attempting this .... It's all in the prep work... Keep all your contacts clean and check connections with a multimeter after your done to check continuity. And make sure your black wire is snipped /out of the way as not needed asper octane's note. One further thing to add, I didn't tear down the xbox one headset... I just cut the cable about 6 inches away from the headset.. That way i could easily join back up if my mod went horribly wrong. And on the new female connector i used heat shrink to keep things tidy and stable. Mic sounds received and transmitted are really clear.... Thanks again:)
IFlaud sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 8:08 vorm.
Worked like a charm on my Trittons; just put a 3.5mm plug on the end instead. The only thing I would mention is that the screws in the headset are 5T. It just might help people who actually have to go out and buy new torx screw drivers for this project not have to go back to the store... like me. :) Thank you very much!
octanechicken sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 9:39 vorm.
Interesting. I'll double check tonight with a 5, I've been using the 6 and it seemed to fit pretty snugly.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 7:41 nachm.
Mine are defiantly 6. Odd that they used 2 different screws.
beardedbeard sagt: Dez 1, 2013. 9:53 vorm.
I can't find the inline jack in my store, could someone give me please a link to the right one where I can but it on sites like amazon please ?
octanechicken sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 5:15 vorm.
The cheapest I found on amazon is

There's always digikey, although shipping is the killer, unless you order other items.

octanechicken sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 5:16 vorm.
Actually digikey is out of stock on the item and the estimated ship date is the end of Jan XD
R3FRI3DBEnr sagt: Nov 30, 2013. 4:50 nachm.
Hey everybody, noob here. I have the A40's and would love to do this, but have no experience with this type of project. If somebody would be willing to create a step-by-step video myself, and many others, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
dsteeble sagt: Nov 30, 2013. 11:25 vorm.
I went to ace hardware, and purchased a brand-new craftsman torx T6 screwdriver. It does not fit in the screws. So I dug around in my old iPhone fixing crap, and found a tiny little torx screwdriver thing that worked. I think it might actually be at T5. I did get the day one addition though, the screws may be different in that one... Idk.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 7:42 nachm.
Mine were T6 also day one edition too.
mechrobot sagt: Dez 4, 2013. 9:52 vorm.
T5 here as well. Standard XONE console. I bought a cheap Husky 8-in-1 one Torx set for ~$6 from Home Depot.
mechrobot sagt: Nov 30, 2013. 10:27 vorm.
How would I go about doing this if using an Astro Mixamp with headphones and separate mic? With the 360 I used the Green/Pink Y-adapter to connect the headphones and mic and the MIXAMP XBOX LIVE CABLE v1 ( between the mixamp and controller.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 5:04 vorm.
For your setup that you used on the 360, whichever cable you plugged into the controller for chatting, you would just plug into this adapter.
mechrobot sagt: Dez 4, 2013. 3:13 nachm.
Since my headphones don't have a volume control do I follow the original instructions, which has the black wire connected?
octanechicken sagt: Dez 5, 2013. 10:21 vorm.
I personally would not because you're shorting two different voltages together. It can cause lots of problems.
JamieLee2k sagt: Nov 30, 2013. 3:02 vorm.
I have soldered the wires and I am getting crackling and an intermittent signal, why might that be?

I have checked and nothing is touching each other
octanechicken sagt: Dez 2, 2013. 7:55 nachm.
Sounds like not a good connection. I would resolder the wires to the contact.
Comp1demon sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 3:58 nachm.
octanechicken I want to use a 2.5 male to 2.5 female cable and solder directly to the puck.

There are only 3 wires in there. The Black is the ground and the White and blue are the stereo part (tip and ring).

How would you recomend I wire it up.
Black to ground obviosly.
Then white to mic and Blue to HSR or HSL?
WOuld you leave the other open or is there a jumper you need to make?
Comp1demon sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 4:02 nachm.
I cut the male end off to expose the wires to solder to the puck I want to keep the Female end as the adapter.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 4:14 nachm.
Solder the ground, mic, and HPL. Leave the HPR disconnected.
Comp1demon sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 4:26 nachm.
Thank you very much!
Orthostud23 sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 1 nachm.
What size shrink wrap should I use 1/4 or 1"?? Thanks for the help. I had to order the 2.5mm part because no store in my area has one :(
octanechicken sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 4:29 nachm.
I didn't use any shrink tubing. But if you want a piece to cover the black unused wire I would go with 1/16". If you want to cover the whole inline connector then probably 1/2". General rule of thumb for shrink tubing is whatever the diameter of the widest part you want to cover +20-30%.
ID+I+ibl0c sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 6:58 vorm.
I have a tritton ax 720 plus PRO 7.1 and connected white line with gold on the big tick
blue (rightearphone) on the right and check the black (left earphone) on the left check your jack 3.5mm
for my leavingI took a jack 3.5mm
here isfor those who can help her
to understand the tutorial must watched the dismantling of the atrium and looked at the file or come color so you understand better now the tutorial
me this is how I am following the tutorial to the letter its not functioned exactly but looking closer I finally found how to
i'm french .. lol
thx for ur totu this is a good tuto
it takes all times clearly explained the wiring of each son because it is incomplete
AnarKyDazZy sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 2:42 nachm.
tried it today with my turtle beach x42. i just cut a piece off of the TB talkback cable but without the volume/mute control. didnt connect the black wire either. works fine but the party chat volume is a little too low. i wonder if the other piece of the talkback cable (with the volume control on it) would make a difference?!
octanechicken sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 3:25 nachm.
I think the volume control would probably attenuate the signal. A small in line amp is needed for the mic to bring the signal up a bit. Hopefully I'll have some time to work on it when I'm not playing battlefield, forza, or dead rising... :D
JamieLee2k sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 11:41 vorm.
What do you do with the black wire? you said don't solder but it looks like it's soldered from the picture
octanechicken sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 11:48 vorm.
Yeah that's an old pic before it was found out that it could cause problems.
skylert sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 10:28 vorm.
can this work with a male plug versus a female?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 10:51 vorm.
If you want you can put a male plug. Just ensure that the tip is white, ring is blue, and sleeve is bare wire.
A_Rod sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 10:09 vorm.
Skylert yes you can. I did not find the 2.5mm female plug in my local store so I used a MALE 3.5mm stereo adapter. Since the A40 requires a 2.5mm MALE input I bought a 3.5mm female to 2.5mm male adapter and all is well.

My set goes from the Xbox ==> soldered to 3.5mm Male ==> plugged to a 3.5mm Female to 2.5mm Male Adapter ==> to the A40.

This is not optimal but it is what Radio Shack had available at the time.
Hope this helps.

A_Rod sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 9:04 vorm.
The mod works great without using the Black Wire on my Astro A40. I can hear the party chat loud and clear and they can hear me as well. Somebody said my volume was lower than other party members. I'll see what I can do to amplify the MIC signal.

Thanks to octanechicken and turbotboz for the great input.
xxurdonexx sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 4:01 nachm.
i tried with and without using the black wire on my Astro A50's. I can hear the party and they can hear me but I am getting a pulsating sound (like a heatbeat) in my headset. The party can hear that sound too. My connections are soldered and wrapped in electrical tape. Not sure where I went wrong.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 4:11 nachm.
Do you hear it if you mute your mic?
xxurdonexx sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 5:23 nachm.
i still hear the pulsating sound with the mic muted. however, the party does not.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 6:19 nachm.
What happens when you disconnect the talkback cable and have the adapter in the controller?
xxurdonexx sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 10:45 nachm.
the pulsating sound stops when i did this.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 4:59 vorm.
Do you have a non wireless headset to try this on? I'm wondering if it's interference with the wireless portion of the headset.
xxurdonexx sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 10:44 nachm.
i have an old turtle beach headset but i don't want to cut it open. use it on my computer sometimes.
dickie1989 sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 1:46 nachm.
I've had a play with the mix and still nothing :(
RedDragon84 sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 1:41 nachm.
I got it working with the black wire disconnected with A40s but the voice volume is low, I have to turn on the main volume full then mix it so its about 80% to the voice side. I think the black must have the inverted signal of the blue (it is black and blue or HPL and HPR that are connected to the supplied speaker, not ground). I'm thinking about adding an Op Amp with 2x gain inline.... Even though this is a bit of a pain....
RedDragon84 sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 1:46 nachm.
The only hard-ish part of this is that the op amp is going to need power, Thinking about a way to use the USB power coming into the mix amp... maybe a Y usb cable like this(
octanechicken sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 8:34 nachm.
That would be awesome. I'm also wondering if power can be got from the board in the adapter. Powering the op-amp shouldn't put too much of a drain on the controller.
kwiksilver sagt: Dez 7, 2013. 3:47 nachm.
I had low volume until I pressed the [+] button on the bottom of the puck a bunch of times to turn up the audio. You have two sets of volume controls when you use A40s w/this setup. The "puck" and the mixamp. I maxed out the puck volume and use the mixamp for it all.
dickie1989 sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 12:17 nachm.
I've managed to my hands on a soldering iron and some solder. One problem I have, I can't get sound through turtle beach any ideas?
furiious sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 8:32 vorm.
the blue wire is so annoying to solder managed to just get it on.. but the person in my party has an echo ive double checked the bare wire but its fine
octanechicken sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 9:47 vorm.
In your mix amp try adjusting the chat/game mix
basik17 sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 9:48 vorm.
same problem here. SkullCandy PLYR 2 (wireless). I have ensured all connections and black wire is not used. I cant figure it out....
octanechicken sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 10:45 vorm.
Did you guys cut the wires or desolder them? the bare wire is enamel coated so it needs to be cleaned off before soldering, by gently scraping it with an exacto blade, or fine grit sandpaper.
Int3rceptor sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 3:35 vorm.
Hi OctaineChicken - thanks for the detailed instructions!

Just to clarify, do you get voice chat through both speakers using this setup or just the left?
turbotboz sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 4:07 vorm.
You should get it through both speakers. The 2.5mm jack runs boths speakers off the center ring, essentially splitting it to both left and right speakers when it enters the headset. Are you only getting one? Do you have game volume in both?
Int3rceptor sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 5:12 vorm.
I haven't done the mod yet - will be doing it tonight.
I was just wondering because of the separate HPL & HPR connections.

PS - don't know what happened to my original post!
rdowell sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 3:13 vorm.
*Update* got round to splitting my current cable and discovered only a red and white cable with a ground wrapped round the two. Realise my headset is the Turtle Beach Px5 wireless headset. Any ideas how to do this? If the blue and black are for the current speaker then I'm lost. Thanks
turbotboz sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 6:42 vorm.
By splitting your current cable, what cable are you referring to? You should of disconnected everything at the headset point. If so all the colors should match this article.
rdowell sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 7:11 vorm.
It is just a 2.5mm male Jack to a 2.5mm male Jack talk back cable for a wireless turtle beach. It only has a white and red cable with a bare cable wrap. The Microsoft headset we are taking apart has 4 cables, so I'm a little lost.
turbotboz sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 7:35 vorm.
Ok. Didnt realize you cut the TB cable. You need to do a continuity check between the remaining connector and X colored wires. You dont need the black wire in the MS headset for this mod, as mentioned above. In the end you need the colored wires from above to match to the end of the TB connector, tip, ring, and sleeve. It doesnt matter what color they are, as long as you have the correct wires spliced to match the connector configuration. Hope that helps.
rdowell sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 7:57 vorm.
Thank you to both of you. I will make the black obsolete and try match the correct wires. Once I manage to finish it, I will update you
octanechicken sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 7:50 vorm.
Take the cut piece of the TB with the connector end and do a continuity check of the tip, ring, and sleeve. Figure out the wire colors and tie the white to the tip coloured wire, blue to the ring coloured wire and the bare to the sleeve coloured wire.
rdowell sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 2:41 nachm.
*Update on wirless front*
Did white to white and first the blue to red, With bare to bare. Could be heard fine and hear people fine but their voices gave an echo back to themselves, Any ideas?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 3:20 nachm.
That would be a ground problem. I had that happen when testing with a friend. The bare wire was not quite touching, so the other person would hear an echo of themselves. If you cut the wires and didn't desolate them. Then you need to strip the enamel off the wire before soldering. You can do this by using fine grit sandpaper, scrape with exact blade, or burn it with a lighter first and then scrape. Then reattach the ground.
rdowell sagt: Nov 30, 2013. 6:16 vorm.
It worked, stripped off the enamel and worked a treat. So for anyone doing a wireless headset, it's white - white, red - blue and bare - bare. Thanks again.
basik17 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 6 nachm.
HELP! I just did this but to the male 2.5mm headphone jack from my old headset. It worked BUT! there is an echo for the other people. if i press the volume up button they hear that beep, they can hear themselves... I have tried a bunch of stuff but cant figure it out.... any suggestions.. thanks!
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 6:18 nachm.
Double check the bare wire and make sure it's soldered properly. It could also be their headsets too. Test it by only having one other person in the chat.
basik17 sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 8:02 vorm.
What is important about the bare wire? If this is the most likely cause of the issue what should I be trying to achieve/avoid. Thanks for your help. (happened with multiple people definitely not on the other end.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 8:13 vorm.
The bare wire is the ground wire. It gives the mic and speaker a reference for their levels.
basik17 sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 2:47 nachm.
I just finished re-doing the whole process but i used female jack as shown above. We will see tonight if it worked out. The jack i bought didnt have a wiring diagram so i went based on yours above in hopes they would be the same if not I will have to re-wire......
kgbrown247 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 2:59 nachm.
found someone to solder but i cannot find the dang inline jack in all of okc. bummer
loki32687 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 4:31 nachm.
Took me about 6 stores to find it. No chains had it, only a local(-ish) place called You-Do-It Electronics.
Oglec sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 2:48 nachm.
I was sitting in xbox party and i cant seem to get it to pick up my voice any idea why
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 6:20 nachm.
Did you turn on the chat? I know the first time I used the new party system it took me forever to figure out how to turn on chat
turbotboz sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 4:05 vorm.
I've had a few instances where I needed to restart my controller and/or disconnect the xbox chat module from the controller and reconnect. In the xbox part you should be able to tell if your talking when the cirlce next to your gamer tag highlights green. If it doesnt work, keep trying the above steps till it does (of course with chat turned on as well).
dickie1989 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 10:05 vorm.
Sorry sound came through my xbox 360**
turbotboz sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 10:37 vorm.
You should have game sound without touching the controller. That is the function of the TB preamp. After this mod you should be able to hear voice chat and be able to chat yourself.
turbotboz sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 10:52 vorm.
Make sure Xbox one audio output is set to "stereo," they 5.1 isnt supported yet.
dickie1989 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 10:02 vorm.
Thank you bud, I have the turtle beach x11, and not sure if it has a mix amp? My sound came through my xbox even if it wasn't connected to my controller, but now I get no sound at all :(
redo1984 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 9:32 vorm.
Just tried, with my turtlebeach x41, it works without solder the black wire
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 9:55 vorm.
Thanks for the info. Any echo talking to others?
RedDragon84 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 8:40 vorm.
I was trying to do this last night from the PCB side and couldn't get it to work. In the end I put the old headset back on and it still works perfectly, so at least I haven't let the magic smoke yet (despite trying my best). I cut an 3.5mm stereo extension cable in half and used the female end and used a multimeter on the male end to identify the wire color associations. I wired the tip to what was labeled as mic, or where the white wire was, the middle to the far left (I think it was labeled HPL+) or where the blue was, and the far right and the one over from the left (HPR+ or black) both to the last part of the connector. I used a multimeter and the male section of the cut extension cable to confirm is was wired "correctly". In this config, the mic worked, but the speaker did not. I tried switching headphone ground and headphone +, didn't help. In the end of playing around nothing end up working (not really sure what config I ended up with) got frustrated and put it back to normal partly to see I fried it. Luckily it is still working, but I still want to mod it, anyone have any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Side note, all the solder joints looked pretty solid, I checked continuity of ground to the ground pin of their PIC processor and it looked good as well.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 4:48 nachm.
Try the new configuration. Take out the black wire. I originally thought it was ground because it was the black and the blue that went to the speaker, and naturally black is usually ground. But this is not the case, the pinout that's labelled HPL and HPR is for headphone left and headphone right. Thanks to turbotboz he mentioned that both put out 1V. I reworked my connector just to use Mic+ for the tip, HPL for the ring and left ground on the common. Hope this helps.
furiious sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 8:17 vorm.
I cant seem to get some of the wires stick they dont seem like wire and i can not solder on to them can anyone give me any pointers?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 8:34 vorm.
Hold the soldering iron to the point first, then put a blob of solder on the point. Dip the wire into the blob and remove the soldering iron while still holding the wire in place.
turbotboz sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 6:56 vorm.
So I tinkered with this last night. It appeared to be working properly for a brief moment. Then the controller would turn off. This happened multiple times so I established something wasnt right. I removed and isolated each wire and retested the controller. Turns out the bare and black wire being shorted together caused this fault. I took a meter to both to check for power. Bare of course had nothing, however the black wire was reading ~1 VDC.... This was causing a dead short in the controller, luckily there is some built in protected so nothing was damaged.

Both the blue and black wire have ~1 VDC. I connected both to the blue terminal in this article and everything appeared to work. Further testing determined that others could hear me fine but their voice chat was really quiet (with volume at max). After I removed the black wire from the blue, chat volume was normal and all was well...

Cliff notes: I ended up with a functional headset with the following configuration-

Tip- White,
Middle- Blue,
Rear/Chassis- Bare,

Black wire stowed.

It baffles me that this worked for me, yet the readme worked for everyone else. Any insight?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 7:15 vorm.
Thanks for the info. I'll look into this tonight. With just the bare wire connected, did you or your other party members get echo's?
turbotboz sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 7:24 vorm.
I did not. One party member said he heard an echo briefly but then it went away. He described it as the typical headset echo like a lot of units have. But it was nonexistent after that initial occurance.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 8:25 vorm.
Hmmm looking at the board it looks like the black wire is marked as headset right and the blue marked as headset left. So going by that the black wire should not be grounded. I'll Double check when I get home and update the instructable if necessary. Thanks
Oglec sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 3:57 nachm.
In your case what are you referring to the tip and middle and rear?
turbotboz sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 4:02 vorm.
Terms are referrring to the plug that will be inserted into my jack connector.
Int3rceptor sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 4:08 vorm.
Hi turbotboz

Probably a daft question but with this mod, do you get voice out of both speakers or just the left?
Smiling+Cat sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 6:12 vorm.
Well looking at the tear down you can see the Blue and Black leads go directly to the speaker and the White and Bare leads are for the mic. So the Speaker has dedicated ground which is what allows you to adjust the volume using the adapter.

So it's Blue speaker out, Black speaker return, White microphone in, Bare microphone return.

If your headset has a voice volume controller then like turbotboz said leave the Black lead alone when using a TRS jack.

Tip        :White
Ring     :Blue
Sleeve :Bare
Black Unused.
turbotboz sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 6:40 vorm.
Correct. However even with the black wire stowed, I still have a working xbox controller chat module (mute and volume control) AND my inline turtle beach volume/mute control. Best of both worlds, since the xbox mute button placement is great! :)
Johnny+Burls sagt: Nov 30, 2013. 1:39 nachm.
Hello turbotboz

Do you happen to know of a process to combine a Turtle Beach talk back cable, like from an X41 model, with the descibed Astro A40 set up and get it to give the Astro's the "Dynamic Talk Back" i.e....hear your own voice in your own headset..feature thats so nice on the Turtle Beach. I LOVE my Astro A40's, but I miss hearing my own chat voice when I had the X41.
RedDragon84 sagt: Dez 1, 2013. 5 nachm.
I'm not an electrical engineer, but I'm pretty sure a dedicated ground would do nothing, headphone work on AC signals, a ground an an DC offset shouldn't do anything, it has to be an inverted signal (if someone who actually know what they are talking about would like to confirm what is correct, that'd be cool). Any long story short, I have an op amp box I made to try out, but I ended up taking my brand new A40s back to best buy when Astro discounted them 25% on black friday, so I can't test it yet. I don't understand why some people are getting good volume and some people low, I've checked every connection with a multimeter and everything seems good, but my volume is (well, was) definitely low.
Johnny+Burls sagt: Nov 30, 2013. 1:40 nachm.
Do you happen to know of a process to combine a Turtle Beach talk back cable, like from an X41 model, with the descibed Astro A40 set up and get it to give the Astro's the "Dynamic Talk Back" i.e....hear your own voice in your own headset..feature thats so nice on the Turtle Beach. I LOVE my Astro A40's, but I miss hearing my own chat voice when I had the X41.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 8, 2013. 12:31 nachm.
I noticed this too with the black wire attached. Now I disconnected the black wire and taped it up. But this time me and a couple friends are having troubles with it buzzing and then it shuts off the controller. I don't think the batteries are dead but I will try fresh ones to make sure. Anybody else having this problem?
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 8, 2013. 12:58 nachm.
When I connect the micro USB cable to the controller to turn it into a wired controller I get really bad static feedback and the mic icon on COD Ghosts stays lit constantly. I get battery drain with the black wire attached but I get all of the other negative effects without it attached. Something else is going on here.
octanechicken sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 4:55 vorm.
Sounds like the bare wire is not hooked properly/bad connection. Try resoldering it. With the black attached you're changing the ground ref, but you at least get a ref that's probably why it seems to work with the black. Try to leave the black disconnected and resolder the bare.
cdarnell1 sagt: Dez 9, 2013. 7:50 nachm.
I am just going to take a 3.5mm wire and solder the leads to the board itself and stop screwing around with these tiny wires and connectors.

This page has been up for a while. It is what I used to help me make mine before I stumbled on this site.
kgbrown247 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 6:47 vorm.
anyone else try this? i would love to, not sure I want to mess up my chat and my soldering skills are, blah
jagr_200 sagt: Nov 29, 2013. 6:05 nachm.
Email me. I'm making these for people.

dickie1989 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 3:24 vorm.
Is there no way to get game sound through turtle beach headsets, or is it mic only?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 5:24 vorm.
If your TB headset has a mix amp then yes the game sound should come through if setup properly. Normally an optical cable from the xbox goes into a mixamp and the cable from the controller goes into the mixamp too, then mixes the 2 audio channels(game and voice) and outputs it to your headset. This adapter is really to get the microphone on the headset to function properly. Some people hook up their headsets to the game audio and use their Kinect as the microphone. This works fine, but the mic quality is not as good as using the microphone on the headset.
HV2090 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 10 nachm.
Will these stereo inline jacks work??? Only ones I could find in my town
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 5:12 vorm.
Yes it should. Make sure you perform a continuity check on the different pins to figure out which is which, or see if they have a wiring diagram.
Amak1131 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 9:09 nachm.
Nice tutorial! One question (you seemed to have answered sort-of, but not directly). My friend is hounding me: I have the game audio coming in via RCA adapter from HMDI which works on the XB1 and 360. Would this just enable chat and have both chat and game audio come through the headset?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 5:18 vorm.
I don't believe you have chat come through the HDMI audio when a headset is connected. On the old Xbox you could have both the audio piped through to the headset and to the HDMI. Now the audio only goes through the headset, but most 3rd party xbox 360 compatible headsets have a mixamp that takes the console game audio and mixes it to the headset audio.
Amak1131 sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 6:08 vorm.
I just remembered about that setting :\ I'll do some tinkering to figure something out, then. Thanks.
jagr_200 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:34 nachm.
That isn't easier and looks like crap. Also you have to destroy another cable. Or you could just destroy the shitty mic from the XB1 and then keep your 360 one as well. It works but isn't pretty.
loki32687 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 6:02 nachm.
So I tried doing this with my headset and I can be heard on the other end fine, but I cannot hear what others are saying. Any idea?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:08 nachm.
It would have to be the blue or black wire. Double check those wires.
SLPSS1999 sagt: Nov 27, 2013. 10:58 nachm.
Does anybody have a multi-meter and can trace and check where the blue wire goes on the board and the black wire? mine doesn't work and I can't seem to find where the blue goes and the black doesn't go to ground for me as the pictures suggest. I may have a pad that has a bad connection why i asked.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 28, 2013. 10:54 vorm.
The black is not ground, it's HPR. Blue is HPL. This mod is only using HPL.
ItsDarragh sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 5:07 nachm.
how much to have you make me one
octanechicken sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:15 nachm.
Sorry unfortunately I'm not in the business of making these.
jagr_200 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:35 nachm.
I'll make you one. Shoot me an email and we can work it out. That goes for anyone else needing one. I've made 3 already as I did my own and 2 for friends who needed it done.
Daishan sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 4:43 nachm.
Just curious - does this allow in game audio to be played on a headset or does this only work to use the headset as a mic?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:17 nachm.
Game audio does not get piped through. I use astro A40's and it has a mix amp that will mix the voice chat with the game audio
YYYamakasi sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 1:34 vorm.
I have an astro a40 mixamp and headset, will the game audio and the in game chat both work? There's no play chat through speakers or headphone setting on the new xbox...
octanechicken sagt: Nov 26, 2013. 5:25 vorm.
Yes it will work.
dex_mc sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 1:30 nachm.

I will be looking at soldering on a male 2.5mm plug end, instead of a female end. In regards to the wiring for mic and speaker + wires, would I solder them on the same sides as the female plug, or reverse them?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 2:23 nachm.
You would solder it so that the Mic + is the tip of the connector, the speaker + obviously is in the middle and the grounds should be part furthest from the tip. So opposite of the diagram on step 3
dex_mc sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 2:57 nachm.
Thank you!
jagr_200 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 5:56 nachm.
I did this method and it works. Kinda. I can talk into my mic and I can hear myself in the turtle beaches but nothing goes to the controller and then the Xbox 1. What am I doing wrong? I have the White closest to the threads, the blue in the middle and then the black and bare all the way at the end for the ground.
dex_mc sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 6:09 nachm.
If you look at the photo where Octanechicken is soldering the wires to the female connector, you need to swap the blue and white wires around. So in the photo it has the blue on the left and white on the right, you need to swap it around for the male plug, so white is on the left, blue on the right. Earth (black and bare) should be in the middle.

I am sure if I have that wrong, then octanechicken will correct me :)
jagr_200 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 6:18 nachm.
I think you have that wrong. Because if I'm thinking right ( I could be wrong.) you want the mic to be the very tip of the prong. Which would be the middle spot to solder. So black and bare all the way on the left for a ground and then blue then white. My only thought is my black wire isn't soldered very well. I suck at soldering as you will see by the pics and I just removed the black wire in the pic.
octanechicken sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:14 nachm.
For the connector you would need to do a continuity check to see which solder point is which. Then ensure that you solder the white to the tip, and the blue to the middle. Actually for any connector other than the one I used(because I already did the check), you should always do a continuity check to make sure you know which solder point is which. I hope you get it working
jagr_200 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:19 nachm.
Swapped the blue and white wires and it works great. Thanks for everything!
dex_mc sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:40 nachm.
Ah ok. The layout on my male connector is the same as what the layout on octanechicken's female connector, with two small side prongs instead of a straight line.
starscup sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 6:16 nachm.
I also used a male connector, and the same thing happened to me the first time. I just switched the white and blue wires, and it works now. I was also hearing my voice through the headset, but no signal to the xbox when I had the wires backwards.
rdowell sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 12:13 nachm.
Awesome! I have a pair of Turtle Beaches. So would I just solder a outline Jack to the end? As this would plug into my headset? Thanks
octanechicken sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 1:40 nachm.
If your turtle beach headset was made for the 360 then you would plug the talkback cable that goes into the controller, into this adapter.
This adapter should work with all 360 compatible headsets. You just have to treat the adapter jack the same as the jack on the 360 controller.
rdowell sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 2:25 nachm.
Some reason my comment won't appear when I reply in the email. Yeah it is compatible with 360 and PS. It's just a standard cable with a 2.5mm Jack either end with volume control in the middle. Could I remove the new cable from the headset and attach a Jack to plug into the headset? Or would that fail?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 4:47 nachm.
Yes you should be able to.
Sninja13 sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 9:17 vorm.
I will be making one of these thanks to you!
CDONNS sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:22 vorm.
Great tutorial, plan on doing this this evening. Out of curiousity, in the second pic that has your controller and astro headset, what is the red on the controller to the left and right of the XBOX button? Tape or do you have square lights there?
octanechicken sagt: Nov 25, 2013. 7:46 vorm.
It's the flash on the camera that I was using that caused it. It illuminated that piece of plastic since that part is translucent. You'll notice it when the controller is on that there are two flashing LEDs close to top of the controller
starscup sagt: Nov 24, 2013. 5:50 nachm.
Thanks for this! I did this with a Turtle Beach headset, and it worked great.