Step 3: Soldering the Connector

So the headset has 4 wires, Blue, Black, White, and bare

Blue - speaker Left 
Black - speaker Right
White - Microphone positive
Bare -  Ground

The connector should have 3 solder points, ground, left and right channel.

Imagine the diagram below is the connector split in half,
                      |                   |                     |                    |_______________________
                      |________|_________|_________|                                                     /
 Jack Opening__________________________   Wire To headset Controller/
                      | Ground     | Speaker L |  Mic +          |_____________________/
1) Remove the sheath from the connector
2) Run the wires through the sheath 
3) Carefully solder the wires to the proper part of the connector (see attached image)
4) Carefully twist the sheath on
5) Push the wires strain relief so that it's about half way into the sheath

You're done

OrlandoArtist7 months ago

I was going to undertake the soldering job, but decided instead to buy a 3.5mm to 2.5mm and it works 8/10. (Not sold at the following stores, so don't waste your time: Microsoft, Astro, Target, Walmart, Radio Shack (try online), GameStop, New Egg, Tiger, etc) They're all really missing out on a great sales opportunity. Who are they kidding, the puck is just a twerk to us consumers as another needless revenue accessory. I contacted Astro. They now make a Xbox One set, with the new M80 MixAmp, which plugs directly into the XB1 controller. BUT they tell me that they have "no plans to offer that item separately" from the 249-300$ bundle. They also make another (simple) adapter (bypasses puck), which they will also not sell separately, which I guess comes with a lower end model. If you decide to go the adapter route, it must be "4 Pole" I believe. 2.5mm male to mixamp and 3.5mm to Xb1 controller. I paid $8, but that's highway robbery for what it is. If you find it far cheaper let me know, I'll buy a case load and hook the weary headset world up.

I have yet other problems with my Astro A40's, primarily with the mic. I guess they wear out after a year of bending the boom and rotating on the ear? I'll be more conscientious of that next time. As usual, the usb input is also wearing down (easy repair, but I'll let them do it). One little bump, and the mixamp resets. Take advantage of Astro's guarantee, and register your headset in case you need repairs. Put piece of painters tape on your box or amp with the warrantee deadline. As long as you file for repair before that date, you're golden and you just pay shipping I think.

gonads811 year ago

i did this mod and found you for my turtle beach headsets x41s the mic (white) goes on the left and speaker (blue) goes on the right side. After doing it your way and not working I tested with a multimeter and found it goes the the opposite way.

gbevan1 year ago
Sorted it, to seems mic must be on tip not ring. And I'm not using the a40 chat cable with op amp. Nice guide.
gbevan1 year ago
Hi guys, I have a question or two about this. I have just soldered a 2.5mm male plug with a length of cable to the x1 puck. Should the 2.5mm connections be as follows: tip=blue(audio), ring=white(mic), ground=bare. Also do I need to use my chat cable that came with my astro A40 amp (I think it has an op amp of some kind in line).

Originally I wired a 2.5 socket which did not work using the original a40 chat cable. I can provide pics if needed. Thanks.
So, I've been trying this for the past day, with absolutely no avail. I realized I'm using a 3.5mm female plug instead of a 2.5mm plug because my local store only had 3.5s in stock, but would that make a difference?

Also, I've taken to burning the coating off the wires as they're too small for any wirestripper I have, but the only way I can get it to seemingly work is to plug it in almost all the way. If I push it until it "clicks" the microphone won't pick up. But if I pull it out just a bit, both Mic and Speakers work, but the headset also outputs what I'm hearing through my microphone as well. I'm not sure why I'm having so much trouble as everyone else seems to say "It's just 3 quick solders," so maybe it is the fact that I'm using a 3.5 instead of a 2.5. If I can find one, I suppose I'll try that, but as of right now, I'm slowly running out of cable.
jfarner1 year ago
Do the mute and volume buttons on the xbox one part work?
rsalas41 year ago
i have a problem using a male connector, chat volume is too low, i find that if i unplug a bit the conector from the headset sound fine but mic doesnt work, just wanted to post for those using a male connector maybe you have the same problem, im gonna buy a female conector tomorrow. will let you know if the problem is solved
I got it working with the black wire disconnected with A40s but the voice volume is low, I have to turn on the main volume full then mix it so its about 80% to the voice side. I think the black must have the inverted signal of the blue (it is black and blue or HPL and HPR that are connected to the supplied speaker, not ground). I'm thinking about adding an Op Amp with 2x gain inline.... Even though this is a bit of a pain....
I had low volume until I pressed the [+] button on the bottom of the puck a bunch of times to turn up the audio. You have two sets of volume controls when you use A40s w/this setup. The "puck" and the mixamp. I maxed out the puck volume and use the mixamp for it all.
The only hard-ish part of this is that the op amp is going to need power, Thinking about a way to use the USB power coming into the mix amp... maybe a Y usb cable like this(http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-Y-Cable-Charger-Adapter-P000/dp/B000JEMFG4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1385588722&sr=8-4&keywords=mini+usb+y+cable)
JamieLee2k1 year ago
I have soldered the wires and I am getting crackling and an intermittent signal, why might that be?

I have checked and nothing is touching each other
JamieLee2k1 year ago
What do you do with the black wire? you said don't solder but it looks like it's soldered from the picture
skylert1 year ago
can this work with a male plug versus a female?
Oglec1 year ago
I was sitting in xbox party and i cant seem to get it to pick up my voice any idea why
redo19841 year ago
Just tried, with my turtlebeach x41, it works without solder the black wire
kgbrown2471 year ago
anyone else try this? i would love to, not sure I want to mess up my chat and my soldering skills are, blah
loki326871 year ago
So I tried doing this with my headset and I can be heard on the other end fine, but I cannot hear what others are saying. Any idea?