Introduction: Xbox One Elite Wobbly Thumb Stick Fix

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do you have a xbox elite controller with a wobbly thumb stick?

mine started to get loose and wobbled around.

this tutorial will help fix it.

this has held up for at-least 4 months now and i haven't had to replace it again.

Next step: Tools needed.

Step 1: Tools Needed

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Tools needed:

Torx bit: T8

Blue painters tape

X-acto knife ( to precisely cut the painters tape)

scissors would work

Step 2: Remove Sticker & Screw

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Remove battery & peel back the sticker

Remove the T8 screw

Step 3: Remove Controller Back

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Remove the grips

depress the trigger and wedge your finger as shown in the picture

gently pull away from the controller and it should snap apart.

it might feel stuck but thats because there is some tape holding it down.

Step 4: Remove Screws

Picture of Remove Screws

remove the 4 T8 screws and the front cover should come apart with out any problem.

Step 5: Reinforce Thumbstick

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gently pull the thumbstick base off.

it should just slide straight up.

cut a piece of painters tape as shown.

it should be long enough to wrap the post atleast one time tried to not have it overlap to much.

if its too thick the thumbstick base wont slide back down in place

see the picture for a reference.

once the base is back on just reassemble the controller in reverse and there ya go!!

good luck! any questions either post them here or email me at


ScottR185 (author)2017-07-18

did you only have problems with the joystick being loose? Or was there some drift in the thumbstick also? I'm looking at a drifting thumbstick, but am not sure how much a new joystick pot would cost or if it's even possible to find a drop in replacement. Did you see if there was a part number on the joystick assembly? Did you notice if you can break down the joystick assembly even further?

I like the simple use of painters tape as a makeshift shim. It's great thinking...I'd of probably gotten things messy and used some silicon of some sort to really just break things good!

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