Hey everyone this is my first instructable. I hope I dont do so bad. I apologize for not making this into a step by step but I thought about taking pictures once I was almost done. After many inspirations ( and failed attempts) of case modding ( specifically with xbox cases) I finally was able to make a desktop PC inside of an xbox. Mind you, it wont have the ability to play hard core games ( crysis, fallout, etc etc) but it shouldn't have any problems playing emulators. I will post further down the line, people, and their creations that have inspired me.

The specs:

*** edit 10/17/2011 ***
for some reason the two controller ports refused to work ( something about how they were wired causing a short) and the PC now has 4gb ram instead of 2gb. No more Blue fans as they were way too loud, and I now have a fan where port 1 and 2 used to be.

Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 OC'ed to 3.00 GHz
4GB DRR2 Ram 800MHz
120GB Sata 2.5in Drive
Integrated Nvidia Geforce 7050
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Some Neat Things to Consider:
Power button acts as well the Power button
Eject acts as Reset Switch

- This guy, Will, he does some pretty crazy things with his mods, he was part of what helped me change from the xbox 360 casing to the original xbox one. http://www.willudesign.com/osxboxproTop.html
- others on instructables such as: https://www.instructables.com/id/Better-Usb-Adapter-for-XBox/ And https://www.instructables.com/id/Original-Xbox-Controller-To-USB-Joystick/ for making me think about wiring the controller ports.
- and many others more that I cant remember now.

Special thanks to my Good Friend Amir for cutting most of the case out with a dremel for me. thanks bro you helped lots.

<p>nice, only downside is that you have editted the frame, wich doesnt look that good </p><p>if you could have find a way to get all of it working without a total redo of the back side it would have been great</p><p>(modding a 360 now myself)</p>
<p>I've got a company in Egypt, I want to import computers I hope that is counter offers prices 2 feet and needy prices screens lcd ( tamer.ahmad65@gmail.com)</p>
<p>Hey, I'm looking to make one myself. Do you have any recommedations as to what motherboard and other parts to use. Good job btw</p>
I regret throwing mine out a week ago now...but nice job.
Im doing same project but i made mine a little bit harder..... fitting a dvd drive aswell
Mine has got dvd drive and its running OSX
wow everyone is finishing before mine! :P<br>mind you mine is in a 360.<br>i could be done already if the cd drive wasnt being such a pain..<br><br>your build looks like it turned out very well!<br>will there be more in the future...?
I hope for more builds, lets see how this one goes.

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