Xbox Remote Control Wall Mount





Introduction: Xbox Remote Control Wall Mount

This wall Control Mount can hold 2 remotes and can be Screwed or Glued to your wall.

Step 1: CAD File for Your 3D Printer

This is what the Xbox Control holder looks like on a 3D viewing App (I used 3D view from Google apps store)

It was drawn on Solid works

One File is the 3D file .STL and the other .SLDPRT for the solid works drawing.

This Wall mount holds your controls perfectly

Step 2: End Product

The Printing time took around 6 hours but i used a lot of infill which is not necessary.

The 3D printer i used was a CTC Replicator 2, using PLA filament.

I used a white pen to color the writing.

If you used ABS you could smooth the layers better using the acetone heating technique.

There is 4 holes for mounting to the wall.

I will be next trying it in Glow in the dark Material!!! :)



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    Such a shame you you didn't make it for PS4 or it would have been perfect! :)

    That's a great idea, we could use one of these!