Xbox to Media Center in under 30 minutes (Xbox Live Safe too!)

Step 3: Download exlpoit, and get onto xbox

Picture of Download exlpoit, and get onto xbox
This step is probably the hardest. You must find the right exploit for your game, then transfer the files with the action replay onto the memory card through the modded controller.

Once the save files are on your xbox, you can move onto the next step! yay!
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stomp_4426 years ago
I don't see a download button, will someone please provide link to exploit for splinter cell, no torrents please.
Cryptobones7 years ago
I have a BIG problem I tried the exploit from Mechassault but because I have the limited edition xbox crystal (I live in Canada) which apparently runs off a different version of lynx this won't work. Any ideas?
You might need a m0d-ch1p for it to work.