Step 9: Finishing Touchs

Now all you have to do is install the XBMC 360 skin. downladable from http://blackbolt.x-scene.com/?p=downloads

Install that into E:\dashboard\skins

Then go to system > appearance > look and feel > skin > MC360

So, you're done. Just go through the different options and choose the options you want. It is suggested that you set a static IP in network, so you don't have to find the IP each time you want to FTP, it just stays the same.

If you would like more tutorials, go to http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox-tutorials.php for their xbox tutorials. They are very good, and can help get you more ways to use your xbox than just video and music.

Any questions should just be in the form of a comment.
xbox live for original xbox has been discontinued :cries:<br />
there is always XBConnect
It just isn't the same...
yeah but what can ya do? stupid Micro$uck!!
XBC or Xlink Kai man, I was just playing Halo 2 multi-player with 8 other ppl.<br />
I have a BIG problem I tried the exploit from Mechassault but because I have the limited edition xbox crystal (I live in Canada) which apparently runs off a different version of lynx this won't work. Any ideas?
only first versions of the 007 and MechAssault games work for the mod. all versions of Splinter Cell work
try xbox-scene.com forums they know more in depth about issues like the one you are having.
well i don't know how to copy game 4 a start
You might need a m0d-ch1p for it to work.
i have a mod chip i'm anly doing this cuz i don't know how 2 work it
sorry not anly i meant only
well i have to do it now i knocked 1 of the wires and no 1 will fix it!!
Actually it's a different kernel
Ok well i'm going to just ignore the Halo trolls, and ask my question =/<br /> <br /> Instead of Media Center as the os, I wanted to use avalaunch, which has xbox media center integrated into it. I know it all has the same structure, but i might as well ask: can I install it the same way?<br />
i have XBMC4Xbox installed as my dashboard.
halo 2 is for the noobs halo 3 is for the non-noobs
dude what if you cant play that game, oh by the way this inst youtube this is a refined website if you have something bad to say dont say it please
halo 1 is for the non noobs (they have a flame thrower in it) halo 2 sucks (didnt improve on the game at all) halo 3 uhhhhhhh (marginally better than 2 but still nothing new)
Flamethrower is for noobs, and so is halo.<br />
halo is for uber glitch kings
all of the halos r cool but halo wars just gives away the purpose of halo. halo is a fps not a age of empire styled game!!!!!
`plz where i can get xbmc
you just gave me a brilliant idea on how to hack my xbox, but i do not have usb controller. i only have a usb adaptor that let me use an xbox controller on my pc (along with ps2/1 and gamecube controllers) so i have no clue if that with work. so if it does work all i need to do is buy/ borrow a memory card and one of the exploit games thanks so much<br />
Can someone plz tell me where i can get a game exploit from i have media center, a modded controller to usb cable, and the xbox (not sure if it is the right version?) but i need a game exploit
Try the xbox-scene.com forums, they will point you in the right direction. Also, there are tutorials in the tutorials section that will help you out with that.
torrents fixed my problem
I don't see a download button, will someone please provide link to exploit for splinter cell, no torrents please.
why no torrents? torrents are awsome.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://google.com">sure</a><br/>
awesome! but there is a better link:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/">http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/</a><br/>
this link is totally useless, daiatlus79, if you are going to go thru the motions, then why not be useful. Why even reply?
it was just as useless as the link fwjs28 left! humor is something i think few appreciate at times
Oh snap!
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/">sure....</a><br/>
Modified xbox mad catz controller that works in usb is on us right? we have to create it?
si senor...you have to make it yourself
can i swap hard drives and then install a new os on it?
anyone who has halo 2 rocks beyond all measures and i mean anyone
SO much better than Halo 3 .. The story line of Halo 2 is complicated but truly breathtaking. Halo 3's story line is really boring.
Who plays campaign when there's Live?
i need help i don't know how to listen a music cd and i also don't know how to watch ripped dvd's or rip cds
can you put mpeg movies on the hdd
so you need splinter cell or did u just list as somthing good to have
Any copy of the original Splinter Cell game will work.. Older original copies of 007-Agent Under Fire, and older Mechassaults.. I don't think any Platinum Hits copies of those work, but the Platinum Hits SC will.. There are details in the XBE Exploit forum on xboxscene.com.. Search for a thread with "buy" and "australia" in the title..
How do you remove this. I know that it is pretty stupid ?, but how do you it without opening my xbox.
It really depends on what gamesave package you used.. The one the OP uses is Krayzie's NDURE 1.1 (or higher?) it is good, other poackages vary in quality/compatibility.. With krayzies (and others), you can browse to /E/UDATA/21585554/000000000000 (or /E/UDATA/4541000D for 007, or /E/UDATA/4D530017 for MA [I think]), launch unleashx.xbe there, and menu options will guide you through removal using the installer's backup.. Actually, if you still have your game you can load it that way still too.. If you have a working modded box of any type you can restore C: to its factory state using either any MSDash 5960 files that you download, or there may be a backup on your xbox's E:.. But many modern mods protect the C: with shadowc.. This can be disabled in ANY mod that uses it by loading a 'bfm' bios using pbl-lite as an app, but you'd need to copy unleashx dash files, and stuff to get moving.. Probably easier if you just confirm what package you used first.. Oh I just remembered.. A while ago I hacked a version of unleashx that can access the hidden C: while it is hidden.. (Technically it just needs to be addressed as partition8 rather than its natural partition2 that softmods remap to a shadowc file).. So if you do have an incompetently designed mod package that hides the c:\, running my unleashx as an ap will let you use its filemanager to simply erase the mod files and copy the originals.. I suggest you copy the originals with the minor adjustment of what is needed to perform the easter egg exploit if you don't actually own the exploitable game.. That would make your xbox appear to be unmodded in all ways until you trigger a hidden exploit, then when you reboot, its back to original.. No sense not having xbmc dormant yet accessible on your box..
This is pretty cool, i must admit. although i don't have Halo 2 seeing as how the series seems rather bland to me.
Thanks man. Ive done those steps before and realised that it never went to my red ring but I never risked losing my account. You still do this right? I mean you still access LIVE without any problems? Thank you once again, you're the man.
Hey I dont know if you still look over this but you never really went into depth on Xbox Live playability You said its possible, how so. I used another tut but its the same exact way and things I used/put into my system so how is it possible to access Live. I dont want to cheat its just that I have BF2:MC love it to death but the 360 version doesnt play with my original xboxer friends nor does the 360 accept it. Please explain, I dont want to lose my account. Thank you very much.

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