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Introduction: Xbox/PS2 Steering Wheel Stand

I needed a stand for my Xbox steering wheel and pedals but didnt want to make a huge cockpit... i just needed something that can be put away easily and can be used on the couch...

Simple - wood, steel angles and screws... works well too....

Step 1: Design

Basically the design is 2 legs and 2 top and bottom plates.. and then a stabilising horizontal arm that will slide under the couch...

I used 40x40 for the legs and 80x20 for the top, bottom and stabilising arm....

Step 2: Joint Details

Use steel brackets and screws to add strength to the main 4 joints...

Screw from top and bottom for the stabilising arm, note the pattern to make it strong in all directions...

Step 3: Complete

Once finished attached your steering wheel to the top plate and the foot pedals to the bottom either by using rope or as i did, a parachute clip and webbing...

Slide the stabilising arm under the couch.. load up your game and race...

Unless you're really lucky it will be too high... just undo the top plate screws, lop a bit off the legs and screw it back together again...

Have fun...



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    Cheers mate

    fanatec gt2 good choice in 2006.u still use it?

    just built this its great!

    FINALLY!!! I'm sick of having to sit with the wheel in my lap! I have one of the huge Mad Catz MC2 Universal racing wheels that weighs like 50 flippin' pounds! This will make things a lot easier (If I ever actually get around to building).

    i feel ur pain,i hve he ps1/ps2 version of it.stil works after 5 years

    Heh, thanks alot Sony/Madcatz! Giving us steering wheels that are 100 pounds!!!

    at least they last a long time though -___-

    Eh, reasonably long time, I s'pose. Mines just starting to poop out on me.

    u r very intellegent i see your joint detail my father say yes for this and said you are very intellegent