Step 6: Armor Construction

To help with this part, I recommend doing a Google image search for Xena to help get the placement of bits correct. I found that Xena cosplay pics were especially helpful!

A note about order: we're going to be painting some of this armor with gold embellishments. If you prefer to paint the pieces before gluing, there is no reason you can't do that! If you want to paint first. I would take a look over this part to see how everything is going to come together, then skip to the next step for painting instructions. You can come back and assemble the armor when everything is dry. :) For the record, I painted the bodice and arm bands separately and the other bits while they were on the doll.

Also, a note on some of the accompanying pictures (I know, too many notes!). Some of my original pictures got deleted, so I have used pictures from later in the process to give you a good idea of where pieces should be places and glued. If there's something added to the figure I didn't go over yet in any of the pics, don't worry, it will be covered in subsequent steps! If you have any questions or are confused, feel free to leave a comment or send me a note.

 I used Aleene's Tacky Glue for all the gluing in this section.

First we're going to attach the skirt. Take the first skirt piece you cut (the jagged rectangle) and pin it onto the doll. Don't glue it on yet, we'll glue the whole skirt to the doll once it's assembled. Now, take those pieces you cut a bunch of earlier and pin them on so they come down where the cut-outs are in the rectangle. We're going for the look of lots of overlapping leather flaps. Once you've got all the top flaps pinned on, you can trim up the bottom to get the skirt to the length you want. I aimed for a row or so above the top of the crocheted boots. Now, glue each top flap on and re-pin it to the skirt. The pins will keep the flaps in place as they dry and slide right out later.

The second step is the bodice. Wrap the rectangle around the doll so the curvy parts you made on the top are covering her chest and the flat part is on the bottom. Pins are helpful here too! You can either glue the bodice on or sew it together. I found gluing to be easier and it created a tighter fit. Now take those straps you made earlier and sew them onto the top of the pointy chest bits of the bodice using a yarn needle. Drape them over the doll's shoulders and sew them to the back of the bodice using the yarn needle.

Now onto all the extra armor bits! I recommend pinning these all onto the doll before you start gluing them, in order to get a better idea of how it all will come together.

Boots: Wrap the double-trapezoid piece around the doll's legs so the taller part is at the front. Make sure to orient these pieces so the skinny trapezoid is on top of the fat trapezoid. Glue the overlapping bits of felt together in the back and pin the felt in place while it dries.

Arm guards: Orient these on Xena's arms so the fat part of the trapezoid is on top the arm and the pointy part of the trapezoid is pointing towards her shoulders. Wrap them around and glue the felt overlap, then pin it down to dry.

Shoulder armor: These bits go on Xena's shoulder's, with the flat bits facing in. Glue them to the bodice straps and pin down while drying.

Bodice: Glue the heart shaped piece you cut out earlier onto the bodice. You should line up the humps on the heart with the curves on the top of the armor. Pin down while it dries.
Love her! She looks great!
This is fantastic :D
Wow! So awesome!
Awesome, I really like how you did her armor.
That is amazing! All the details on her armor are so neat. :D

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