Xenomorph Alien Head Foam Sculpture





Introduction: Xenomorph Alien Head Foam Sculpture

Creating a Xenomorph (Alien) that emerges from the wall. I saw some cast resin sculps on eBay and thought, well I could probably do that.

Well, TA DA

What I used:

  1. 3 foam rubber blocks 10X14"
  2. Razor knife with lots of blades
  3. Sharp scissors
  4. Diamond surface blade sharpener (Foam dulls a blade incredibly fast)
  5. Hot glue and gun
  6. Water based black spay paint

I happened upon a cache of these awesome foam rubber blocks I found on Craig's List. I believe they once were used to pack industrial loud speakers. Honestly, I don't know and don't really care, because I found a new purpose for them. Each block is 10X14" They are, of course, not solid, but solid enough for my attempt.

  • I glued 2 blocks together and starting carving with razor knife like I was peeling a giant Potato
  • I trimmed any rough looking areas with scissors.

After completion, I simply painted the entire item with water based spray paint. It's simple, but it does look pretty good on my wall. I was happy enough to do a Tail and hand from the same foam materials.



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This is really awesome, I look forward to seeing more from you

If only I could sculpture this good.. Nice result!

Very kind.. Thank you


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This is nicely done and I love your collection!

Very kind. Thank you. I plan to start work on a full sized head (instead of half) this weekend. I will post it when completed

Very nicely done!

So will this ever be worn as part of a costume? Or is it just a decoration, to hang on the wall? It looks great!

Thank you. It is only to hang on the wall really. I am not really looking for a costume because it's too hard to keep realism in costumes

Thank you very much. I wanted to see how this went and then I would do the tail and hand.