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This crossbow is a great gun mainly because it's shoots far and has a jam-free mag. The magazine is built into the gun but is fitted with a system that allows you to reload it without taking the mag pusher out. It holds five bullets being grey connecters. Its uses a slingshot system that launches the bullet out the barrel at enough speed to sting anything five metres away. I named it the Xenon Crossbow because its a crossbow, and xenon is a mad name. Its also the first of a series named after the noble gases except helium cause it does end with eon and words that end with eon sound awesome. And if anyone tries to copy that Idea then i'll be like "hey man, you copied my idea!?". And if that was someone else's idea that I copied then i'll be like "soz". Anyways, if you mod it and put a stock or scope on or anything like that, send us a pic. Thanks. Krypton Sniper Rifle coming soon, ultra awesome trigger system, shoots very far.


Gun Type: Crossbow
Trigger: True, hinged.
Magazine Capacity: 5 (can easily be made bigger).
Bullet Type: Grey Clip
Fire Type: Slingshot
Awesomeness: Very


High power.
Long range.
Smooth cocking (lol).
Light Trigger.
Trigger Guard.
Easily reloadable.
Cofortable grip.
Easily customizable (the only reason I haven't put a stock and bipod and crap like that on is because I did'nt have enough pieces.)
Not flimsy.
Very fast shooting (i used up the whole magazine in seven seconds).


It's my first instructable.
Uses two broken peices (no big deal).

Piece Count:

Blue: 13
Yellow: 1
White: 76
Green: 171


Grey (one connection port): 22 (including ammunition).
Light Grey (two connection ports): 12
Red (three connection ports): 9
Green (four connection ports): 19
Yellow or grey (five connection ports): 63
Brown or orange (two connection ports): 26
White (eight connection ports): 5
Mettalic blue (one connection port): 2


Blue spacers: 10
Silver spaces: 2
Hinged pair: 3 (all can be substituted by red threeway connectors).
Black Y: 1
Big wheels: 2
Small green one way connectors: 1 (can be substituted by two blue spacers).

All criticism welcome, (except those "yo mama" jokes, their not welcome).

Disclaimer: If you hurt yourself whilst using this gun............................ i'll laugh. No, but seriously, be careful.

Have fun.

Step 1: Bow

Picture of Bow

The following istructions will help you make the bow of the gun.

Step 1: This is what you are making.
Step 2: Make these and set them aside.
Step 3: Make this, twice.
Step 4: Make two of these.
Step 5: Put blue rods in the first pair of these as shown.
Step 6: Place these on these.
Step 7: Put the wheels, spaces and bullet guides on as shown.
Step 8: Put the othe plates on as shown.
Step 9: These should still be left aside until the bow is attached to the barrel.
Step 10: Set all of this aside.

Step 2: Top Rail

Picture of Top Rail

The following instuctions will help you make the top rail.

Step 1: This is what you are making
Step 2: Make this.
Step 3: Make these.
Step 4: Place green rods in the the selected holes as shown.
Step 5: Then place the shortest of the rails on top as shown.
Step 6: Then place the last  rail on top as shown.
Step 7: Tape tis all together like so.
Step 8: Place a right rod here and set this aside.

Step 3: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

The following instructions will help you make the barrel.

Step 1: This is what you will be making.
Step 2: Build three of these frames.
Step 3: Place the white rods on one of the frames where shown.
Step 4: Clip the next frame on as shown.
Step 5: Clip the last frame on as shown and set this aside.

Step 4: The Fixed Magazine

Picture of The Fixed Magazine

The following instructions will help you make the fixed magazine.

Step 1: This is what you will be making.
Step 2: Make this frame.
Step 3: Clip the white rods in  the frame where shown.
Step 4: Build these bullet guid rails.
Step 5: Clip on the bullet guid rails.
Step 6: Clip on a grey clip on the white rod here as shown.
Step 7: Build the magazine pusher.
Step 8: Place the magazine pusher here as shown.
Step 9: Build this frame.
Step 10: Break this piece were shown.
Step 11: Clip the broken piece on the last frame you built.
Step 12: Clip on the last frame as shown and set this aside.

Step 5: The Handle & Trigger System

Picture of The Handle & Trigger System

The following istructions will help you to make the handle and trigger system.

Step 1: This is what you are making.
Step 2: Build two of these frames.
Step 3: Clip the white rods on one of the frames you built where shown.
Step 4: Build the trigger as shown.
Step 5: Break this piece where shown.
Step 6: Build the other part of the trigger with the broken piece.
Step 7: Build the middle handle frame as shown.
Step 8: Build the middle frame as shown.
Step 9: Build the middle trigger gaurd frame as shown.
Step 10: Clip the middle handle frame, middle frame and the middle trigger gaurd frame on the frame with the white rods as shown.
Step 11: Place the trigger system on the white rods on the handle as shown.
Step 12: Clip the other frame on as shown and set this part aside.

Step 6: Putting It Together

Picture of Putting It Together

The following instructions will help you put the gun together.

Step 1: This is what you will make.
Step 2: Clip the fixed magazine onto the handle and trigger system as shown.
Step 3: Get this piece.
Step 4: Tape the piece onto the magazine as shown.
Step 5: Clip the barrel on as shown.
Step 6: Clip the top rail on as shown.
Step 7: Get this part.
Step 8: Slip it in as shown.
Step 9: Place these parts built earlier on the blue rods as shown.
Step 10: Clip the other side of the bow on the blue rods as shown.

Step 7: Rubber Bands

Picture of Rubber Bands

The following instructions will show you how to attach the rubber bands.

Step 1: Get sixteen rubber bands and tie four to another four and the same with the others. then tie them together with a peice of string.
Step 2: Attach it to the bow with two white rods as shown.
Step 3: Attach a rubber band to the trigger as shown.
Step 4: Attach a rubber band to the magazine pusher as shown.

Step 8: Loading & Firing

Picture of Loading & Firing

The following instructions will help you load and fire th gun.

Step 1: Gather five grey connectors.
Step 2:Using one hand, pull down and hold the magazine push.
Step 3: Slip the bullet into the clip.
Step 4: Repeat the previous step until all five bullets are in place.
Step 5: Release the magazine push.
Step 6: Using two fingers, pull the string back. Make sure you puul the string back along the to rail to avoid jamming.
Step 7: Hitch the string on to the tip of the white connector.
Step 8: Aim and fire! (The picture is of the first target I used at the pistol club using an air pistol, beat my dad by two points, LOL)

Step 9: Mini Mod

Picture of Mini Mod

This mod uses te minimum amount of barrel which not only saves peices but allows for alot more rubber bands. It also makes it lighter, smaller and gives it more strength. It also looks freakin' awesome! I strongly recomend you make this version and use it for Knex wars.


Keep a look out for more guns in this series, I only post them if they are awesome in every way.
They are named after the noble gases (except helium), NERD SPLURG!
The weapons in this series are:

Xenon Crossbow
Krypton Sniper Rifle
Radon Shotgun
Argon Asault Riffle
Neon Pistol

"It's all gooood"!


The Knex Inventor (author)2016-07-28

Very nice looking crossbow! I may have to build this sometime.

lordguthix123 (author)2014-01-27

i like the look of the crossbow but i cant make it because i cant find enough green rods but i could possibly have enough

~Meme~ (author)2012-04-11

Yo mamas so.....

MrSillyGuns (author)2011-03-26


Mozza5555 (author)2011-03-20

mine works! works like a charm

beebee947 (author)2011-03-20

mine doesn't work

matsermetsuiker (author)2011-03-05

very nice!

redrover95 (author)2010-09-30

what does a krypton sniper look like if you dont mind me asking

LiquidMalisha (author)redrover952010-10-01

Nah, don't mind.

redrover95 (author)LiquidMalisha2010-10-08

thanks that looks awsome 5*

DJ Radio (author)2010-10-01

This isn't bad for a first effort, just make the mag bigger and strengthen the top part.

LiquidMalisha (author)DJ Radio2010-10-01

I would of done that but this gun used up every single green rod i have. If i had more it would be awesome. BTW do you know where i could buy more knex?

They have reasonable prices, (almost) every part ever made by k'nex, and ship everywhere k' doesn't.

Thanks heaps!

MrSillyGuns (author)2010-09-29

very nice 5* better than mine

ps does the number below your picture mean how many ibles you made?


Ahh. thanks.


LiquidMalisha (author)2010-09-29

Has anyone done the mini mod yet? If yes then comment, rate and post a pic
P.S. Krypton sniper is out on the 1/10/2010.

Make that the 2/10/2010.

~Aeronous~ (author)2010-10-01

I like the top barrel. The trigger sucks though, that could do with improvement.

LiquidMalisha (author)~Aeronous~2010-10-01

Wats wrong with the trigger?

~KGB~ (author)2010-09-29

pretty kool!

LiquidMalisha (author)~KGB~2010-09-29

thanks man

Krypton sniper coming soon.

~KGB~ (author)LiquidMalisha2010-09-30


The Jamalam (author)2010-09-29

If i were you I'd change the name, there's already a xenon gun but I can't remember who made it.

Yeah i know. But I finished like half the ible when i found the other xenon gun, I was pretty bummed,but its my fave element!


Thank you :D

Np :)

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