This is my new gun. It features a real scope and it has a grenade launcher or secondary pistol that is magazine fed

Step 1: Review by Viccie.B1993

Durability of the parts:
Handle: 9/10
Stock: 8/10
Front Handle: 8/10
Secondary Pistol: 8/10
Trigger: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

Handle: 8/10
Stock: 7/10
Front Handle: 9/10
Secondary Pistol: 8/10
Trigger: 7.5/10
Overall: 7.9/10

Reliability: 10/10
Accuracy: 9/10
Range: 9/10
Overall: 9.3/10

Overall Gun: 8.4/10

This is one heck of a gun to handle with the secondary pistol as a nice touch.
Great fun shooting, and nonetheless, cool looking!
This is one you'll have to build if you like knex guns!
The ideal gun for sniping fun!
See ya!


Step 2: Top Support Rail

follow the hints

Step 3: Stock End

build this and follow tips

Step 4: Rail, Firing Pin and Bottom Support

build what you see

Step 5: Handle

Step 6: Barrel

didnt want to take apart barrel so i took lots of photos

Step 7: Trigger

build this then attach

Step 8: Front Bit and Pistol

the pistol is not here i will prob not post it for ages so persevere
I really need help with the pistol! I simply can't do that bit without more pictures :(
Where did you get that picture from? I am trying to fing something like that for my team logo.
Which picture?
The picture that says Viccie B. and has a picture of a dog on it.
Haha, those were the olden days..
you could just make a true, true trigger, not just a modded block (shouldnt be too hard)
i didnt really mean him, i just meant anybody. plus, it wasnt that old when i said that 8 MONTHS AGO.
A: True/Block triggers are much betterer. Reliability of a block + real trigger action of a true trigger. B: I built this ages ago and don't have it built.
I think a normal true true trigger is just as reliable as real/ block triggers
it's just as reliable but t can't hold as much pressure on it.
that is true for most true triggers, but 'mine' (in quotations) can withstand a <strong>lot</strong> of pressure<br/>
check y profile and my first instructable
that's a displacement trigger, not really a true trigger, although it DOES work like one. great job on getting that to work, BTW
&nbsp;This actually work ok?
You sound like a chinese immigrant..
&nbsp;Say i not sound chinese. racist you person.bet immigrant you are.&nbsp;
<p>ROTFLOL&nbsp; no im not racist, just saying...</p>
? im confuzzeled
wat kind of scope did u use?
For the hundredth time. Thes star finder of of a telescope.
sheesh man. get a grip. i only asked once! <sub>...jeez...</sub><br/>
Next time can you please read the instructable or go through the comments. PLEASE.
Looks very cool:), what are the stats for this gun? AND WHERE DO YOU LIVE:D!!
He lives in New Zealend, and you live in Australia
You live in New Zealend? I thought you lived in australia...
I live in the usa, lol:D
Really? wow... I am stupid
Take a guess where i live.... lolz....
hmmm would it be united kingdom?
yup, how'd ya figure that out? my comments probably....
Uk for the win :D
Lol no worries :)
Well u know what knex_pls!!!!!!!!!!! I LIVE IN CANADA!!!!!! and I don't live in an igloo!!!!!
whaaat o.o
tell dgm it is new zea<strong>land</strong> not new zea<strong>lend</strong><br/>
the stats are very changeable because of how many rubber bands you put and where you put them. the scope is not very accurate because it is above both guns. p.s. look out for my shotgun soon
wowzerz, nice view from ur house window
Done :)
I don't got the handle
I said I wouldn't be posting it. BUT if you build my posted side arm, you can use that as this with few mods.
:-O Nice scope!

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