Xenon XR-19 Side Arm (With Extendable Mag)

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Introduction: Xenon XR-19 Side Arm (With Extendable Mag)

This is my awesome new sidearm. Credit to TheDunkis for the trigger location. It has never before seen handle grip attachments. The last two images are of the extended mag



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This is the perfect sidearm for me! POST OR ELSE CHUCK NORRIS WILL KILL YOU! jk

I posted it ages ago...

looks a bit like the mac 10 with the extended mag (dunno if it says that anywhere, i didnt read :p.... )

Pretty cool. I also invented the angled handle. I might need to make a second side arm competition. One of the most decorated SA yet!

what about mine? >:O

thanks. will you do it on ibeatyou.com?

depends. I can't upload videos so chances are it will be here. Some people are reluctant to even join iby so that increases the chances further. I have to warn you though remember when you said the comment about the TDS2 not being good enough and said I should make the TDS3 a lot better? I did say that I wasn't making a TDS3 that I was making something different. Well I sort of half lied. I just got done making the TDSS a TDS mashed together with my slide action gun.

ok. i apologise for saying what i said about the tds2. it is actually a good gun. i just said the bad things and not the good things about it. i am apologising because i dont want to turn into a oıpɐɹ ɾp (DJ Radio)

cool. tell me when you post the tdss and/or post the contest. why cant you upload vids

Well the camcorder I used for videos saves them as a file type not recognized at all on my computer or at least not as a media file so I need to use the software it comes with. It's like windows movie maker but in the end I can turn it into a media file that can be viewed as a video. Problem is my computer that has that program is infected and "quarantined" for now until we can get it fixed. My mom's computer doesn't have the program and I don't have the disk to install it again.