This was a test to see if i could make removable mags. it is busted all ready so i wont post an ible
Heh. It was all an attempt to get a good removable mag mech. But it failed, so i scrapped it.
Looks exciting eh? Never worked too well though..
what magnierk said.
Its a shame you won't be posting it, it looks really good
Blockish, but it does not have to be so from what I can see. I quite like the pin cavern bit at the back, but could you cover it over a bit more?
<em>it is busted all ready so i wont post an ible</em><br/><br/>no i cant caus i was running out of peices<br/>
Looks like a rectangle.
if you remake it i suggest you not make the whole top level add a rail or something
i know i was just testing it out

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