This is my first slingshot sniper rifle. Cradit to the maker of the HAWC for the mech.
really big.
LoL, that is too long. Looks kind of awkward.
ummmmm... real full size snipers come up to the shoulders or heads of 6 ft adults
I don't care, it still looks weird, besides, most snipers aren't ALL barrel like that is.
If it's that long, it may lose power.<br />
less long+ no 350+ feet of range
*revised* less long= no 350+ feet of range.<br/>
whatever could so little a difference do to the meaning of the equation?
I know lol
thats a little over the top...
why the hell would you make it that long
to get 350+ feet of range
but wouldnt it have lots of friction
no, the bullet flys above the barrel, not in it
so the barrel is for either looks or to make the rubber band stretch very far. what type of rubber band did you use
when is your sniper getting posted Im waiting!!!
I'm working on instructions
&nbsp;Im gunna hate on this gun!!!!!! whahahaha!!!!!!!! im gunna give u 5 stars!!!!<br /> TAKE THAT!!!!
its ugly and i hate it! im only going to give you 5 stars so HA!<br />
the barrel looks like mine but urs is stronger ;'(
I didn't even know your sniper existed.
heh heh
please please please please please PLEASE post 5*
well, this is a crossbow set up for starters, and with you're rubber band set up i would be surprised if the ammo left the barrel. get longer rubberbands and attach them at the end of the gun, and put them inside the white connectors the scope hooks onto.
I only put the crossbow thingy on because I needed to compensate for not having bigger rubber band things but the bow doesn't bend
Best yet!
Looks awesome, i love the sights!
not bad. I will give it a four. it looks a little blocky, yet I'm sure its powerful. good work!

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