Picture of Xenon projector upgrade.
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Want to upgrade to xenon's bulbs or HID's?

Pic 1: You should have the right optics.

Pic 2: Or your car is going to look like this to oncoming traffic.

Pic 3: Xenon projectors tested with an LED Flashlight - No Glare

Skill Level: Intermediate

Parts: Morimoto Mini H1 Projectors
            Xenon Depot H1 Bulb & Ballast set
           USDM Projector style headlights
            two 3"x 4" PVC general purpose drain
            Stretch and seal tape

Step 1: Remove Headlights

Picture of Remove Headlights
Open hood
Remove grille (4 clips & 3 screws)
Remove headlights (3 Screws)
hamsammy2 years ago
Great write up, and very creative use of plumbing materials. I've been wanting to convert my motorcycle lights to projector for a while(currently an offender of HID bulbs in halogen housings) and I think I might do it this winter now that I've got a solid base to go off of.
k2iran2 years ago
its nice. but the bad part is , its forbidden for using in cars in our country
kondzik122 years ago
It looks great, I like it very much!