Xiaomi Yi Lens Cap





Introduction: Xiaomi Yi Lens Cap

Quick back story on the camera if you don't have one but are interested. They're a great cheap alternative to a gopro or standard action camera. They use a 16mp Sony Exmor sensor with a great lens and shoot 1080 60p video for about 90$ depending on where you buy them and what color you get. They generally come direct from China but they're available through amazon now.

The problem I encountered is I use this on my quadcopter and I usually throw everything that fits into my backpack. This does not come with a lens cap and its an extreme wide angle lens so the element is a big bubble. So from the junk I had around me I came up with a quick and dirty lens cap. Enjoy

Step 1: Materials

Very simple materials:

Bottle top ( I used a random Mt. Dew bottle top I found)

Rubber Band ( needs to be big enough to go around the camera)

Napkin or Rag piece


Step 2: Cut It

Cut a chunk of your material and stuff it into the cap.

Step 3: Tape It

Tape the rubber band to the cap.

Step 4: Win It

You're set. Super simple and super effective.



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    I would suggest grabbing one of those cheap microfiber lens cleaning cloths from the dollar store and snip a piece off instead of risking the lint off the tissue

    Hi, where did you get the screw from?